Real Writing Jobs: Scam or Not?

Over the last few months I have written about several sites with regards to a variety of writing jobs and most have not been that favorable.

Now with that in mind I came across a product called ‘Real Writing Jobs’, and I decided to see if what they have to offer could be of benefit to readers of WFHW.

Anybody with a desire to write for a living or at the very least do this as a hobby does at times have to look around at what is available.

The reason for this is to get a feel of what type of writing jobs are available and what to actually write about that people are willing to pay for.

Real Writing Jobs is a website that uses software to gather real writing jobs from many different sources and posts them within their site.

They are purely acting as a middleman, but there is a catch, there always is. You have to pay for this service.

Initially it just says enter your first name and email address then you are taken straight to a payment page where you have to pay $34. This is a one off fee with no further costs.

They also offer a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee and because this is a Clickbank product, getting your money back is very easy. Just make sure you keep your receipt.

After doing quite a bit of research into who Real Writing Jobs actually are, I did come across some disturbing reviews which mention a not so free trial and an expensive recurring monthly fee.

It seems this is no longer the case as they now only charge a one off fee of $34.

You can search at various online recruitment agencies for writing jobs yourself, but I can see the benefits of having it all in one place.

Ultimately it is up to you to decide if you want to do your own research or pay for the privilege.

However, there is one important factor to bear in mind here: you will not make thousands of dollars off a handful of articles.

The really big money in writing articles/reviews covers the technical subjects such as medicine, electronics and quantum physics for example. Anyone who writes in those fields is usually an expert on the topic.

For the most part you will not earn much per article, maybe from $3 to $10 to start with. What you are aiming to do is build up enough experience writing articles before other people will pay you any sort of decent money.

It doesn’t matter what you do these days, everyone likes to see what experience you have and what your previous articles are like.

It’s worth bearing this in mind when applying for certain writing jobs, but initially you will only be able to get writing jobs from blog owners who require you to write their content for them, and for the most part it isn’t that well paid.

But don’t let that put you off…we all have to start somewhere! I have written articles myself for other people and while the cash was handy at the time, I wasn’t prepared to do it full time.


Originally, Real Writing Jobs might have been deemed as really expensive for having a monthly fee, and I would have questioned that. But with a one time fee and an iron clad guarantee, I can’t see a problem with this site.

Just remember that it isn’t going to make you thousands and thousands of dollars because it just lists writing jobs that are on offer.

Real Writing Jobs is a directory which basically maintains an updated list of all the writing jobs that are currently available.

Neil – WFHW

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