Modern Affiliate Marketing Review: An Affiliate Marketing Revelation in 2019?

Are you trying to sort fact from fiction and discover the truth about Modern Affiliate Marketing?

Recently relaunched, Modern Affiliate Marketing is a product about what you might expect – affiliate marketing.

But the promise here is to teach you affiliate marketing strategies that work in 2019 rather than the affiliate marketing processes of yesteryear.

While I have my own opinions on how much the affiliate marketing industry has evolved over the last 10 years or so, I’m intrigued to see what Modern Affiliate Marketing has to offer.

Will it shed new light on one of the most powerful ways to make money online, or is this just a product that consists of more re-hashed nonsense?

Let’s see what Modern Affiliate Marketing has to offer.

Coming up we’ll be taking a close look at the following points:

  • What exactly is Modern Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?
  • What’s included with Modern Affiliate Marketing?
  • Who is Modern Affiliate Marketing a good fit for?
  • Are there any better alternatives?
  • Modern Affiliate Marketing: My final thoughts.

What Exactly is Modern Affiliate Marketing And How Does it Work?

Product Name: Modern Affiliate Marketing
Product Type: Affiliate marketing/online business
Product Creator: Prawjal Bhat
Product Price: $17

Let’s start off with the product website as it can sometimes help us to gauge how good the product might be.

The Modern Affiliate Marketing website is a nicely presented website with no red flags alerting me to it possibly being a scam.

There’s a sales video to watch and I was hoping it would give us a deeper understanding of the actual product, but sadly that isn’t the case.

It’s basically a slideshow of the salespage content which in itself is rather generic.

The video also sounds to me like it was created using one of those text to voice programs, which again is a bit disappointing.

In my experience, the best salespage videos are those where the product creator introduces themselves and tells you why we should try their product.

But there’s one thing in particular about the Modern Affiliate Marketing website that disappoints me the most…

At no point on the website or video does the product creator reveal their name.

That to me is kind of dumb because the days of hiding behind a product you are trying to sell are long gone.

Thankfully after some considerable digging online, I discovered the creator is a guy named Prawjal Bhat.

Modern Affiliate Marketing In a Nutshell

Keeping it dead simple, Modern Affiliate Marketing is a 39-page ebook in pdf format that gives you an overview of the affiliate marketing process.

I say overview because it’s impossible to cover every aspect of the affiliate marketing industry in just 39 pages.

However, Modern Affiliate Marketing might only be a skimmed version of the affiliate marketing industry, but it does cover a lot of bases.

While the focus is on choosing the right kind of products to promote and how to drive targeted traffic to your promotions, it digs down into those specific areas and gives you an overview of all the options.

Everything from optimizing your niche research through to the many traffic generation methods including all aspects of social media are included.

What’s Included With Modern Affiliate Marketing?

Modern Affiliate Marketing comprises of one 39 page ebook.

There are 3 bonuses included with your purchase and I’m pleased to see they are all designed to compliment the main product.

The cheatsheet bonus guide gives you short references to every topic covered in the main guide and allows you to quickly locate key points if you get stuck.

Mindmap is a more visual representation of the main guide and is handy for those who prefer to not read through the main guide or cheatsheet.

The resources bonus is a list of all the resources mentioned within the main Modern Affiliate Marketing guide.

There is also one upsell included and that is for a video and mp3 version of the main guide.

The video guide is in the form of a slideshow and the product creator suggests it is ideal for those who prefer video learning over reading.

The video upgrade is priced at $37.

Who Is Modern Affiliate Marketing a Good Fit For?

Modern Affiliate marketing is definitely most suited to someone who is either brand new to affiliate marketing or has limited knowledge on the subject.

For anyone with an above average understanding of affiliate marketing, there is nothing in this guide that you won’t already know about.

Are There Any Better Alternatives?

Let’s be honest here, there’s an endless supply of affiliate marketing products, services and membership programs online.

The problem is, they all vary greatly in price with some recent releases costing $1000’s.

I see no value whatsoever for newbies in these more expensive programs, and that is why I always advise anyone interested in affiliate marketing to get started at no cost and no risk with one of the industry leaders – Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has been helping people to create an online income through affiliate marketing since 2015.

It has task-driven training utilizing all modern-day strategies along with cutting edge tools included to help you build an affiliate marketing business.

I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the entry point for new affiliates because it’s completely free to get up and running.

You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Modern Affiliate Marketing: My Final Thoughts.

Modern Affiliate Marketing can only be assessed for what it is – an ebook about affiliate marketing in 2019.

It covers the industry well, if only skimming over all the important aspects, and will definitely help to improve the knowledge of someone who wants to learn more about affiliate marketing.

Modern Affiliate Marketing is not going to make you rich, but then at no point did it promise to.

Finally, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee so if you do want to take a closer look at Modern Affiliate Marketing, you have the safety blanket of getting a refund if you are not happy with your purchase.

Do you have any experience with Modern Affiliate Marketing? If so, share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Marcus – WFHW

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