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Do you have questions that you would like answers too?  Do you enjoy the social aspects of Twitter and Facebook?

The WFHW team has discovered a site called Quora that takes the best features from Facebook, Twitter, Google and several other sites and integrates them together.

Read on and discover what Quora has to offer.  Learn how you can become a member of the Quora Team.

What Is Quora?

Quora is an online service that connects you to everything you want to know about.  Their goal is to make it easy to write and share content on the web.

Founded in January of 2010 by Adam D’Angelo former CTO and VP of Engineering at Facebook and Charlie Cheever who helped create the Facebook Platform and led the development of Facebook Connect.

Quora provides a platform where like minded people with similar interests can share knowledge and get their questions answered by people who have first hand experience with the topic.

How Does Quora Work?

Quora borrows what works from exiting platforms such as Facebook, Google, Digg,  wiki, Yahoo Answers and Twitter.

As you type a question, the Quora software like Google search will predict your question and provide you with the opportunity to see existing threads that contain your topic.

Similar to Digg, Quora enables users to push your favorite answers to the top of search results.  Like wiki, Quora lets you edit your submission.

You also have the opportunity to comment, add thanks or mark an answer as helpful.  Answers contain the writer’s full name, qualification, an excerpt and a source.

If you like an answer, you can follow the person who posted it, just like you would on Twitter.  You even have the option to follow the topic.

Members can create their own profile which includes a photo and a description about yourself.  This tells other members who you are and provides credibility when you answer questions.

Others have not only a face and a name, but some background about the person who is answering their question.

Members can build their own home pages which contain everything they want to know about and is created by following topics, people, questions and boards.

Boards are a collection of things you write and find such as blogs or personal notes.

You can take anything you find on Quora and other sites and post it onto a board.  You can follow other people’s boards or add people as contributors to your own board so you can collaborate and share information.

Quora is easy to use and gives you the option to connect your bog, Facebook and Twitter accounts with your Quora account.

This allows you to follow your Quora questions on Twitter, share your upvotes on Facebook and find existing friends on Quora.

Would You Like To Work For Quora?

Quora is looking to expand their team and requires people who have the desire to become the best at what they do.

Quora is hiring Office Managers, IT Administrators, Software Engineers, Product Designers, Product Managers, Data Scientists, Software Engineer Interns.

How Do You Earn Quora Credits?

You can earn credits by:

1)  Answering an Ask To Answer request.

2)  Getting upvotes on answers or posts you’ve written.
For every upvote that you receive for an answer or post, you get 10 credits.

When someone who you Ask to Answer a question writes an answer, you receive 5 credits for every upvote that answer receives.

3)  When someone gives you credits.

How Do You Spend Quora Credits?

Credits are required in order to use the Ask to Answer Suggestion function.  Quora suggests users to you whom you can ask to answer a question.

If a user is not your friend you will be required to pay in order to ask them to answer.

You use your credits in order to send them an Ask to Answer request.  They receive 25% of the price paid upfront and the remaining 75% once they answer the question provided they answer is received within a week.

You can give away credits to other users provided you have over 500 credits in your account.  If you have 590 credits in your account you can give away up to 90.

Quora has implemented this policy because everyone who creates an account receives 500 points and Quora does not want people creating fake accounts in order to give away points.

You can give credits to any user you wish.  You can also send a message along with the credits you give away.

Quora makes getting answers to questions fast, easy and fun.  The only downside is that there is nothing to prevent someone from creating a fake profile and misleading other users.  Unfortunately, Quora is not integrated with LinkedIn as they have professional background checks.

Do you use Quora?  If you have experience with the site we would like to hear from you.  Please share you comments below.

Terri – WFHW

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