Is Online Salary Solution A Scam?

Online Salary Solution ReviewProduct Name: Online Salary Solution
Product type: Earn From The Internet
Price:  $39
Owner: No Name Or Indication Of Ownership

It’s often thought that the solution to a financial problem is to look for a quick and simple task that we can do online in exchange for lots of money!

The problem being that there are very few tasks like that online, or at least not many that are worth your time.

With that being said, ‘online salary solution’ is a popular search term – especially for those who have lost their job. So it comes as no surprise to hear that the website looks very appealing.

I decided to take a look inside and see if it really does offer some kind of online income rescue package.

Online Salary Solution Program Overview

It’s hard to explain exactly what is included with Online Salary Solution as there’s no real indication of what the program offers on the website.

However the front page mentions ‘fast track cash’, and that will appeal to many people visiting the website.

What’s Included With Online Salary Solution?

After some digging I did manage to translate the Mexican version of the website, and it revealed that the course included the following:

  • Google Adsense (Using Banner Ads To Generate Money Automatically)
  • Facebook Social Marketing (Leveraging Your Contacts From Social Networks Like Facebook To Make Money)
  • Pay Per Click (Using The Powerful Tool Google.Com Seeker To Make Money)
  • Blogs (Learn How To Create An Interesting Blog And Earn Money From Your Readers!)
  • Pay Per View (Using The “Pop Up Banners” On Popular Websites To Make Money Easily)
  • Resources Secrets (Hundreds Of Websites Chosen By Professionals And Tools To Help You)

Online Salary Solution Pricing

I only got through the initial signup stages of Online Salary Solution, and that gave me a starting price of $39. There wasn’t much information about costs associated after purchase but quite frankly I didn’t dig any deeper.

In my own experience this is concerning. It’s likely that $39 is just the start of the financial outlay and further costs/upsells await you.

Who Is Online Salary Solution For?

Online Salary Solution intentionally casts a wide net across many countries looking for people eager to make money online.

The advertising on the front page of the website shows people from all walks of life saying they are earning lots of money thanks to Online Salary Solution.

This program is specifically targeting people who are new to earning a consistent income online and don’t understand there is a process to be followed.

If you type “online salary solution” into Google you might stumble upon the website and think that you’ve found a pot of gold. The reality is, that is not the case.

Are There Any Online Salary Solution Complaints?

When it comes to complaints about Online Salary Solution you will find them across the web in every country because many people appear to have fallen foul to this program.

My Own Thoughts On Online Salary Solution

The fact that Jane Thomson on the front page of the website is a stock photo and not a real person says a lot to me. Then testimonials like this one really drive it home:

“I paid just for the product, the shipping was free. I knew right away when I read through the handbook as well as the accompanied DVDs that I made the right decision. Now I make 4500 – 4600 dollars a month from home and the stress is totally out of my life.” 

Hmm…I smell a rat! But there is more than just a picture of Jane Thomson and fake testimonials to raise concerns:

  • No mention at all of what the program is on the website.
  • No mention of what it will cost on the website.
  • Old claims of very high earnings on the front page.
  • ‘Hello!’ research told me they were bad news.

Online Salary Solution Summary

In summary I can only say that Online Salary Solution will do little to improve your financial situation.

From the information that I have been able to uncover, my advice is to avoid Online Salary Solution if you are looking to earn a consistent income online.


  • The translated version of the Mexican website did mention methods that could work.


  • Outdated layout and information.
  • No mention of what you have to do.
  • No mention of costs until you part with your email address.
  • No name associated with the program.
  • No option to contact on the website.
  • 1000’s of complaints from all over the world.

Have you tried Online Salary Solution? I’d love it if you’d let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

Tony – WFHW

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