Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool Overview

Market Samurai has been one of the preferred keyword tools of online marketers for many years.

You’ll find a lot more tutorials online about how to use Market Samurai for 2 main reasons: It’s been around for ages, and it does take a while to get the hang of using the Market Samurai keyword tool.

Market Samurai is a desktop application run on Adobe Air. It is a paid keyword tool costing $149.00, however you do get a 12 day full access free trial to see how it shapes up.

During that 12 day grace period you can purchase Market Samurai for $97 in the first 7 days. Some would call that scarcity, and some would say it a good deal for buying early – you decide!

I installed the 12 day trial version and got an email with my trial registration key. I also started receiving video’s from the “Noble Samurai Dojo” showing me how to configure and use Market Samurai.

I have to admit without the video instruction I would have been clueless! After a few video’s I was able to put Market Samurai to better use, yet still knew that my settings needed a little tweaking.

I was going so show you a video on the insides of Market Samurai. This isn’t an excuse, but every time I searched for a new keyword it would remind me that it was connecting to Google and retrieving information.

It took an age and it did get a bit frustrating, and I thought on more than one occasion that I could just search Google myself! So sorry…no video.

Getting the most out of Market Samurai means you will have to visit the dojo and spend some time familiarizing yourself with how to set Market Samurai up.

That in itself isn’t a problem because you are exposed to quit a few training videos in the first few email follow ups.

There are so many variables to the search adjustments that I did find it quite a challenge, especially compared to other keyword tools I’ve reviewed like the Jaaxy keyword tool, which is a lot easier set up in comparison.

The main functions of Market Samurai are:

  • Keyword research tool – included
  • Locating Domains – included
  • Rank Checker – paid add on
  • SEO Competition Top 10 analyzer – paid add on
  • Monetization finding products and services to promote – paid add on
  • Find Content that’s relevant to the niche – paid add on
  • Publish content to the web – paid add on
  • Promotion by finding high profile backlinks – paid add on

Market Samurai Reviewed

I found the extra (paid add on) modules are very much what you would expect. The information is detailed and accurate.

The SEO competition info which I hadn’t seen in others such as domain age and type of backlink (ie:  a .edu or .gov etc),  is pretty handy to have.

Also you can pick the merchant to search for products to promote. I used the vacuum cleaner seed keyword again.

However, my Amazon search within Market Samurai revealed countless vacuum cleaners, but the search caused Market Samurai to hang up and show zero results. Strange, but I soon forgot that whilst looking into the Dynamic ads section.

Clickbank HopAds, Google Adsense and eBay Editor Kit are available, and you can also show current and relevant eBay auction listings, plus Amazon Omakase enables you to promote a wide variety of keyword-targeted Amazon products on your site.

A little gripe I have is that I’ve installed a few updates to Market Samurai in the week I’ve had it, and I know they are always on the update.

But, Market Samurai has been around for a long time, and I would have hoped for a much more stable and streamlined system.

Market Samurai Keyword Tool Summary

I’ve only had Market Samurai installed for just over a week this time around but I have used it before. Just like the last time, I found it a bit too long winded and maybe even complicated when it comes to producing the results.

Don’t let that put you off trying Market Samurai though because it is a great keyword tool.

I just can’t get my head around having a keyword tool that takes so long to figure out, but you might get on better with it than I have.

Tony – WFHW

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