Superpoints Network Review

Do you enjoy earning money while spending time  on your computer?  It’s nice to have the option to get paid for something you would normally do anyway!  If you like surfing the net, watching videos and shopping online, I think you’re going to like what Superpoints Network has to offer.

Superpoints Network

What Is Superpoints Network?

Superpoints is a private interactive website where members earn points for their participation.  Points are collected for watching videos, completing offers and inviting others to join the site.  Superpoints is very similar to a program we reviewed a few months ago called Swagbucks.

How Does Superpoints Network Work?

Superpoints Network is totally free to join, however, membership is via invitation only.  You need an invite link, a valid email address, a mailing address and must be at least 18 years of age to join.  Only one member per household is accepted.

During the registration process you will be asked some simple questions to determine your areas of interest in order to match your profile with sponsors surveys and videos that will be of interest to you.

How Do You Earn Superpoints?

When you sign up you earn 5 points for joining and another 5 points when you complete your profile.

Members can also earn points from:

  • Daily “Lucky Emails” that contain free points.
  • Watching videos on YouTube.
  • Newsletters which contain offers for more point earning opportunities.
  • Answering third party survey offers.
  • When you shop.
  • Playing games online.
  • Basic, Gold and Platinum members receive daily access to the Super Lucky Button.

Your membership level determines how many times a day you may hit the Super Lucky Button.

Super Lucky Button

Basic members receive 30 allotted hits, Gold get 50 and Platinum member receive 100.  Each hit provides you with the opportunity to earn a random amount of rewards points.

To become a Basic member you must recruit two new members who sign up for the Superpoints Network.  Recruiting three members raises your membership to the Gold level, while those who recruit five new members achieve Platinum status.

Referring Others To Superpoints Network

You also earn points when members you refer, refer others to the Superpoints Network.  You receive 25 points every time someone your refer becomes a Basic member.

As an added incentive for inviting others to join Superpoints and grow your network, when the people you refer earns points on the Super Luck button you also earn the same amount up to a maximum of 1000 points.

Once a referral has earned you 1000 points you are no longer able to earn points from them.

How Do You Redeem Your Superpoints?

Your membership level is not only important for determining how you earn points but also how you redeem your points.  Basic members need at least 2500 points before they can redeem them for prizes.

Where as, Gold members need 1000 points and Platinum members need at least 500 point before they can redeem them for prizes.

Once you have enough points, you can visit the Rewards Catalog to redeem your points for prizes including Paypal cash, retailer gift cards as well as electronics to name a few.

Superpoints has a large selection of rewards which are sent out weekly.

The maximum amount of points that can be redeemed is 290,000 which qualifies members for the top prize of an Alienware Laptop Computer.

Superpoints won’t make you a mint but if you don’t mind introducing this free network to a few friends and you take advantage of the daily opportunities for earning points you can earn some extra cash and possibly some nice prizes.

If you’re a member of Superpoints Network we would like to hear about your experience.  Share your comments below.

Terri – WFHW

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