MemberSpring – Is It A Scam?

MemberSpring – Is It A Scam? A 59 minute video, going on about what I consider to be complete waffle talking about sheer rubbish on how you can make this and that.

There are no secrets…nothing magical about making money online.

Proven strategies yes maybe, but it’s the same with any new job, once you learn the basics and gain more experience, it gets easier.

Maybe there are people that do like these type of videos but for me I find them very off putting.

I like to know what is being offered and at what cost. I don’t want the full life story or a brief run down of how you got started if this is for example, your first product. This for me is what I call a ‘hard sell’.

MemberSpring is, apparently, a ‘One Person’ Business System. It is a fast, simple, step by step, duplicate system that will generate a consistent monthly income and bring in quick bursts of cash whenever you want it or need it.

The claim is it only works when you have all three parts of the system and only when they are set up in a very specific way. Three points are made which are well known in the recycling industry.

These are…Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.

  • Reduce – the amount of time you put into activities that don’t directly make you money.
  • Re-use – the knowledge, the content, systems and resources you already have available to you.
  • Recycle – make more money on the visitors, subscribers and buyers you’re already generating.

You must also have a product of your own.

There are three points that you need:

1. The niche must be “self renewing”, spring fed, always new water flowing in. For example: lose weight, gain muscle, babies, pets, etc.

2. The content must be “drip fed” delivered. Content is released to members over time. This dramatically increases retention rates and completely eliminates content theft. Content is delivered to your members automatically.

3. The niche and the content must both be “evergreen” so your sites and content can stand the test of time. What they are saying is you can create your content once and use it forever. You will re-use your content and be able to spend time on other things.

The one major problem I have with all this is it’s duplicate content and Google will have a field day burying your sites into the unknown.

What they say next is if you can’t re-use your content then it’s not a niche suitable for a one person business.

Then the video goes back onto talking about bills…the same bills that we all have coming in.

Back in 2008/2009 I would have said a membership was a good thing, but due to the current state of the economic climate, I would say that it is a lot harder these days to get people to part with their money on a monthly basis.

Next it goes into “building a list” which I would say is very important.

MemberSpring isn’t for newbies because it talks about affiliate marketing, list building and being a product owner. MemberSpring is for someone who already has a list and is looking into expanding into membership sites.

What do you get?

You get five completely automated recurring MemberSpring sales systems, oh and $5,000+ in bonuses.

What does all this cost?

Initially it costs $297, then after the start of a 10 minute countdown clock appearing you are able to get it for $97. I clicked on the buy button but was surprised to be taken to a page asking for my name and email address first.

Next you are taken to the payment page where you have the chance to purchase…‘The Complete MemberSpring Package’

This requires an additional payment of $29.95 after the first month, and then recurring if you want everything setup and hosted for you. I consider this to be VERY expensive.

MemberSpring – Is It A Scam? Conclusion

From what I can tell it isn’t what I would call a scam.

But the costs for someone to set this up and cover the cost of hosting I do consider to be rather expensive at $29.95 per month – especially as it’s a recurring payment.

Although there is a lot of emphasis put on the basis that you don’t need any prior knowledge, it does make it a lot easier if you already have a list of subscribers rather than trying to start a list from scratch.

This for me is slightly misleading, and will no doubt result in people feeling the same if they try this product and realize they might be completely out of their depth.

But for me the worst bit is this…“You don’t need to make content”. In other words you will be using exactly the same content as everyone else, and this simply doesn’t work online anymore.

Neil – WFHW

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  • Hi Neil,
    I just got on to your site after watching the video of memberspring and boy am I glad !! I wish I had done the due diligence before getting stuck into a similar programme by a so called Guru “Greg Anderson” and his ‘mobilemoneycode”. I got taken in by his slick video presentation and parted with my $621. Now I’m running from pillar to post to get the refund within period of Guarantee of 60 days. I wish there could be some regulatory body to monitor the stuff like this which is so common nowadays. If you have any info on Greg Anderson and how to get my refund, I would appreciate it if you let me know.
    Thanks for the honest review and keep up the good work.
    Best wishes

    • Hi Ajay,

      I am really sorry that you purchased mobilemoneycode, this is definitely ‘one to avoid’.
      They say they have a 60 day money back guarantee.

      Have you tried submitting a message via their contact form?

      If MemberSpring does not respond to your refund request if you paid via Paypal or credit card you can always
      contact them to file a dispute.

      Keep us posted on your progress.

      All the best,

      WFHW Team

  • Unfortunately i was sucked in to buying this program, I have looked at Garry Ambros stuff on the net for quite a long time and thought he was someone l could trust and follow, to make a good income, but then l found it wasn’t something i could do, and also could not afford $97 usd plus $29.95 usd per month. I wrote to memberspring requesting my money back a couple of times and have never got a reply. In fact another lot of those payments have just gone out of my bank account which is really annoying. I will now have to go to my bank and cancel payments from there. So anyone, particually newbies who are thinking of following GARRY AMBROS….. DON’T GET SUCKED IN LIKE I DID……HE IS A SCAM ARTIST LIKE A LOT OF OTHERS ON LINE. I have finally realized that l must google and read reviews on all these products before l buy. THE NET IS FULL OF BS AND SCAMMERS I’VE FOUND.

    • Hi Max,

      Thanks for taking the time to let us know about your experiences, and I am sorry that you were suckered by this program.

      if you are looking for a more legit opportunity then you might want to take a look at our highest recommended opportunity.

      Best wishes for now,

      WFHW Team

  • Today is June 8th 2013.
    I received this email from List Bandid one of Gary’s projects.

    The sales copy is as usual excellent and very convincing UNTIL I heard (I was actually listening) him talking about 2010 and 2011 as top years and suggesting that 2013 and 2014 could be even better, I realized, he made this video A YEAR ago!

    He did not even bother to correct the notice:
    Notice: Closed to the general public! The video is open to invited guests only.
    Do not leave, or reload this page. It will be taken offline tonight, June 16th, at Midnight!

    The very first comment on this was posted here in February 2012.

    It is still a long way to “tonight” June 16th 2013 but he must have meant 2012.

    If Gary needs to send out this same message again after a year, we all know he probably urgently needs fresh cash.

    Please do not fall for this. ALWAYS do a search first.

    Thank you for workfromhomewatchdog!

    • Hi Lacremae,

      Thanks for your comments.

      You’ve picked on some very good points there, and it’s further evidence of how some marketers assume their subscribers will not pick up on the finer detail.

      Well spotted, and don’t you think it’s kind of ironic that he’s making these errors within his emails, yet he’s promoting a product on list building? Says it all really!

      Best wishes Lacremae,

      WFHW Team

  • Very refreshing site and comments. Always suspicious of “gurus” who are generally making money from sellin a poor product, as opposed to making money from it themselves!
    I know one can make money from binaries, do you have anything to say about Gary Ambrose’s Mass Money Machine.
    Would be very interested,

    • Hi Nigel,

      Thank you for your comment.
      We haven’t looked into the Mass Money Machine as yet but will add that to our list to have a look at.

      All the best


  • Thanks guys. Your reviews are excellent.
    I am a new interent marketer that started just few months ago, and still trying to learn the tricks of this business. I came across Gary Ambrose’s e-mail from all the junk that floods my inbox everyday, and was almost convinced by his sales pitch. But, I thought before i get suckered into something not very clear from the sales pitch, I decided to google Gary and I came across your reviews.
    I am very glad I did, and thank you very much.

  • How refreshing to find an honest review of an IM program instead of the usual “affiliate” review !

    I was initially interested in Member Spring from the blurb that came through via e mail, but after watching the promo video for about 10 minutes I was competely switched off by the the rags to riches/sob stories and the “me me me” aspect of it. Seeing as Gary Ambrose was not cutting to the chase quickly enough for my liking I decided to do a quick Google search for some more info instead. Your review popped up and I am now 100% clear on what is on offer – and also 100% sure I do not want to buy into it.

    Many thanks once again and best wishes for 2013.

    • Hi Jill,

      Thank you for your comment.
      I am pleased that you found our article before purchasing anything.



  • Great review Neil, thanks. There are even scam review sites out there just trying to promote their own or affiliate’s products. Thanks for actually doing an honest, to the point review.
    Membership sites can be very lucrative, but not by doing this kind of cookie cutter method. Just do a search and there are better, cheaper alternatives available. I think the best are the “mini” membership sites. You do your research, find the right niche and charge $5-$10/month. You can get cheap, reliable hosting for $5/mo and get decent, unique content via outsourcing. With the lower monthly membership, people tend to stay a member longer and you tend to get more members, so the numbers work out the same as the more expensive memberships. Just my 2 cents.
    Keep up the good work Neil and the entire WFHW team. Happy New Year!

    • Hi Jim,

      Thank you for your comment and Happy New Year to you.
      We aim to give honest and upfront reviews of all sites.

      All the best


  • Excellent review and interesting range of comments. I have pasted below the typical promotional email for that product that links to the video. Those of us who’ve been around a while already know that affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, in fact I know several people with their own products listed on Clickbank and elsewhere who actually make more money being affiliates for other vendors’ products. Enough said!

    Sadly there are new people coming online today who have the same knowledge we had a few years back when we started out (ie: zilch) and some of them will get sucked into those over-hyped shoddy ‘make money online’ products so more sites like yours are needed to provide warnings.

    Best Wishes to the Team for a Safe and Happy Festive Season.

    The greatest money-making lie ever told…
    How many times have you been told that the easiest
    way to make any money online is as an affiliate?
    More times than you can count, right?
    What if I told you that was a lie?
    What if I also told you that I have proof?

  • Hi..Im happy everytime I read articles like yours, including remarks, reviews etc..against scams. Like others, I like to have a homebased income..but within my years of searching till now, I have not tried even so scared, specially after using google..whew!! so scary, but thanx u are such a n honest person. Could you recommend some of the jobs you know online, I like simpler procedures because Im not good in computer..Thank you.


    • Hi Norman,

      Many thanks for stopping by.

      We are unaware of the program that you mentioned, but we will be happy to investigate it further for you.

      Sorry to hear that you feel you have been let down by ‘Income Infuser’, and we hope that our resources here at WFHW offer you something suitable.

      All the best for now,

      Marcus WFHW

  • Hi, I am writing you from Germany. Got the “memberspring invitation” yesterday and really listened through the complete video. I did some research and came to your site. Thank you for this review. It helped me, as well as your readers comments, on my decision to finally not buy. We do have so called Internet Gurus in Germany but they honestly can’t compete with the American marketeers. Therefore I go on trying to find some suitable solution for me.

  • You say this came out 2010? He’s back out trying to sell it again the SAME way! Bet it works! You’re right. Who can afford it in this economy.

    thx for your candidness

  • Thanks for one of the best reviews I have read,
    ps, I love your (yawn) after the bonuses :) …my sentiments exactly

  • Thank you! Oh how it pays to research before purchasing. I was just about to buy but instead did a Google search and found your review. Thank you very much for penning a review that isn’t a sales page. It’s really a treat reading a review that isn’t basically a sales page these days. Thanks again.

    • Hi philfazz,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We always aim to give honest reviews about all types of products whether good or bad.

      All the best

  • Thanks for the review. I’ve been searching for anyone on the internet that will admit to making any money at all through the “member spring” system. Granted, based on the construct of the system offering the same 5 niche markets to every subscriber I would assume those that do make a buck would keep quiet. But really, there should be someone that would say they have been successful other than Gary Ambrose. Does anyone know anyone that has been successful with member spring?

    • Thanks for stopping by Greg, and you raise a great point.

      Our research into MemberSpring did not return many positive results, I have to say. Over the last year there have been MANY changes within the Internet Marketing industry, and one of the biggest changes relates to unique content.

      Ok, a few years ago you could easily build a business with content on your website that other people were using on theirs, but nowadays you just cannot do that.

      This fact alone raised a lot of concern about MemberSpring because duplicate content and re-hashed niche ideas suggest that the training material is dated.

      For what it’s worth to ANYONE looking to develop their own website…ALWAYS choose a topic that interests you. It’s very difficult to be passionate about something that you have little or no interest in, so don’t even go there. Pick something that you have a good understanding of and you have one foot very firmly inside the door.

      As you say, Gary Ambrose seems to be in the minority here with his thought process, and I don’t think that is going to change any time soon!

      If you haven’t already seen our top rated product, Greg, I encourage you to do so as it’s a great program that won’t cost you a penny to try:

      Thanks again for your valued input…it’s much appreciated :)


    • I have been a member of memberspring evidently for several months now and I have yet to figure out: what are they, why am I paying 2 figures every month to them ( 97, 29.95=$126.95/mo) I do not know what it is, or how to get ahold of them to get it cancelled. Does anyone know how to contact them?

      • Hi Jean,

        Sorry to hear about your issues with Memberspring…that doesn’t sound very good at all.

        I’ve just check their website and they give their contact address as I suggest you contact them right away and ask if they can stop and possibly reverse your charges.

        It would be great if you could let us know how you get on.

        All the best,


  • I wished i had come across you before i dished out that money. I guess i’ll have to send them a reply that i am backing out for good reasons. But i am glad i came across your wfhw site.

    • Stevy glad we were able to shed some light on this company for you.

      Good luck in your future endeavours.

      WFHW Team

  • I agree with both of you based upon what I’ve been reading so far. Des, I, too, am working on helping seniors (like me) to avoid the minefield of misleading or downright fraudulent information in the IM arena. Without either of us giving anything away, would you be interested in joining with me in a dialogue about this very important niche?

    • Hey Stan,

      Thanks for your comments.

      It’s great to hear that you are making a stand against all the scams out there…we fully support your cause!

      Good luck with your project, and do let us know how things go.


      WFHW Team

  • Neil
    This is the most refreshingly honest review I’ve seen in the few years I’ve been online. Many people will take the bait on offer, and then get ill from it.
    I was given the link to MemberSpring from one of the few IM’ers I subscribe to, so with a healthy dose of suspicion I started having a look what was on offer. 5 minutes in (don’t much go for long sales pitches) I then thought I’d search for an honest review (scarce as hen’s teeth!) and came across your site. Many thanks.

    Now, having been a self-employed real-world business owner for more than 23 years, and able to spot a solid business-building opportunity when it came along, it took me a little while to adjust that same thinking to the online world when I first started.
    Caveat emptor … buyer beware!

    I agree with you, Memberspring is not for those starting out or for people still building an online biz. There are far better ways to go than part with hard-earned money for something that poses an unacceptable risk of loss.

    Thanks again, and I hope that others come across your commentary.

    PS My site is still under construction but it will have a focus on seniors entering the online world.

    Des M

    • Hi Des,
      Thank you very much for your reply.
      We do try and give honest and upfront opinions of how we find things.

      WFHW Team

      • Neil

        I have to agree with Des — This is a really honest review and I really appreciate that in this day and age!
        Thanks for being on top of things!

        • Thanks Jo!

          We like to ‘keep it real’ here at WFHW, and Neil will really appreciate the fact that you enjoyed his review :)

          Thanks again…


      • Yes, it is a scam. I purchased the system last summer, I cancelled within a few days. My money for the system was refunded yet they kept charging me for hosting. I found that out when I decided to give it a second look. I could not get that free site as promised. I bought the system on Nov. 16 emailed and cancel. They refuse to refund because “it was more than 30 days”. Nov. 16 to 23 is 7 days in Canada. looks like things are different in the US or they are just out and out scam artists in my opinion.

        • Hi Maria,

          I am sorry you were caught out by this. Many opportunities like this try to tie you in to something, and hosting is very often the choice because it gives them a recurring income.

          Shame on them for being so slack with their customer support, and thank you for bringing your situation to our attention. It will certainly help our visitors who might be considering this opportunity.

          If you haven’t already checked our work from home course then I suggest you give it a look. It explains where the entire WFHW team learned our skills, and it doesn’t cost a penny to get up and running, or continue with building your online business. Here’s the link:

          All the best,

          WFHW Team

        • Hi Maria and Neil

          Maria, your experience is 180 degrees out compared to mine.

          I was a member of the Memberspring program, very first attempt at on-line marketing, and found the content and training available there to be very generous.

          In addition I wanted to use their template for my own offline business and provide free membership to my clients. Gary and his team provided the code for me to make it free and although it doesn’t work as I’d have designed it to it allows my clients to join as free members and they did it for “free” just because I purchased the program several months before. I’d have to say their support was excellent.

          As for the financial side of things I don’t believe it is for “newbies” and some of the strategies for piggybacking popular site traffic are quite different to what is being offered in the mainstream and are quite clever. However it requires advertising, very targeted, and can quickly run up a big bill if you don’t learn how to control it.

          Content on the sites I ran and some I continue to run is a bit light. It is however there as a basis on which to build and rewrite (outsource this).
          Did I make any money? No, but I have an off-line business to run and with the GFC, local floods and personal health issues I have only really tinkered with it. As the content is behind closed doors I’m unsure whether or not duplicate copy is an issue.

          Hosting? I had my own and so after a couple of months I moved my sites there. The benefit of hosting with them is the access to support. While $29+ / month is expensive hosting remember that it also allows you access to the support team.

          If you have the time and focus, I do think this system has merit and I feel needs to be marketed from mini sales sites that meet all the requirements to tick the SEO boxes and use social media to build a list.

          Do I regret handing over hard earned cash?
          NO, not one iota.
          I have benefited enormously from the training and have now limited my sites (2) to those directly associated with my business activities in the areas of productivity and stress management.

          We are all different and my parting words of advice for anyone wanting a quick fix and truckloads of cash – you will have to get experience and learn what works and doesn’t work – and you need to treat on-line marketing as a real business and include the cost of your time in the equation. All the people I know who have succeeded in the industry were very businesslike, planned and if they didn’t know something they found someone who did. None succeeded with ad hoc approaches.

          All the best to all prospective and current IM’ers. Good luck and prosperity to all.


          • Hi Chris,

            Thank you very much for your comment.
            I am pleased that you made this work for you but not everyone can or will.
            I tried to give my own opinion of what it really provided and what I actually thought of the system from within.
            Hosting costs were expensive and there are many other cheaper hosting providers who give excellent support.
            That for me was enough to make me wary.
            The other issue I had was the duplicate content side of things, which these days isn’t a good thing.
            I do wish you all the very best.


    • Thank you for your instie re memberspring I was just about to buy in as it does seem so good but you have reminded me of the old adege if it sounds to good to be true – you know the rest. I have a number of web sites that I am trying to develope into money makers – Can you help?

      Thank You
      Jim Madison