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Rick Rivera Launch Jacking

Launch Jacking a term that’s becoming more common nowadays. It’s something that only a handful of affiliates embrace as a business model and take to the extreme, even though launch jacking is something that can prove to be very profitable.

One guy that I know makes a full time living out of launch jacking is Rick Rivera from Costa Rica, who 2 years ago had never made a dime online…

Rick got told the “secret” of launch jacking and has since built a name for himself as a great JV affiliate to have promoting your launch. That kinda happens when from out of nowhere you start to show up on the leader boards of new product launches.

Seeing a gap in the online marketplace, Rick alongside his mentors Kelly and Mike from Bring the Fresh who originally told him the “secret” created what is known now as the ‘Launch Jacking Coaching Program ‘ where you can learn, and copy Rick’s methods of Launch Jacking plus a few extras more.

What’s inside the Launch Jacking Coaching Program?

When you buy Rick Rivera’s Launch Jacking you spend $67 for the launch jacking manual and gain access to a member’s area that is pretty well equipped.

The program is set up so that those who are totally new to online marketing are able to grasp what is a very simple principle of capitalizing on the buyer’s frenzy of a new product launch.

There is a Platinum upgrade (that I don’t have access to) that costs $266 /6 months =$1596, that I can’t comment on. I shall reveal what comes with a standard membership package for $67.

The fast start guide is what you encounter first. Here is a look at the content in the fast start guide.

Launch Jacking Program Info

  • – Choosing a launch in under 20 minutes
  • – Create your first Launch Jacking success site in less than an hour
  • – Configurations that make a difference
  • – How and where to get content
  • – Rank your site without spending the hundreds and thousands your competitors are spending
  • – How to differentiate yourself from everyone else that is attempting to Launch Jack
  • – Expectations: What can and should you expect from this method?
  • – Google Analytics to measure how much traffic you’re getting
  • – Expand Launch Jacking success

What follows is a 6 part video series where Rick uses the over the shoulder video approach to show you exactly how he sets up his launch jacking sites.

The video’s go through where Rick goes to get notification of his upcoming ‘launches to jack’ to getting the website hosting, picking keywords, domain names accounts, adding plugins and content and the all important bonuses that aid your conversion. Rick builds a launch jacking site around a ‘Traffic Travis’ launch, as an example.

Following on there are 4 case studies of launches jacked by Rick and others who have purchased and used the methods taught within. Rick goes into quite a bit of depth on 2 of his sites that made him a big chunk of change.

In the IM market knowing the right launches to get involved with is critical, Rick has a calendar he shares with product launches that he sees as great potential for launch jacking.

However it’s wise to note: from my experience launch jacking IM product launches is far harder than targeting the launch of a physical or tangible product like a new TV or Camera.

A very nice touch is a really useful “unannounced bonus section” that really complements the course, leaving you feeling that you certainly have all the knowledge you need to do a successful launch jacking.

Launch Jacking Pro’s

Launch Jacking is a clear and easy method to follow that if done correctly can get you some fairly fast results – even for a newbie. Rick is very ‘available’ for his members and always seems to deliver above and beyond.

The quality of content that Rick has put into the Silver members forum is very good. The fast start guide and videos cover steps in slow detail, and the unannounced bonus section is really neat.

Launch Jacking Con’s

The high ticket price of $1597.00 for the platinum upgrade is a MAJOR sticking point for me. You do get 8×1 hour webinars, “A to Z” coaching and a launch jacking site built for you.

The 6 part video series showing how Rick builds his launch jacking sites last a total of less than 2 hours. There is the potential for a lot more information to be given that could benefit the members.

There is quite a few ‘extra charges’ for tools that are recommended, and to be totally honest you can’t launch jack as Rick teaches without the extra costs.

My biggest gripe is that the launch jacking coaching program is focusing newbies on competing mainly in the IM arena and that’s a tough cookie to crack whatever your experience.

My Launch Jacking Review Summary

I admit that the core concept of Launch Jacking is a winning business model. I feel a little let down by the video series as there is really nothing “new” taught there which was disappointing.

Value for the $67 silver membership package is delivered, and I expect more will be added in the future to the members area as Rick expands the Launch Jacking Coaching Program.

If you are considering the Platinum upgrade, there are better work from home training courses out there, and more focused on teaching how to target more realistic opportunities for newbie marketers.

Tony – WFHW

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