Is Powerseller Innovations A Scam?

Who are Powerseller Innovations?

They claim to be a company that helps both home based and small businesses build a business on Ebay.

Initially they provide a free consultation then design a specific package dependent on what you require, at a cost.

Powerseller Innovations

First off this seems like a good idea but after doing some research I have to question why you would want to pay a company to help you build or expand your business on eBay, when eBay themselves provide (for free) essential guides written by many of their Powersellers that explain how it’s done.

Furthermore, using Ebay to grow your business should be just one part of your business strategy and not your only source.

With the amount of changes and mistakes that can easily happen because either someone at their head office thinks you have broken the rules or you get reported as being poor seller, can have a tremendous impact on your business.

There are some real horror stories about this and apologies are few but if business is conducted correctly and with complete honesty then eBay can become a very successful part of your business.

Just don’t expect it to happen overnight or that it’s going to make you instantly rich.

You should never put all your eggs in one basket.

But once again alarm bells are ringing because there are a number of things on the Powerseller Innovations website that are of great concern.

Firstly, looking at the front page of the website I see that Powerseller Innovations claim to have won an award in 2011 for “Hot Company”. I find this strange because the real winners of that award were Gale Technologies.

When any site claims to have won an award we always like to check it out and if that is true then great, but if not then we know for sure there will be more lies to follow.

Another are of concern for us relates to the images used on the Powersellers Innovations website. These look very corporate and professional, but they are stock photo’s designed to increase visitors trust. This again is misleading and perhaps deceptive.

Then we move on to the ‘Latest News’ section. As a potential customer I would expect this to contain a constant flow of helpful information for would-be Powersellers, but to my dismay the last update was…10th August 2011!

Please tell me that something newsworthy HAS happened in the world of eBay during the last year and a half??

Then we come to a favorite of ours here at Work From Home Watchdog…an indicator that the owners of a website are keeping things up to date – the copyright date.

Sadly, The Powerseller Innovations website has a copyright date of 2011.

These points might be regarded by some as trivial, but at Work From Home Watchdog we know that they are strong indicators of what potentially awaits inside.

Complaints made to us personally about this site raise serious concerns for us, as do the numerous negative comments posted around the Internet.

Overall I think this is one site best avoided at all costs because of the reasons above. In addition, there isn’t anything that really explains exactly what they do for you.

Ok so they talk about creating content for Press Release sites, but the one they use is free so you can easily do this yourself.

It’s all written in such a convoluted way that you have absolutely no idea of what they do provide.

At WFHW we like websites to explain exactly what it is they are offering and for how much? The instructions should be clear and concise. All information must be accurate.

Sadly, Powersellers Innovations does nothing to convince me that they have their customers best interests at heart.

Do you have any experience with Powerseller Innovations? If so we would love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Neil – WFHW

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