Sociboom Review: Is This Product As Good As It Looks?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Brett Ingram and Mo Latif releasing a new program that will help to leverage social media and drive traffic to your website or promotions.

‘SociBoom’ is the name and they say it’s going to bring you more targeted traffic than you would believe is possible.

Towards the end of August 2016, I started to get lot of emails asking about the potential of SociBoom.

However, it wasn’t so much the launch itself that interested me…it was the fact that Brett Ingram and Mo Latif were behind the product.


I wanted to take a closer look at this one because history tells me that Brett and Mo haven’t always had the most positive of comments when it comes to support or follow-through with their product claims.

Their most recent releases being: Video Sniper Pro, eCom Profit Machine Pro or Auto Mass Traffic were mostly ranked average across the Internet.

But I’m all for giving a new product a fair chance, so I was keen to take a look at SociBoom and find out if it’s a method that can actually benefit anyone wanting to drive traffic to their online promotions.

My First Impressions of SociBoom

The SociBoom’s website has a very fresh and slick look to it. The first thing you come across is the explainer video which focuses on how the popularity of online shopping has increased in recent times.

It’s a very well laid out page with some attractive benefit-driven hooks like unlimited free viral traffic, automated, newbie-friendly and passive money system being the points that stand out.


The content is well written, but there is definitely a focus on the “billions” that are being spent online and how you can profit at an insane level with SociBoom.

One area of concern for me is the testimonials for SociBoom.

It would appear that the same people who provided testimonials for Brett and Mo’s previous products are also the testimonial suppliers for SociBoom.

On the face of it that doesn’t necessarily suggest anything suspicious, and most people wouldn’t be concerned. But as an observer I would like to see some fresh testimonials in place.

In addition, making contact or support details available on the website would also be a good idea for anyone wanting to ask the product owner a question before purchasing.

It’s also worth mentioning that when you visit the SociBoom website, it says you have 90 mins to buy at the special price.

A little tip…refresh the page and the countdown clock resets.

What EXACTLY does SociBoom do?

SociBoom is a cloud-built software platform designed to leverage the traffic from “other” social media feeds and place them on your own Twitter feed.

The objective being to position you as an authority on a niche topic.

Add the ability to mask your own affiliate links, and that’s your road to riches SociBoom solution.


The automation part of SociBoom kicks in when you pick the type of content you want to curate from Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

The software then automates posting that to your Twitter channel.

The technical part…

SociBoom scrapes the Internet and finds content in your niche. the idea is you mix what SociBoom has found with the sales orientated posts that you create and automate to run when scheduled.

Another feature is the follow – unfollow automation that you can set-up in the SociBoom members area. It’s not a revolutionary idea, and I know SociBoom isn’t the first piece of software to offer that.

But if you do decide to buy SociBoom, you can choose either the 3 Site Lite Special normally $77/month,  the $27.95 launch offer, or the unlimited version at $97/month discounted to $29.95.

Are there any upsells with SociBoom?

Once purchased, you will come across 4 upsells for SociBoom:

#1 SociBoom eCom Edition allows you to instantly link into Amazon and eBay’s api product portal. It then generates mini sales pages from Amazon and Ebay, much like the type we see in all Amazon and eBay content plugins.

#2 SociBoom Max claims to 4X your traffic, yet it’s simply an image bank where you can use a cloaked affiliate link and schedule them to post – all apparently with just one click.

#3 SociBoom Elite is just like the Max upsell except this is an image bank of moving images to use in your posts. Again, all with one click.

#4 SociBoom Special – offers another type of animation to your sites. The new 2.5D parallax video, which are very nice to look at. As with all the other upsells it comes with templates to start with, but you can use your own images.

And it’s worth pointing out…all the upsells give you have 2 options to purchase:

Option #1 –  a 3 site license.
option #2 –  unlimited site license.

Is SociBoom all it claims to be?

I find the notion that SociBoom will allow you to curate posts, images and videos and place them on your own Twitter feed for profit as being an unsustainable business model.

Sure, SociBoom will certainly curate images and create lovely graphics that you can post on your Twitter feed and you could make a sale or two.

However, I do have concerns about the earning claims on the SociBoom website and how realistic they are.

There are also many similar products doing the rounds at the moment, and I wonder what will happen when the industry reaches saturation point?

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the launch date, and the first three or four pages of Google are unfortunately filled with positively biased affiliate reviews.

Unfortunately this is common nowadays as the product owners offer biggest prizes for the most sales made by affiliates.

My Final thoughts on SociBoom

SociBoom is not a scam and there has clearly been a lot of effort invested in creating the program.

But I must say that if you buy SociBoom believing you will generate the kind of money and/or traffic being suggested, you could end up disappointed. It could also become a costly investment if you buy the various upsells.

Yes, you could earn some money…but long term it’s not a business model that I would recommend.


  • It’s good for filling up your Twitter feed with scraped content.
  • It has a 30 day money back guarantee.


  • Overrated claims of potential income.
  • Many upsells and downsells within the SociBoom program.
  • It’s not a revolutionary system. People have been scraping social media to populate their own Twitter feeds for a long time now.
  • It’s not a sustainable business model.
  • You could end up spending a lot of money to fully test SociBoom’s claims.

Have you tried SociBoom?

If so, what has been your experience? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Marcus – WFHW

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