review. Is a scam?

Generally speaking, not every reviewer here at Work From Home Watchdog is a fan of paid surveys.

Yes, they can generate an income online, but in the past we have found some to be time consuming and difficult to use.

So when we were asked to provide a review for a brand new survey site called, we were a little hesitant. Is it another clunky survey process with little in the way of earning potential? What follows might well surprise you.

The first thing that has to be said about this particular website is the general feel of it. In the past we have found survey sites in particular to be cheap to look at, and often difficult to navigate.

That’s definitely not the case with because what you get here is a fresh looking platform that is actually simple to navigate and easy to use. review

Now we all know that looks aren’t everything, so let’s take a closer look under the hood of PaidViewpoint and see if we can spot why this opportunity might be different from the rest.

Remember that these are my own thoughts based on the fact that I have joined up (it’s free) and tried it myself.

What there is to love about…

1) No getting kicked out half way through a survey!

It’s one of the most common complaints made about online surveys, and it’s perhaps one of the main reasons why survey sites generally have such a bad name. are keen to make it clear that if you take a survey, you will be allowed to complete it, and you will get paid for your time. review

2) Your privacy really is respected.

If you’ve had experience with online surveys in the past it’s very likely that you yourself have had your personal details sold on (another popular complaint about other survey websites), and assure you that your details are totally safe by not requesting your full name and full home address.

3) has a solid pedigree

Created by the same team responsible for (a US-only survey site), PaidViewpoint is built on the same principles and integrity as its sister site.

4) Worldwide acceptance into the program.

With restricting its service to US users only, it was necessary to have an alternative service that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. is that program.

5) You do actually earn real cash for completing surveys!

Really…there’s no junk or false promises here. When tell you how much you can earn, you really do earn that amount of money! It’s amazing to think that this point has to be justified in this way because a ‘paid survey’ should after all be a ‘paid survey’, yet anyone with previous experience will know that this is not always the case.

PaidViewpoint recognize this, and do everything they can to show what you are earning with each survey.

This leads nicely to my only real negative…

Earnings can be slow…initially. earnings

Earlier I mentioned that survey sites generally require work to earn a few dollars, but avoids this downside with a very smart loyalty system.

Basically, the more surveys you take, the greater your ‘TrustScore’ becomes. This is a special algorithm that increases as the system becomes more trusting of you and your survey answers, and once it hits 9000 you get paid more per survey.

Now obviously this takes some time, but we have to consider here…they have to learn to trust you as a survey taker, and when they do they will reward you with more substantial earnings.

It’s worth pointing here that the figures in the image above were achieved by me within 5 minutes of signing up, so you can see for yourself the potential of the system.

However, with a little persistence…earnings do grow: earnings

So the big question is…is a scam?

I can honestly say that it is definitely NOT a scam.

Everything about the site feels trustworthy, and with their previous experience of they have built a Worldwide opportunity that will no doubt be just as successful.

Of course, earnings are relatively low, but that is to be expected of a low-skill work from home opportunity.

However, if you like the appeal of taking simple surveys and earning an extra few dollars in return, gets the Work From Home Watchdog seal of approval for being one of the best online survey websites that we have seen in a very long time!

Marcus – WFHW

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  • I have had one payout of $15 from Paidviewpoint but it took forver at an average of 10 cents a survey AND it stalled for a long time at $11 before finally picking up again. This time I am stalled at $14 and have been for a month with no surveys. It’s nice to finally get that $15 payout but it takes MONTHS.

    • Hi David,

      If you rely on surveys alone then it will take time to increase your earnings. What works well for others is to also share your link via social media outlets. There’s generally a link to do this at the end of each survey.

      It’s worth pointing out here that Paidviewpoint will not earn you a life-changing amount of money. But if you use it conjunction with other similar sites then collectively they can earn you a nice bit of extra cash every now and then.

      Thanks for stopping by, David!

      Marcus – WFHW

    • Hi Tom,

      I’ve just checked the FAQ’s at Paidviewpoint and it doesn’t say. From memory I don’t recall any unusual or higher than normal charges when I signed up so I would say that it’s most likely charged at your providers standard rate.

      All the best,


  • Dose pay view point charge you to sign up ? I have someone telling me it’s 10.00 to sign up for it but I don’t see anything that says they charge can someone inform me on this please

    many thanks!


    • Hi Laura,

      No, Paidviewpoint do not charge to sign up. It’s a free service to sign up and use so if anyone is telling you that you have to pay, you might want to ask them why.

      Best wishes,


  • Pain in the butt. Been on there for MONTHS and earn a whopping TEN CENTS every time they send me a “survey.” These are not surveys; they are redundant questions that they have asked me over and over and over. When does one get a REAL survey for REAL money???????

    • Hi Margo,

      I had the same thing initially. Actually, I still get them today and like most people, some of my answers have changed from when I first joined.

      I put it down to the PVP system getting to know and understand you. It’s also worth pointing out that for me these come in between surveys and are not the actual surveys themselves.

      I say go with it because it all contributes to how many surveys you get and how much you earn. For a few clicks each time, it’s a fairly easy way to earn some extra $’s.

      All the best,


  • Hi Marcus,
    I’ve been a member of paidviewpoint since September 2013 and to date I’ve only earned $3.64 with a traitscore of 9201 does this have to do with the fact that I’m in Jamaica. The only surveys I’ve done are for $0.03 each and that has not increased since I got to 9000 traitscore.

    • Hi Paul-Ann,

      I honestly don’t think this has anything to do with you being in Jamaica. With a traitscore that high I would expect (as Paidpointview state) greater earnings because you are a more trusted member. By the way, your traitscore is a lot higher than mine.

      My first thought here is to contact support and ask them to check that there’s no reason for your low survey earnings. In my experience PPV are a great company, so I’m sure they will be very responsive.

      If you get chance then I would appreciate you letting me know the outcome, Paul-Ann.

      Best wishes,


  • Did anybody actually receive money from them? They do not have a forum page and they have an odd rule about not changing paypal account or your money will be lost or blocked for 6 month.i had a bad experience about that because after I registered my paypal email address I verified my dashboard and had the surprise to see it was instead, so I had to change it and block my earnings for 6 months!!!! I never saw this rule on any other site and I am pretty sure it was not my error, so I became suspicious. Can anybody prove a payment? Plus, I wonder how theese kind of surveys worth to pay money for, what is their arning?

    • Hi,

      I can 100% confirm that they do pay out…I’ve personally had 6 or 7 payouts from them.

      I can fully appreciate how frustrating it must be to have to change your Paypal and have to wait 6 months for payment, but that rule is clearly in place for a reason (I suspect to stop people from somehow “gaming” the system)

      It might be worth contacting their support and explaining what happened to you here. They might make an exception considering yours was a genuine reason.

      Best wishes,

      WFHW Founder

      • Hello Marcus,
        I did contact them immediatly, no results, but the rule remain strange, I think they should at least to offer the possibility to verify if you did not do an error, like ” confirm your account”.
        We’ll see…
        Thank you for answering.
        Best regards,

        • You’re welcome, Ada.

          I totally agree…there needs to be some middle ground for those who make genuine mistakes.

          Thanks again, and keep me updated on how things go :-)

          WFHW Founder

    • Lia51, I’m with you on that strange rule. I can confirm that the company does pay once you hit the $15 payment threshold. But it’s strange to me too that you can’t change any of your information without either forfeiting your earnings or having your account locked for 6 months. I have to change my phone number because of a whole debacle with sim cards in my mobile phone and I didn’t want to do either of the two things above. I was at over $13 so I sure wasn’t going to forfeit my earnings and I didn’t want to have my account locked for 6 months since I was so close to a cash out. I contacted them and asked why they wouldn’t allow their panel members to update their contact information without penalizing us for it. What good does it do them if your account if full of fraudulent and wrong information because they won’t let us change it? They basically told me that I had to do one of those things if I wanted to change it and that was the way it was. So basically at this point, I can’t update my account until I get to the cash out amount and they just have wrong information. It’s strange to me that a company that is so big on having valid survey information that they have a trait score and double check all your answers numerous times to make sure that they match, wouldn’t want to take the time to make sure that your contact information is correct at all times. It just doesn’t make any sense to me, but even though it takes a while to get to a payout it’s an easy $15 so I’ll stay with them.

      • You raise some very valid points, Lori, it’s very strange but there must be good reason.

        Well done for closing in on your first $15, and best wishes for all your future online ventures.

        WFHW founder

  • Hello
    I had come at this before few days there was an you can 25$ on every new friend I have added 4 new friends and I increased only 7 cents. Please tell me what’s going on and please tell me more how can make more and fast money on paidviewpoint

    • Hi Vipul,

      To be honest I am not entirely sure how you earn $25 for every new friend added, maybe it’s an average of what you can earn if they continue to take the surveys. What I will say is, the more friends you add, the greater your earning potential will be. Don’t forget though that this is not a huge earner, but you certainly can earn a regular and steady income from Paid View Point.

      All the best for now…

      Marcus – WFHW Founder

    • Hi Denizzle,

      Have you checked your referral (the $ sign) tab on your Paidviewpoint dashboard? If it is not registered there I would say you are best to use the contact option and ask why you have not been credited with the referral.

      Best wishes,

      WFHW Team

  • Hi,
    I made 10 thousand points in my account to paidviewpoint, I became a VIP and still get paid 3 cents per survey. Why? Or when you receive and surveys that will be paid better? Thank you!

  • Hi, Marcus!

    I also joined PaidViewPoint recently, after I read Your recommendation, I really enjoyed making the surveys, but after making the first one, nothing happened, I have had also 0,83 dollars, so I read again Your review. You said, that after only 5 minutes You had a trait score of 2500 and about 10 dollars, Ok, not much, but still a difference. What did I done differently?
    I invited my friends, it really seemed to be fun, but now I cannot recommend them the site, because after almost a week or so I still earned under one dollar, despite I completed a survey every day.
    :-) Marcus, are You paid by PaidViewPoit, that You earned more after just 5 minutes, and that You made such a great promotion for their site? (except of those 25 dollars, what You earned by the fact, that I joined the site) A bit smells like a piramid-game.
    This was the first thing I tried, since I discovered Your site, which seems to be great, but now I am a bit confused.
    I am sorry, that I had to write a somehow negative opinion about my first experience with Your site, I really do. But I still like the site, because You look at the bright side of life!
    And here’s after all a great opportunity to save Your *ss, and give me an explanation! :-)


    • Hi Ágota,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments.

      Regarding your point about my earnings, if you look at my review you will see that my earnings and TrustScore after 5 minutes were: $0.83 and 530. if I remember correctly, $0.80 was earned for joining up, and $0.03 was earned from my first survey. I’m not entirely sure where you are reading that I earned $10 in that time.

      To answer your question about if I am paid by, I can assure you that this is definitely NOT the case, and we NEVER review products for our own personal gain. We actually get many offers to give positive reviews for high priced products in particular (and enjoy the commissions in return), but that goes against everything that we believe in her at Work From Home Watchdog.

      If you take a look around our website you will see that the majority of our recommendations are either free or free to try, and we know how important that is to our visitors. Our whole ethic is to provide our visitors with honest reviews of both good and bad products so they can make up their own minds. We feel this approach is lacking within the work from home industry, and we hope that our approach is appreciate by our visitors.

      Thanks again for asking those questions Ágota…I hope my answers are of some help to you.

      Best wishes,

      WFHW Team

  • Hi Marcus,

    I am a member of two months on this site and each survey is worth $ 0.03 to me and I gathered every 7233 points. I heard from others that they have received and surveys with a value of $ 0.75 or 0.10. Why do I get only polls worth only 3 cents each? Because I have no referral or why?

    • Hi Ionut,

      This is normal for, and you will get emails about “first come first served” surveys where you can earn more than you would for a standard survey.

      All the best,

      WFHW Team

  • Hello Marcus,

    I just wanted to ask that how will I receive the amount that I will earn, will it be by post?


    • Hi Safia,

      Payments from Paidviewpoint are typically made via Paypal, and you can setup payments to you from within your account settings page.

      All the best,


    • Hi Laku,

      You will receive emails from PaidViewPoint which link you to the website where you complete the survey.

      Best wishes,


  • Hi , Mr.Marcus,
    you are doing really great job by telling us about the earning money from home,i just joined paidviewpoint according to your opinion ,if this get worked i will be the first person to thank you
    but,after completing registration i got only one servey then i got 0.85 dollars ,i m bit confused…guide me.

    • Hi Rohan,

      you will receive emails from PaidViewPoint as and when new surveys are ready for you. As mentioned previously, these come in at a fairly regular rate, and every time you complete one your earnings increase (as shown in my review).

      It’s a great way to earn a few extra $$’s Rohan, so I wish you every success with it!

      Best wishes,


      • Of how much money are we talking? How much money it si possible to get doing some surveys daily, in a month?

        • Hi Tomas,

          Paid View Point is a low income opportunity, so earning potential is not as great as some of the other opportunities that we have reviewed. In fact, the same applies to all survey programs…they are not intended to generate a big income, just a few extra dollars as and when surveys are made available.

          All the best,


  • Hi Mr Marcus, I am a house wife from Bangalore, India. I read ur reviews thoroughly. Thank u for ur reviews. I just signed up for paidviewpoint. I am happy personally. It looks genuine. I have already started posted my link to Post Ad websites in India. In India, there is huge potential and lot of people waiting for genuine sites like this. Pl. encourage me. I will try to work hard more.

    • Thanks for taking the time, and we are pleased to hear that you are getting on well with PaidViewPoint. It’s a very easy site to use, and the earning potential is there if you are committed to spreading the word.

      Wishing you every success!


  • hi there

    i just registered on it and got 0.85.. how much time does it take to reach 15 dollar. do they send surveys regulary or what??

    • Hi Rajat,

      You will get a regular flow of surveys to complete…I can assure you of that. You will also get the chance to earn more for ‘first come first served’ surveys, plus your earnings will increase as and when your trait score increases. Keep an eye on your inbox for emails from PaidViewPoint because they do come frequently :-)

      Best wishes,


  • The problem that I have with Paidviewpoint is that it’s the same questions all the time. Distinguishing if I am female or not, if I live in MN or not and if I am unemployed or not. That gets a little old.


    • Hi Shirley,

      You raise a good point, and I’ve been using PaidViewPoint for over a year now and it is an ongoing thing.

      However, I feel this is something they have to do because they are trying to understand you and your lifestyle. Also, things do change over time (income, home type etc), and surveys always alert you if you answer differently to before and allow you to update.

      I have to say that I don’t mind the repeats because it’s very little effort for some extra cash, but I also appreciate your point at the same time.

      Best wishes,


      • Hi I just signed up for paidviewpoint and successfully registered. How do I start getting the surveys? I don’t see an option to start

        • Hi Max,

          You will be emailed as soon as a survey is ready. Don’t worry, they come at a fairly regular rate :)

          All the best,


  • I just joined with no problem. Just after registering I already made $1.21 not much but not bad for almost nothing. It’s more than I’ve made on any other survey site. Glad I came across your site and took your opinion.

    Thanks Marcus for your hard work!

    From a new friend in Florida!!!!
    Have a great day!

    • Hi Mayra,

      Glad to hear that you found our review helpful :)

      The great thing about Paidviewpoint is that it is simple to use. It certainly won’t make you rich, but if you don’t mind clicking a few boxes and earning small amounts each time then it does add up over time.

      I actually take charge of doing the WFHW surveys on Paidviewpoint, and whilst they can be similar over time (as they attempt to really understand you), it really is a very easy way to earn a few extra dollars :)

      Thanks for stopping by Mayra, and do pop back and let us know how things go for you.

      All the best,


  • I’d really like to register for the site, but every time I’ve tried, it’s said the registration can not be accepted? I tried to do a bit of research and see if anyone else had had this problem, but the only thing I found said that PaidViewPoint no longer accepts new members, unless you’re referred by an existing one…is that right?

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if you had any updates on how things were going on paidviewpoint & e cashopinions ?


    • Hi Jeff,

      We have made great progress with PaidViewPoint in particular, but not so good with eCashopinions. We plan on putting something together in the coming months that outlines the best earners for us, and I’m pretty sure that PaidViewPoint will be on that list. It’s very easy to use, and best of all…it’s free :)

      Best wishes for now,


  • Sure can hanzizhi…as long as you link back to the source here it will be fine :-)


    WFHW Team

  • Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? My blog site is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would really benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Thank you!

  • Hi unsaduath,

    Unfortunately there are MANY websites of this kind out there, and yes…there are a lot of false promises.

    We found that is one of the best out there because they don’t make any crazy promises, and you do earn for each survey that you take (even if it’s not much).

    We plan on updating our review soon to let our visitors know how our earnings have increased at PVP, but do keep an eye on the following page for other survey sites that we have found to be great:



  • I tried one of those online survey sites about 4 months ago that
    say all you have to do is spend a couple of minutes filling out
    some surveys and you will be making hundreds a day….. YEAH RIGHT, I didn’t make anything.

    I joined 7 of these stupid websites and I actually tried filling
    out a couple of surveys on each site and they took forever then at
    the end they wanted me to buy things or I couldn’t complete the

    These are complete scams so be aware!!! I couldn’t believe they
    were even allowed to sell such bogus products.

  • We totally agree Nora! It might not be the best paid work from home opportunity, but you do get paid for the surveys you take, and it’s easy and fun to do.

    Glad to hear that your earnings are increasing…keep us updated with your progress!

  • This site is actually really really good. I’ve been using this site for a couple of months and I’m already earning more than I earned frm any other site. :D I really recommend it!