Review Template

Generic tease of product. Tease them to read on by being suggestive of what the outcome might be.

“Are you trying to sort fact from fiction and discover the truth about [PRODUCT]?

Does it really live up to it’s promise of [PRODUCT CLAIMS] or is this just another make money online opportunity that fails to deliver?”


“Unfortunately the Internet is full of money-making opportunities that mislead people into handing over their money for worthless products.

So in this unbiased [PRODUCT NAME] review, I’m going to cover every aspect of what’s on offer in so that you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you.”

Coming up we’ll be taking a close look at the following points:

  • What exactly is [PRODUCT NAME] and how does it work?
  • What’s [PRODUCT NAME] all about?
  • What’s included with [PRODUCT NAME]?
  • What’s the training like with [PRODUCT NAME]?
  • Are there any bonuses with [PRODUCT NAME]?
  • Are there any additional costs associated with [PRODUCT NAME]?
  • Are there any upsells/upgrades with [PRODUCT NAME]?
  • Are the [PRODUCT NAME] income claims realistic?
  • Who is [PRODUCT NAME] a good fit for?
  • Can anyone make [PRODUCT NAME] work?
  • What are others saying about [PRODUCT NAME]?
  • Is general feedback about [PRODUCT NAME] good or bad?
  • [PRODUCT NAME]: My final verdict.
  • [PRODUCT NAME]: My final thoughts.
  • [PRODUCT NAME]: Is it a scam?


What Exactly Is [PRODUCT NAME] And How Does It Work?
What’s [PRODUCT NAME] All About?
What’s Included With [PRODUCT NAME]?
What’s The Training Like With [PRODUCT NAME]?
Are There Any Bonuses With [PRODUCT NAME]?
What Bonuses Are Included With [PRODUCT NAME]?
Are There Any Additional Costs With [PRODUCT NAME]?
Are There Any Upsells/Upgrades With [PRODUCT NAME]?
Are The [PRODUCT NAME] Income Claims Realistic?
Is It Really Possible To Earn [$xx] With [PRODUCT NAME]?
Who Is [PRODUCT NAME] a Good Fit For?
Can Anyone Make Money With [PRODUCT NAME]?
What Are Others Saying About [PRODUCT NAME]?
Is General Feedback About [PRODUCT NAME] Good Or Bad?
[PRODUCT NAME]: My Final Verdict.
[PRODUCT NAME]: My Final Thoughts.
[PRODUCT NAME]: Is It a Scam?

Heading 1

Product Name:
Product Type:
Product Creator:
Product Price:


Initial overview of product homepage/video and how clear it is about what is on offer. If it’s vague then call it out. Overall impressions of salespage. Mention product owners and history if known.

“When reviewing a make money online opportunity, I always like to assess the product website first.
The first thing I like to do when reviewing a make money online opportunity is to have a good look around the product website first.

This allows me to gauge how open and honest the product creators are about what’s on offer.

“Don’t forget to add quotes to give readers a highlighted indication of information that is coming further in the review. Quote for what’s coming in the next section.”

Under The [PRODUCT NAME] Hood

  • Go into detail about what the program is actually about having researched it.
  • if it’s affiliate marketing, link to affiliate marketing page.
  • Break the process down into clear steps.
  • Point out any parts that feel broken.
  • Explain how accurately the salespage/video describes what the program actually is.
  • Add a list of similar reviews at the end of this section if necessary (internal linking).

Heading 2


Heading 3

Break down any down and upsells from the JV page where possible. Mention that it’s normal for products to have upsells and downsells, but the product alone should achieve what the salespage suggests. Upsells and downsells should only serve to enhance the product.

Heading 4

Be descriptive about what can be realistically achieved with the product without shutting the review down and preventing the reader from needing to read on. Mention that it might be possible to earn some kind of income with this product at the very least.

Heading 5

It’s time to be brutally honest.

Marcus – WFHW

“Don’t forget to add quotes to give readers a highlighted indication of information that is coming further in the review. Quote for what’s coming in the next section.”


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