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If you enjoy writing and you’re looking for a way to make  money online, Postloop maybe a good options for you.

Read on to learn what the WFHW Team found out about Postloop and discover why Postloop members are saying it’s some of the easiest money they have ever made.

What is Postloop?

Postloop is a martketplace and exchange for Forum Owners, Blog Owners and Content Writers.

  • Forum Owners join Postloop to generate more posts to their forums.
  • Blog Owners join Postloop to get more comments to their blogs.
  • Content Writers join Postloop to earn money for commenting on forums and posting on blogs.

All the posts and comments are tracked automatically in real time by Postloops exclusive monitoring system.

Postloop was founded in November of 2010 by Royal Medial LC an internet media Company based in South Carolina.

Who can participate in Postloop?

Anyone from any country can join Postloop, however you must meet the following requirements in order to earn money as a content writer:

  • You must have excellent English grammar.
  • You are required to pass an initial application process.
  • You must be able to accept payment via Paypal.

Forum owners and blog owners who join Postloop have the option to purchase content or exchange content.

In order to receive posts in your forum or comments on your blog you need to earn Postloop points.  Points can either be purchased via Paypal or earn by contributing posts or comments to other Postloop blogs or forums.

How does the Postloop application process work?

In order to apply to be a writer at Postloop you must complete the following steps in their exact order:

1.  Join the Postloop Portal.
The portal is owned and operated by Postloop staff and is used as an evaluation platform for approving new content writers.
2.  Subscribe to the Postloop Portal. This step is different than joining.
3.  Make 10 posts at the Postloop Portal.
4. Wait up to 24 hours for approval. 

Postloop staff review your posts and if approved you will be able to participate at any websites listed at Postloop.  If your posts are not approved but you meet the requirements to reapply, you will have the opportunity to apply with 10 new posts.

How does the Postloop point system work?

When you post to a blog or make a comment on a forum you gain points and the owner of the blog or forum losses points.  There is an incentive for blog and forum owners to gain points as owners with the most points get their blogs or forums listed at the top.

Blogs and forums are listed in order of points.  Those owners with the highest points have their blogs or forums listed first.

Writers can convert their points to cash.  The more points your earn the more money you make.

How do you get paid by Postloop?

You can convert your points to cash by cashing out using Paypal.  You must have at least $5.00 worth of points before you can make a withdrawal.

Users must also have a better than average rating in order to make a withdrawal.  All withdrawal requests are reviewed by Postloop staff before they are approved.  This can take up to 24 hours.

How much can you earn with Postloop?

Postloop writers earn on average $0.08 per job.  A job is defined as making a post to a blog or commenting on a forum.   Earning increase with experience.  The best writers are earning as high at $.0.12 per job.

There is no limited to the number of jobs you can do.  Members choose blogs and forums they wish to post on.

It is highly recommended that you make your post on sites that have topics that interest you.

This can save you time in knowing what to post and makes it easier for you to add value to the site, ultimately increasing your reputation as a Postloop writer as well as you income.

Postloop has a referral program where member receive 20% on all the points that their referrals earn for creating posts, making comments or purchasing points.

At Postloop you have complete control of your income.  The more jobs you do and/or the more members you refer, the more money you make.

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Terri – WFHW

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