Survey Savvy Review

Companies are looking for consumer opinions from  people like you. Survey Savvy helps to connect you with those companies and pays cash for sharing your opinions.

If you’re looking for a way to earn extra income from home, take a look at what the WFHW Team has discovered about Survey Savvy.

Survey Savvy Review

What Is Survey Savvy?

Established in 1999, Survey Savvy is a market research company that provides its members with high paying survey opportunities.  Survey Savvy was founded by Luth Research, a 35 year market research company based in San Diego, California.  They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How Does Survey Savvy Work?

The information gathered through the Survey Savvy surveys is used to help business owners and marketing companies to design better products and improve their promotions and advertising.

Survey Savvy pays a minimum of $3 per survey.  The length of the survey is proportional to the amount paid.  Longer surveys can pay upwards of $20.   Survey Savvy does not use a point system, all earning are paid in US dollars.

You can expect to receive a few surveys each month however, the actual number will vary depending on your portrait and the needs for the marketing companies.

You will be required to go through a qualification survey before you are eligible to complete the actual survey.

If you don’t pass the qualification survey as a token of appreciation for your time, you will be entered into a monthly draw.  Every month 50 names are drawn with each person receiving $10.

Survey Savvy has a two tier referral program.  Every time one of your referrals gets paid for completing a survey you earn approximately 15% of what they get paid.

If your referral has referrals you can earn money every time they complete a survey as well.

Survey Savvy offers a great opportunity for those who are good at recruiting to earn passive income.  As a member you are provided with a unique referral ID that allows Survey Savvy to track your referrals and automatically credit your account for the surveys completed.

Your referral ID can be shared via your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to help grow your network and income.

Who Can Join Survey Savvy?

Membership to Survey Savvy is free.  Those who are 14 years of age and older from anywhere in the World are welcome to join.

You must have an email address, Internet access and a valid mailing address.  Survey Savvy currently has over 1.5 million members from 190 countries.

Three Ways To Earn Money With Survey Saavy

1.  You earn money when you complete a survey.   Each survey notification will include the dollar value paid for completing the survey.
2.  You earn money when friends and family you refer complete a survey.
3.  You earn money when referrals of family and friends you referred complete a survey.

How Do You Get Paid By Survey Saavy?

Survey Savvy pays via check.  The minimum balance for redemption is $1.00.  It typically takes 4-6 weeks for a request to be processed and up to 12 weeks for checks to be delivered. Survey Savvy has paid out over 14 million dollars which is more than any other survey company.

Tips For Making More Money With Survey Saavy

1.  Complete your member portraits.  There are a list of 10 portraits, employment and health are the most important to complete.  Portraits are profiles about yourself that are used to determine what surveys you qualify for.

Portraits asks for your age, gender, marital status, work status and income.  They are used to determine who gets the highest paying surveys first.

Survey Savvy has a strict privacy policy that will ensure your name and the personal information you provided is not shared or sold.

2.  If you get offered a telephone interview you may want to accept the offer.  Telephone offers pay well and they can also qualify you to receive higher paying surveys.

Develop a good relationship with the panel as this will result in more invitations and better rewards.  The panel wants to know that they can trust you with their high profile customers.

3.  After you’ve been a member of Survey Savvy for a few months you will become eligible for “portrait opportunities” which allow Survey Savvy to learn more about you.

Completing these surveys over time can make you eligible for product testing and lucrative market research opportunities.

Survey Savvy is one of the most reputable survey companies online.  They pay well for their surveys and have a lucrative referral program.

If you enjoy completing surveys and providing feedback and opinions give Survey Savvy a try.

If you are a member of Survey Savvy we would like to hear from you.  Share you experience with Survey Savvy below.

Terri – WFHW

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