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The WFHW team heard that was affiliated with

We want to help our readers avoid scams and unethical programs so we decided to do some investigating.  Read on to find out what WFHW discovered about

What Is Online Home

Founded in 2008, is a data entry company that originated in India and currently has an office in New York.

The company provides data entry services to customers throughout the world.

The about me page on the website is blank for a good reason.  After some investigation I discovered that the founder of Online Home Jobs also owns and

I wrote a not so favorable review of a few weeks ago and the website was reported as a scam and the site is no longer live.

Type of Jobs Available at offers work at home opportunities for online data entry, offline data entry, 10 minute jobs, form filling, ad posting, copy and paste jobs as well as Adsense and tweeter jobs.

Candidates must be at least 18 years of age and have basic computer knowledge, including: how to copy and paste, navigate the Internet and download files.

Offline data entry jobs require candidates to have a typing speed of 30-50 wpm and experience with MS Office and Windows.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Online Home

The cost to join Online Home Jobs is between $93 – $159 US dollars per year depending on the type of job you choose and the plan you select.

How Much Can You Make at

The site claims that you can make:

Captcha Jobs – the minimum payout is $250 per month with no limit to the maximum.
Ten Minute Job Work:  $1,000 – $10,000 per month
Twitter Jobs: $500 – $10,000 per month
Online data entry: $562.50 – $7,500 per month
Offline data entry: $500 – $3,250 per month
Form filling: $500 – $4,500 per month
Ad posting: $1,500 – $40,000 per month
Copy and paste: $500 – $10,000 per month
Investing: 1% – 450% return on inventment
Adsense: $100 – $400 daily earnings and $3,000 – $12,000 monthly earnings

Why WFHW Believes Online Home Is A Scam

1.  One would be hard pressed to believe this is a legitimate business when reading the website which is full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

2.  I found many complaints from members who claimed they were not paid for the work they submitted to

3.  There is a Facebook page to help spread the word about being a scam click here to visit the site.

4. charges a processing fee of between $93 to $159 per year depending on the program you sign up for.

This fee is charged up front.  If the company had legitimate businesses paying for their services there would be no need to charge processing fees as the administration cost would be covered by the client and not the outsourcers.

5. claims you can make between $250 -$40,000 per month.  These are outrageous claims for simple tasks that require minimal skill and no education.

6.  The founders of owned a site called that was shut down for being a scam.

Unfortunately there are no regulations which prevent people like this from starting new sites.

WFHW highly recommends that you avoid joining for so many reasons.  

Not only is the website unprofessional and the earnings completely unrealistic, but there are many complaints being made online about this website and any other site within the group.

DO NOT be fooled into thinking that it is easy to earn such a big income online, because there are no magic bullets.

Whilst you can earn a consistent income online with the right approach, you will not earn $40,000 per month posting ads, as suggested by

Are you currently working as an outsourcers for or have you worked as an outsourcer on this website in the past?

We would like to hear from you.  Share your comments about your experience below.

Terri – WFHW

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