Social Networking Academy Review

The Social Networking Academy is promising to help you make money online and build your business by leveraging the power of social network sites.

Social Networking Academy Review

This review reveals a little of how the Social Networking Academy (SNA) helps when you get a free Social Networking Academy membership.

Alongside Jared Elvidge, UK born straight-talking Jo Barnes founded the SNA in August 2010 after getting involved with Facebook, with the aim of putting all of her training in one area.

The bottom line is that there is a 12 week training program that is marketed as the same journey that Jo Barnes took to build her own online social presence.

With the heavy presence of Facebook on the social media scene, it’s no surprise that the first thing that the Social Networking Academy encourages you to do is to like their fan page, and then jump into building your own fan page .

The first set of videos are excellent, there are 5 in the set showing Jo walking us through using the templates available to create a free Faceboook fanpage. It’s at this stage the similarity to the Chris Farrell Membership kicks in!

However I’m not entirely surprised as Chris Farrell and Jo Barnes are very good online marketing partners, and there is even a .cfm extension on the members side of The Social Networking Academy website – not to mention that Chris has a “21 days to success” module and Jo markets a “start your business in 21 days”. Coincidence?

What’s available for free Social Network Academy members?

  • Facebook Basics – 25 detailed step by step video course taking you through Facebook
  • Facebook Pages & The Templates – Facebook pages training videos and the new template
  • The Templates – The 5 videos I spoke about earlier
  • Start a Business in 21 Days –  Loads of content aimed more at an offline business but relevant
  • Expert Interviews – Short Chris Farrell, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker interviews
  • The Power of Focus – Help if you’re susceptible to distraction and a lack of focus
  • Create a Website on Facebook – How to to create your own FB pages using WordPress
  • Get Started with Twitter – A downloadable PDF showing you step by step how to get a Twitter

On the whole there seems to be some pretty good content in the form of lots of videos, yet there is something that’s bugging me!

From what I’ve seen this is a membership platform just like Chris Farrell’s membership…it’s very much a newbie friendly site! (Not necessarily a bad thing)

The Social Network Academy Summary

On the face of it Jo and her team do provide a lot of information for the social networking newbie. The free templates are easy to use and a great idea to encourage potential members to sign up.

Jo’s non-pretentious video walk-throughs are really quite easy to follow. If you are looking for a good grounding in understanding social networks then The Social Networking Academy will not disappoint.

However, if you are looking for advanced tactics in monopolizing social media…this might not be for you.

Tony – WFHW

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    • Rhett thanks for dropping by. It’s always a good sign when the founder of a program takes the time to comment and provides their contact information.

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