Simple Main Street Control A Real Business Model?

Simple Main Street Control was released in November 2012, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems almost every Internet Marketing launch that I’ve seen this month has been mobile orientated in some way.

Simple main street control

With our ongoing addiction to the “3rd screen” (mobile devices) continuing to grow, the question that I’m hearing being asked is: Is Simple Main Street Control a real business model?

What’s The Attraction With Mobile?

There are countless reputable sources to be found online that state that as early as 2013 we will be accessing the Internet via smartphones, more than we will be via a PC.

A users mobile is always just an arms length away, and is becoming the tool of choice for many things from, storing notes, listening to music, and of course searching the Internet.

Ok, mobile phones receive emails (whoopie), but Internet marketers are not excited about that! The big news right now is text messaging marketing.

I stretch out my arm and answer a text message within a few seconds of it arriving. And I’m not alone…I bet you do too.

That’s the attraction with mobile, it’s a marketing channel that we’re in the real beginning of. I mentioned the 3rd screen earlier.

In case you were wondering, the first was the television screen and the second was the computer screen.

The third, a mobile screen has taken the user to a completely new level.

How Simple Main Street Control Fit’s In

There are a couple of guy’s called Dom Wilson and Urmil Patel who specialize in mobile marketing and they’ve released a simple but effective way of identifying websites that don’t work on iPhones.

There are 1000’s in every niche imaginable, and websites using a specific type of coding called “flash” are the target sites because Apple in particular doesn’t provide flash support at all, and apparently never will.

Simple Main Street Control starts off as a 15 page PDF and at first glance it looks a bit thin. However, those unassuming 15 pages contain a whole lot more under the hood.

The simplicity of Main Street Control really is a great win-win for new marketers. However if you are not comfortable with WordPress websites then learning how to use WordPress is a must.

If you are not WordPress-savvy, you can learn how to do it for free with our highest recommended product.

An example of the way you search for “broken websites” is ‘Attorney Chicago IL filetype:swf’  – the code that Dom revealed in the sales video for Simple Main Street Control

In the example above, Attorney’s in Chicago Illinois would be the target niche client. The file type I’m telling the search engines to search for is swf (shock wave flash).

To be honest I was wondering what else simple main street control had to offer.

I hit the buy button anyway for less that $10 because I was keen to see what was included.

Hand holding doesn’t do justice to the approach that Don has when walking through the Simple main street control system.

The first extras are video’s are inserted into pdf where Don spells out the exact process he uses.

For the next step Don reveals via video ways to contact the businesses with busted websites and links to a resource page are revealed.

Included for my $10 I also have high quality videos, flyers and PDF files that I can send potential leads. Email scripts and Craigslist post-lets and 2 different styles of brandable power points.

An extra added bonus are 3 WordPress themes that are mobile ready and have auto-responder integrated. Having the ability to collect leads can be a very hefty bargaining chip indeed.

There’s more but I think you get the picture.

Is Simple Main Street Control A Real Business Model?

That’s easy to answer…certainly. The business model is rock solid and tested – even by me.

Is Simple Main Street Marketing a work at home job for you? Well that’s only a question you can answer but let me give you a few hints…

If you already understand online marketing and have had good training you’re going to love this product. It’s a great way to add real value to local or International business.

It’s a foot in the door to offering more helpful services –  But most of all .. It really is simple!

Tony – WFHW

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