Magic Submitter Review

When the WFHW team heard that Magic Submitter was apparently helping affiliate/Internet marketers to get traffic, leads, new customers and make more sales all on autopilot, we knew we had to take a closer look at this software.

What is Magic Submitter?

Magic Submitter is a tool that software developer Alex Kruik has spent over a decade creating and is continually updating and advancing.

What’s unique about Magic Submitter is that it takes all your information including: articles, blogs, videos, RSS feeds, Web 2.0 and forums and automatically submits them all to the important places they need to go in order to be seen.

The result is that you will not only experience greater web presence for your sites, content and products, but you will also see a visible difference in the way that search engines rank your content.

Magic Submitter features

1.  Set Up Multiple Profiles
With Magic Submitter you can set up multiple profiles for each campaign.  You also have the option to randomly submit your content using multiple profiles.  This helps to reduce your online footprint.

2.  Creates Accounts Automatically
Magic Submitter will create accounts at thousands of sites on autopilot.  It will also log into your email and verify the accounts for you.

3.  Submits Content To Over 2000 Different sites
Including the sites listed below.  Plus you can add your own sites as well.

Magic Submitter

4. Link Manager
The link manager contains the saved url from all the sites that content was successfully submitted too.  You also have the option to export to an excel spreadsheet, a list of the all the links, including site name, email, log in and password.

This is a great feature if you are working with clients and want to show them all the site submissions you have completed for them.

5. Scheduler
The scheduler gives you the opportunity to set up your submissions in advance.  If your computer is not turned on during the time of a schedule submission, the submission is delayed until the computer is turned back on.

6. Campaign Manager
You can use Magic Submitters template campaigns or create a campaign of your own.  You also have the ability to chain the links in the campaign to automatically send out the next tier of links as soon as the tier above them is submitted.

The campaign manager gives you the ability to set up campaigns that run for weeks.

The diagram below shows an example of a Magic Submitter campaign.

7. Ping Feature
The ping feature will automatically ping the links of successfully submitted items.

8. Captcha Feature
Magic Submitter has a captcha feature that automatically solves captchas.

9.  Spin Text
Magic Submitter is integrated with Magic Article Writer.  You can spin titles content and descriptions before your items are submitted so each submission is unique.

10.  Training & Support
Magic Submitter has a comprehensive training platform consisting of an interactive forum, video training vault with over 60 training videos and live coaching calls.

What does Magic Submitter cost?

If you’re like most marketers, you like to take a look at a product and even test it out before you buy.  Magic Submitter has a great Trial Offer of $4.95 for the first month and $67/month afterwards.

Disadvantages of Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter is an advanced marketing tool that requires an understanding of SEO and backlinking in order to be used effectively.

Google’s recent algorithm changes have changed the way in which anchor text is used to create links.

Those who understand the changes and implement varying anchor text link strategies can achieve great success with Magic Submitter.

Those who don’t could end up creating backlinks that result in their sites dropping in ranking or having little to no chance of being seen in the top 50 places in Google.

Magic Submitter is so powerful that it’s easy for someone to get carried away and build too many backlinks too quickly.

Any backlinking activity which looks unnatural to Google can result in your site being slapped and your rankings dropping.

Once your site is slapped it could take months before it recovers and if it’s a new site no matter what you do it may never rank well.

In addition to the points above, it’s also worth noting that the Magic Submitter website contains a number of “warning signs” that would usually raise red flags for us.

Words like “autopilot”, “automatic”, “wizard”, “spins/spinning”, “1000’s of backlinks”, “proven system”, and “instantly” are frequently used to describe what this tool can do, and if you have some Internet/affiliate marketing experience you will be naturally wary when seeing claims of this nature.

What we cannot do at Work From Home Watchdog is verify that these claims are true, but instead we can only advise that you should be very wary of such bold claims.

Tips to help you achieve success with Magic Submitter

  • Take the time to learn how Magic Submitter works.
  • Build links gradually especially if your site is new.
  • Build a diverse link profile with links from a variety of different sites.
  • Vary your anchor text link so less than 1/3 of your total backlinks are your exact match keyword.
  • Local marketing typically requires a lot less backlinks to get your sites ranked in the top of Google than traditional affiliate marketing.  Carefully play your local marketing backlinking strategies so your link building does not appear unnatural to Google.

Magic Submitter is a powerful automation tool that certainly has the potential to enhance the success of an online business.  Take a test drive and see for yourself what Magic Submitter can do for you.

If you’re already using Magic Submitter we would like to hear from you.  Post your comments below and tell us about your experience with Magic Submitter.

Terri – WFHW

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