TeenEyes Review

If you’re a teenager who is looking for  a way to earn money from home you maybe very interested in what the WFHW team as discovered about TeenEyes.

What Is TeenEyes?

TeenEyes is an online survey panel for teens.  TeenEyes rewards members for answering surveys which provide feedback to companies that produce products and services that cater to teens and their families.

How Does TeenEyes Work?

TeenEyes surveys are focused around topics such as TV shows, movies, websites, snack foods, music, clothes, sports, videos to name a few.

There are also surveys about new products that have not been marketed yet, and products that have been around for a while.

Some surveys will ask about likes and dislikes while others will show you ideas and ask what you think of them.

Most surveys contain a mixture of multiple choice and short answer questions.  Surveys usually include pictures of products and often contain audio or video as well.

At times TeenEyes will conduct chat-based surveys in which several Teens can discuss issues in real time with an adult moderator.

During these discussions Teens are not to disclose their name or any personal information.

On the odd occasion parents or guardians of members maybe asked to participate in surveys to get an idea of what parents and teen see eye-to-eye on and what they see differently.

TeenEyes only reports statistical information to companies such as the percentage of teens that liked a particular product or service.  No names or personal information is ever disclosed.

TeenEyes is owned and operated by C&R Research Services Inc, a marketing and research company based in Chicago.

Who Can Join TeenEyes?

TeensEyes is open to teens between the ages 13 to 18 who are residence of the United States.  Members require an email address and access to the internet.  Each member creates a screen name which will be used to communicate with them via email.

Members must provide their mailing address in order to receive checks from TeenEyes.

During enrollment members are required to provide an email address for their parent or guardian.  TeenEyes sends parents or guardians of each new member a letter informing them that their child has joined TeenEyes.

The letter also contains an invitation for parents or guardian to take a short survey about their household.  Members receive 200 points when their parents or guardian completes the survey.

How Much Can You Earn With TeenEyes?

Members are awarded points for their participation in surveys.  Each point is worth 1 cent.  Most surveys are worth between $2 and $20 although some maybe worth more while others are less.

Each invitation to participate in a survey will include details about the amount of points offered for participation.

There is no limit to the number of surveys a member can participate in.  Each member usually receives at least one survey a month.

Each survey has a time limit of less than a week in which they must be completed.   Members should check their email regularly to ensure they don’t miss the deadline on any surveys.

Each new member receives 500 points as a signing bonus when they enroll in TeenEyes and activate their membership.

At times TeenEyes will run sweepstakes with prizes rather than points.  TeenEyes always informs members of the prizes being offered as well as the sweepstakes rules.

How Do You Get Paid By TeenEyes?

Members can always access their point totals by logging into the TeenEyes website.  A check can be requested once your point total reaches 1000.  Members have the option of letting their points accumulate.

Max accumulation is 60,000 points in any calendar year.  Checks are issued in $5 increments and are sent to the name and address on the member’s file.

TeenEyes provides a lucrative, fun and rewarding way for teens to make money online  If you’re a member of TeenEyes let us know what you think of the program by leaving a comment below.

Terri – WFHW

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