Is Niche Flipper A Scam?

Product name: Niche Flipper
Product type: Niche product vendor system
Price: $7 – 7 day trial, plus an additional $87 after the trial
Owner: Rene Gonzalez

How do you take someone else’s poorly put together website and turn it into a 6 figure Clickbank best seller?

These are the best kept secrets of self proclaimed Clickbank super vendor Rene Gonzalez, and he’s willing to share them for a price.

If you dream of being a top Clickbank vendor, Niche Flipper could be the program you have been looking for. Read on to hear my personal thoughts on Niche Flipper.

Niche Flipper Program Overview

Niche Flipper claims to be a complete blueprint system which teaches you how to become a niche product vendor.

The program creator takes you by the hand with 10 HD videos that teach you the core strategies of product creation. Niche Flipper also provides you with the complete A-Z on selling your niche websites.

What’s Included With Niche Flipper?

Niche Flipper is a very different and visually appealing training program. The training is divided into 4 training chapters and 10 HD video’s that are delivered in what Rene is calling a vBook.

There is a members area where you can stream the videos or download them if you wish. There are two business models that Rene explains throughout the training – the ‘clone the winner’ and ‘find and develop’.

Inside the vBook the training modules are split into:

  • Rene’s successful landing page dissection
  • A section on how to get affiliates to promote your offer
  • How Rene dominates a new niche
  • Market research methods for a new niche
  • Covering which method of video marketing works
  • Selecting your niche and spotting others weaknesses
  • Rene’s outsourcing secrets to build a team
  • Testing new niches with PPC
  • Flipping your niche sites for big profit

Rene also reveals his websites that have made him millions in sales since 2005 to the present day. He also shows you his strategy for finding and taking over a niche in real time.

The vBook contains Rene’s newest niche website being built with you watching over his shoulder, where he also discloses his personal thought process and next niche website.

Niche Flipper Pricing

The Niche Flipper system has a 7 day trial which costs $7 for full access to the system. After 7 days (unless you cancel) you will be billed a further $87 bringing the total of $94.00 for the niche builder system.

Who Is Niche Flipper For?

Niche Flipper is definitely not a product that is made for those new to online marketing, and I would even go as far to say that this is not an ideal product if you are only looking to improve your affiliate marketing skills.

Are There Any Niche Flipper Complaints?

As this is a relatively new program there are very few complaints to be found online about Niche Flipper, bar folks not getting their video’s to play, but that’s just buffering.

This could change as the product becomes more popular, but on the whole Rene’s vBook appears to be a genuinely well received training program.

My Own Thoughts On Niche Flipper

The overall look of the sales letter gave me a clue to what to expect with Rene Gonzales and Niche Flipper. In my opinion the sales letter is very well put together, sharp looking with a good offer with a 7 day trial.  

The vBook is equally pleasing to the eye in design, however it’s the content in the training that matters.

Rene comes with several years of Clickbank success stories under his belt and I’m glad to say that his style of training delivery in the videos works very well for me. Equally, the content in the vBook is very easy to read and totally understandable.

Bottom line is the guy does know his stuff and even I know affiliate marketers who have made money promoting Rene’s Clickbank products such as the Xbox 360 fix.

IF you want to really tune up your product creator and vendor knowledge I don’t believe this program will WOW you if you’ve been in the game fro a while.

Yet you may pick up a couple of nuggets that might just help you put you ahead of your competitors … which is the objective.

Niche Flipper Summary

Niche Flipper is a mid to high price point product at $94 aimed at serious affiliate marketers looking to take the leap to product vendors.

Rene Gonzalez has years of experience as a Clickbank top vendor and shares his knowledge and specific methods for entering a new niche and taking the top spot in the Clickbank marketplace.

Flipping your website on sites such as is also covered. The Niche Flipper system has 10 HD video and text tutorials supported with a few PDF download templates for reference all put together in a VBook. Not for the inexperienced, but certainly could be an asset if you are the target customer!


  • Rene outlines 2 core systems in Niche Flipper, the find and develop or clone the winner
  • Easy to read and quality materials compatible with all devices
  • The system and methods won’t become old
  • Members area and easy to access support


  • I found the vBook text content to be a bit too fluffy
  • The members area doesn’t have a forum
  • It’s all over a bit … quickly

Do you have any experience with Rene’s Niche Flipper training program? If so I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Tony – WFHW

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