Squishy Cash Review

Squishy Cash is a site where you get paid to take free surveys, try free products, take promotional offers, oh and receive $5 just for signing up for free!

All the offers come from advertisers who are looking to improve their products and they want people like you and me to give them feedback on how they can improve their products. Advertisers spend billions of dollars a year doing this.

What Squishy Cash has done is to bring the advertisers to you and in return you can earn money for taking part in these surveys and other promotional offers.

Squishy Cash states there are 7 ways for you earn Cash, Chips and Prizes:

1.    Free Offers – There are nearly 500 free offers available
2.    Free Daily Surveys
3.    Free Trials
4.    Earn Cash Back for Shopping
5.    Refer Other People – Family and Friends
6.    VIP Program – By completing offers and referring friends you will move up the ranks in Squishy Cash which will benefit you with higher percentage bonuses
7.    Daily, Weekly and Monthly Contests where you can earn cash, chips and prizes.

There does seem to be multiple ways to progress in Squishy Cash which is definitely a good thing.

The signup page does look a bit daunting but don’t let that put you off because the more information that you can provide about yourself, the more accurate the offers will be.

You don’t want to receive offers and surveys about women’s shoes if you’re a guy!

One thing I do like is the number of different ways you can be paid. You can choose to be paid by Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal, Amazon and Walmart.com.

Squishy Cash is more than just a site with offers and promotions for you to earn dollars, it also has a forum where you can talk about a variety of things.

Plus this gives you the opportunity of being part of a like minded community where you can share ideas and different promotions.

There is also an instant message system called Squishy Squawk where you can post or ask questions in real time.

All these things are there to make your visit more pleasurable and give you a feeling of being part of something and earning money from it.

I do believe that this really does help when you are looking around for these types of websites to join because some are not as good as they suggest.

Websites such as Squishy Cash are referred to as GPT which means “Get Paid To….” Take part in this or fill that out and you are paid cash for doing so.

Squishy Cash Review Conclusion

Squishy Cash is a brilliant site to be a part of because of the community spirit that you are a part of. You can even take part in the forum and win prizes, which is something that I have never heard of before.

All I can really add is for you to have a look at Squishy Cash for yourself and be a part of this brilliant site!

Neil – WFHW

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