Me Know WordPress Review

Building websites is the foundation for every marketer’s business. With the advancement in cell phones and tablets more people are turning to the net to find local businesses while the yellow pages are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

me know wordpress review

As a result more and more businesses are looking to develop a stronger web presence.  Others are looking at online marketing and the creation of websites as a means to make additional income and possibly even replace their current income.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to create an online presence, WordPress software provides the easiest most highly functional means to create a professional looking website without the need to learn techie html coding.  Best of all it’s free!

If you want to get the most out of WordPress it’s best to take the time to learn how the program works.  Me Know WordPress is one of the most complete WordPress training programs on the net.

Launched in the fall of 2011, I really wish it was available when I first started creating sites because it would have shorted my learning curve tremendously.

What Does ‘Me Know WordPress’ Contain?

Me Know WordPress contains over 100 WordPress tutorials that are strategically organized into 4 modules.

The modules provide a step by step approach to setting up a WordPress sites that both beginner and advanced affiliate, niche and Internet marketers can benefit from.

Module 1:
Includes preliminary steps which incorporate purchasing and configuring domain names and webhosting.

Module 2:
Provides instructions on how to install and configure WordPress.  Also included are details on how to install plug-ins, themes, as well as formatting images and adding widgets, posts and pages.

Module 3:
Contains advanced WordPress tutorials inducing updating WordPress, installing and using Windows Live Writer, backup your WordPress blog, creating RSS feeds and search engine optimizing your site.

Module 4:
Includes techniques and strategies for making money with your blog.  Here you’ll find instructions on how to use Adsense as well as a quick start guide and tips on how to use ClickBank.

Details about how to add YouTube videos to your site and how to add text links in WordPress are included.

You’ll also find instructions on creating a membership site as well as instructions on adding content to your site and details on how to create backlinks.

What Members Are Saying About ‘Me Know WordPress’

Those who have purchased Me Know WordPress are raving about it.  The site contains over 55 positive testimonials and reviews about the programs.  In fact when I searched the site and the net I could not find one negative comment about the program.


The Me Know WordPress program offers a one stop shop for WordPress training, and the value offered far exceeds the investment.  Be aware that building a website requires an investment in time and money.

Me Know WordPress helps you save time while offering suggestions for the best places to purchase domain name, webhosting, themes and other paid as well as free services.

When you’re just getting started you may have a budget to work with.  Webhosting and a domain name are required purchases however many marketers create their sites with free themes.

There are some themes such as Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven which provide a nice clean look along with great features and functionality.

Me Know WordPress recommends the Thesis theme which is an excellent choice, however, it is quite pricey.

Terri – WFHW

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  • I purchased the tutorials ($17) on November 16 and that amount was removed from my account on Nov. 17 plus a fee for 14 cents. I can’t access my account / the tutorials in any way. I’ve put in different possible usernames and passwords and it seems not to be there. I’ve gone to my history and it doesn’t show the purchase. However they do have my money. Since the money went through my account today, do I need to wait longer? That doesn’t seem right. What do I do?