Paul B Evans Nicheology Review

Nicheology ReviewProduct name: Nicheology Profit System
Product type: PLR catalogue and training
Price: $4.95 for 7 days trial
Owner: Paul Evans

Some online marketers make their entire 6 figure living from PLR (private label rights).

There is a massive consumer market for plr content and a lot of savvy marketers are using plr as a means of populating membership sites. The site we’re reviewing today – Nicheology Profit System – states: “Within only 7 hours you’ll be in profit!”

Nicheology Program Overview

Created by Paul Evans back in 2004, Nicheology is a membership site that’s set up to support you in the creation of your own products with niche PLR.

The program has a business training section, research into the niches for affiliates and monthly updates with new PLR added.

There are two types of plr for all niches available at All new and backdated releases come in rough or polished versions.

Nicheology niche product packs In the rough

  1. These are essentially text files with all the content ready for you to shape into your own style with branding and graphics added as you wish.
  2. Nicheology niche packages complete and ready to go. These are as suggested – ready to load onto your own servers and drive traffic to. All the plr of this type comes complete with everything you need, including sales pages.

What’s Included With Nicheology?

Created as a business in a box, the Nicheology profit system comes with modules of core training for online marketers plus core tool training for members.

The core training is on Paul’s own 14 profit system where he demonstrates how to best make use of the PLR in the members area as well as setting up the video plr and conversion.

There’s also a tech section where you learn about:

    • Hostgator
    • WordPress
    • Clickbank
    • Members tools
    • Private Label Rights
    • Video PLR
    • Business Training
    • Affiliate Marketing Research
    • Step by Step Tutorials
    • The Profit Academy

You also have links to support, help, Facebook groups and advanced “club levels”.

Nicheology Pricing

The one year subscription to Nicheology is $297. You can pay by 3 monthly installments at $77 with automatic renewal meaning your credit card will be charged automatically every 3 months.

There’s also a monthly option at $29.95 with automatic renewal, and finally $4.95 for a 7 day trial offered to new members.

Club level comes at an extra $97 per month.

Who Is Nicheology For?

Nicheology is aimed at marketers who are looking for an ‘all in’ solution to easy pickings online. The niches are picked for you and the content is delivered into your members area.

That seems to be the thought process of those new to online marketing.

A more experienced marketer may get use from Nicheology packs for members sites etc, however it’s unlikely the content would be your niche specific material.

The club level does have some good content delivered, BUT I think that you’ll get almost as much value from checking out Paul’s Youtube channel.

The more I dug into Nicheology the more I did like what Paul was saying (on his Youtube channel), however, I am not sure that I personally would part with $297 plus a monthly $97 to get the online training that Paul delivers. Especially as this type is available for free online.

Are There Any Nicheology Profit System Complaints?

I didn’t see any complaints from Pauls Nichology profit system, and I’m really not surprised. He does have a habit of delivering messages with integrity.

My Own Thoughts On Nicheology Profit System

Nicheology does have some content that is actionable and useable, in both the basic level and the club level upgrade.

If you are a well seasoned PLR user the niche packs that are delivered monthly may be useful to you.

After all it’s all about how much work you want to put into the system, right?

The “Club” levels do have some good content, but I know that I am exposed to the same if not more training content with a simple search online.

However my biggest gripe is the price. All things considered I do think that is a little too pricey when you consider what else is available online.

Nicheology Review Summary

Nicheology was developed a while ago and Paul has certainly grown with his delivery and content over time.

However I’m not convinced that it’s worthy of the price point that’s put on it for the majority that would use it.

PLR content is only useful if you turn it into something personal. In my experience it’s best to start from scratch with your own, unique content.

In my opinion the advanced club level doesn’t warrant paying an extra $100 a month. As I stated above there’s industry leading training and tools available for a lot less that Paul offers.

Plus mastermind groups are all over Facebook and Google plus these days at zero cost.


  • Long established PLR system
  • No complaints about Paul
  • Turnkey business ready to go


  • Top heavy price point
  • The PLR needs refreshing
  • Just content – any tools are an upsell

Have you tried Nicheology? I’d love it if you’d let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

Marcus – WFHW

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