Paid To Surf Sites – Are These Sites A Scam?

Paid to surf sites are where you view websites and get paid a commission for viewing a page for a specified amount of time, normally around 60 seconds.

From doing this you will be paid anywhere from 1 cent up to 5 cents, or awarded points that eventually equate to an actual amount.

“Earn $25 A Month By Doing Very Little”

Sounds appealing doesn’t it?

Is it possible? Well lets look at this…

To make $25 per month you will not be able to do this from just viewing websites, it’s not entirely possible to guarantee that every single day you will have enough new sites to view. Plus even if you use a timer it still takes longer than sixty seconds!

This is down to how these websites work, click on a link and it tells you how much you earned, then the next site will appear and again you have to wait the necessary amount of time.

In reality every site can take maybe 120 seconds to view and you can only view one site at a time.

So How Do You Earn More Money?

With paid to surf sites such as:


Surf Junky


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You would have to be a member of more than one paid to surf site and have other people who have joined through your affiliate link. This is what it means when on the websites it says something like, ‘Three Levels Deep’.

What this means is that you would have other people who have joined through your link and they have had other people join through their links.

This is where the multiple levels of income come from.

If you join multiple paid to surf sites you will see the same sites on each one and sometimes people think they are being conned. Believe me when I say you are not.

Website owners submit their sites to these paid to surf sites as a way of generating more traffic and potential customers to what they are offering.

The website owners pay a fee to the sites and you as the member get paid a percentage to view. Depending on the amount of members there are determines the amount being paid out because not everyone over a given 24 hour period will get to see the same sites.

Surf Junky operates in a slightly different way where the member earns points which are converted into a cash amount depending on the amount of time spent viewing.

At first this does seem a very good site, however I don’t like the point in their FAQ’s where it says the following:

What is the payout rate?

When you first join Surf Junky we start you off with $.45 per hour. With regular account activity you will earn points.

These points give you higher payout rates up to $.75 per hour.

No activity to your account will result in a loss of points

Take note. If you are away or ill for any length of time, all the points you have earned you will be lost.

This for me is one paid to surf site that I would avoid.

DealsnCash is by far a much better site as you do get a bonus payment of $5 just for joining. Plus you earn real money and not just points.


These are just three of the many paid to surf sites that are online waiting for new members to join. I would always advise that before you sign up to any of these that you do read all the information on the sites about us page: Things like…

How it works?

How you will be paid?

And if there are any additional information or FAQ’s.

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Neil – WFHW

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