PLR ATM Review: Work From Home With Your Own PLR Store

Today I’d like to take you through my PLR ATM review. This is a course teaching you how to set up your own PLR store by Tiffany Dow who runs a very successful PLR store called PLR mini mart.


Tiffany has a very informal style of teaching which I love. However her A1 skill (which she is very well known for) is as a great quality writer.

For me the text information was rather boring – stuff that seems rather obvious, but then again the fact that Tiffany caters for the not so online marketing savvy can only be a big plus point for her. I’d say that the videos tutorials are the real gems in this PLR ATM course.

OK so lets jump right in to this  and take a look at what the video’s teach. Oh and before I start, even though I talk mostly about the videos in this PLR ATM review, the text just supports what Tiffany talks about in the videos.

PLR ATM Video #1

Is all about niche research and I like how she searches to see what is available for the affiliate to promote in Clickbank and Amazon etc.

This really helps those who buy her PLR to know what they can recommend and link to . Cleverly she also uses that info in her emails and “sales letters/posts.

To find relevant keywords to write her articles on, we are shown how Tiffany uses the free Google keyword tool to see what people want to know about.

From those keywords she finds, the PLR packs are built around. It’s no use writing about things that folks are not searching for… nice tip there Tiff!

PLR ATM Video #2

Talks about article length and reputation. Now I have a bit of an issue here, I really don’t think it’s as easy as Tiffany says.

She is known as a “ghost writer to the gurus”, and the “Squidoo Queen”, so she has a ton of big name marketers giving her kudos and that is something that no-one who takes up this course will be able to rely on.

I’d say that she has a bit of a head start in the race (I say a “bit” however if it was a five mile race I think Tiff would have a 4.5 mile head start)!

There is also pricing and limited packs that are also covered, length of post and articles and the different types of packs that a PLR site owner can offer.

PLR ATM Video #3

Covers about getting your content together. I like that she mentions that you can sell the content that you have already created, the stuff that sits on your own sites or blogs.

Tiffany talks about how to select a freelance contractor to use, and she mentions everything that you need to know which is great, from how to research your writers and what to look for in an outsourcer.

Tiff quite rightly explains that writers are not marketers and when working with freelancers, you should keep it simple.

When checking their work – Copyscape, spelling typos, the style of writing “tone of voice” etc… It’s so important that you make sure that YOU check the content that is delivered properly.

Having GREAT articles is imperative because if you want a “PLR ATM business”, you need your buyers to come back and buy a bunch of times.

Poor quality content means you may make a sale or two, but you are certainly not going to get any repeat business.

PLR ATM Video #4

Goes over promoting your new PLR ATM site. I like the idea Tiffany suggests about informing the public of new content on your PLR store using satellites sites like Squidoo and Hubpages as well as your own blogs or in forums like the Warrior Forum.

However, of course if that is your only media platform your content is at the mercy of someone else, so setting up on your own domain is always the smart move.

Tiffany shows you how to install WordPress with fantastico through cpanel at Hostgator. Then goes into setting up the DL-Guard, plus hosting your files on your own server.

This was not too clear a section for me ; it’s going to take you a few views to fully understand what she is doing.

Tiff is as honest as you get as she admits that she really has no idea on how to set the WordPress sites up for a PLR ATM site.

To be honest it got a bit confusing here as most folks will be setting up their PLR ATM sites in WordPress! Adding your Aweber optin box was covered next.

PLR ATM Video #5 and #6

These 2 videos in this section are about creating specials and promotion to get the ball rolling on your sales at the PLR ATM store plus building your list of subscribers.

Tactics like : Using discounts incentive or even giving your PLR content free, umm I know it sounds crazy, however you can force them to optin which is a great tip.

Tiff advises you get involved in WSO (warrior forum special offers) however that will cost you about $50 if you are not already a Warrior forum paid member :(

Giving the readers the opportunity to request PLR packs is also recommended to build your list and attract more business.

Using satellite sites that are SEO optimized are recommended that you link back to your own PLR ATM store. Umm seems to be just a bit of filler now because video #4 covers something similar!

Tiffany also shows what she is ranking for as far as PLR searches… She shows up everywhere it seems for all types of PLR information, including Squidoo, YouTube, Warrior forum etc.

The benefit is that Tiff sells the majority of her PLR through search engines finding her rather than promoting through her list.

PLR ATM Video #7

Is all about knowing the perks of your own PLR ATM store and getting organized before you get going. Stuff like organizing your files in more than one place, more on how Tiffany uses Download Guard to get organised, and keeping track of your sales.

Personally I didn’t see much value in this video, but then again as I said earlier Tiffany is making sure that if you are a newbie that she gives you all the information that you are going to need.

There is a bonus video that is also included which I expected to be the video tutorial that her buddy Mark has set up…he is the person that helped Tiffany by setting up her PLR Mini Mart website.

However it was actually Tiffany going through basic WordPress set-up (looks like she learned fast, well done Tiff!) . She then talks about the benefits of using for outsourcing things like Header image and graphics.

I must say I did LOVE how easily Tiffany makes setting up your WordPress theme. From adding the correct widgets and organizing your categories.

PLR ATM Review Summary

Tiffany has done a great job here in introducing keen writers into making money with their own PLR Store. I really do like her informal conversational flow, you can certainly tell that she is not pretending to know it all.

I’d say that setting up your own PLR ATM is a great idea, especially if you do have whole bunch of articles sitting on your hard drive that you have already written.

Is PLR ATM a great work from home business?

Well I have to say that this one is a slow burner. In time I’m sure your PLR store will generate you some sales, but I believe that it’s going to take a awful lot of PLR packs to see the type of earnings that Tiffany Dow is enjoying.

I hope my PLR ATM review has given you a good insight to Tiffany’s Dow’s PLR ATM course, leave us a comment and tell us what you think!

Tony – WFHW

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