Profit Hacks and the Profit Prophesy

Profit Hacks by Rich Schefren and Pete Williams is getting ready to be launched to market. The name that most of you will recognize will be Rich Schefren.

Profit Hacks Reviews the Profit Prophesy

He’s built, run and sold multi million dollar businesses in several mainstream industries. He lists his students as Mike Filsaime, Ryan Deiss and Brad Fallen to name a few.

Over the past week or so Rich & Pete have been drip feeding video content in the lead up to launching their new Profits Hacks Product.

It’s quite “eye opening” as Rich introduces his own spin on terminology like “upside down leverage, misdirected focus, and mind virus” to fit his new message.

Prophet Prophecy Snapshot

The initial hook that was delivered was an eBook called Prophet Prophecy. That was hyped as Rich Schefren’s first free report since 2008.

It’s a long read and the snap shot version is Rich tells you that you are not making it as you want to online because you are infected by a “mind virus” that has made a lot of Internet marketers poorly.

The mind virus boiled down is Rich’s way of saying we have too much to do to get our content created and out there on the right platforms, in the right formats and in front of the right target market..

This is because of “upside down leverage” which is where we try to service a gap in the market rather than just work with our already known and established strengths.

Prophet Hacks Core So Far

The core of the product even though it’s not released yet seems to be based on the systems created by Pete Williams.

Pete has made a name for himself by outlining how to create leverage from one piece of content by using outsourcers. I’ve listened to all six hours of the pitch and the same message keeps coming out.

The 11+1 Profit Hacker Steps

  1. Mind Map your ideas
  2. Record you talking about the mindmap
  3. Outsource video creation
  4. Publish to Youtube
  5. Syndicate the video
  6. Create video Podcast RSS
  7. Create audio podcast RSS
  8. Transcribe the audio
  9. Create PDF from the transcript
  10. Create an article by yourself of the transcript
  11. Syndicate your new article
  12. Create a Press Release and sell your content.

So it’s 6 hours of pre-launch video, but I’m telling you guys that’s the lot in a nutshell.

There is nothing that you don’t already know here guys. Phase 3.5 is the only actual content that you can really use. I’ve outlined that in this post with the 11+1 steps.

Because the majority of the processes are outsourced I wouldn’t say that it’s something that you can start as your first work from home project, unless you have a budget of $400 pw which is the amount Rich says Pete was allowed to spend on this pre launch sequence.

If you follow along with the Profit Hacks launch you’ll realize that the “system” is being followed to get the videos out to you.

During the narration by Pete Williams he mentions that self hosting is needed, an Amazon s3 as well plus feedburner accounts.

Profit Hacks Summary

Before I start I must say this is the opinion of Tony, and may not represent the views of the other WFHW team members. With that out the way I’m going to come straight out and say it.

It’s a total mind game. I find it difficult to believe that a guy with such clout will come of of retirement to promote this product.

The use of such marketing questioning techniques are laughable. Paraphrased he says:

“If you answering no to questions like “are you earning enough money from your business? If not you must buy this product!” Come on dude!

There are promises of downloads after videos where nothing is to be found and they even talking about using article spinning companies, and recommend only having articles 300 words long.

Well peeps, I’m going to say it how it is – even if so many won’t: “I was expecting much more from you guys…there’s about 10% good stuff in this product, and 90% really should do much better.

Tony – WFHW

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