Is A Scam?

*Instant Cash Sweepstakes Update

During 2017, the Instant Cash Sweepstakes website closed.

They now advise anyone interested in taking online surveys to join PaidViewPoint. Read below for further details.

*Original Instant Cash Sweepstakes Review

Not all WFHW team members are big fans of paid survey sites as most of them provide very little value for their members.

However, our eyes were opened recently when we reviewed and gave it a huge thumbs up.

We felt it was important to also take a look at their sister site Instant Cash Sweepstakes to see if it offered similar potential.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes takes earning cash from surveys to a whole new level.  They’ve tapped into the popularity of lotteries by giving their members an opportunity to win daily cash prizes.

With the popularity of scratch tickets, jackpot draws and casinos there is no denying people will go to extremes to increase their chances of winning.

Who Can Join InstantCashSweepstakes?

Only those who are residents of the United States are eligible to join InstantCashSweepstakes.  Residents of all other countries can join

What Are The Positive Aspects Of

1)  Surveys Are Short And Sweet

Most surveys are 3-4 questions long.

2)  You Can Earn Money In More Ways Than Just Completing Surveys

For completing surveys members have their choice of receiving lottery tickets, instant cash or coins.

  • Members can choose the option to receive cash for any surveys they complete.  Payment is made by Paypal within 72 after cashing out.    The minimum payout is $2.00.
  • The lottery tickets you earn each day from filling out surveys are automatically entered into a daily cash sweepstakes draw for $50.
  • Members can use the coins they accumulate to purchase bulk lottery tickets on any given day.
  • Members can also receive lottery tickets for creating their own surveys which other community members complete.  The community rates surveys created by members and the best one each month wins a $100.00.
  • Members can also earn money by referring others who join the program.

3)  InstantCashSweepstakes Has A Very Lucrative Referral Program

Members are paid $10 for each new member they refer and the referral income doesn’t stop there.  Members are also paid 100% matching bonuses on all the money and prizes their referrals earn.

4)   Built By A Team That Believes in Paying It Forward was developed by a team of entrepreneurs who had a vision of finding a unique way to bring together the consumer and marketing research.

They’re taking some of the profits they receive from companies and corporations for doing their market research and paying it forward to you the consumer for completing marketing surveys.

Information from the surveys are used to produce products and services that consumers want and need.

5)  Your Privacy Is Respected will never ask for personal information.  They do not want to know who you are.

All they require is accurate demographic information which their survey writers use to target specific markets.  Your email will never be given out or sold.

What Members Dislike About

Members are limited to the number of surveys they can complete each day.   Some members complained that they did not receive matching bonuses for their referrals.

In most of these cases it was discovered that the person when signing up, used someone else’s referral link or signed up directly with the site.

Just like, is definitely not a scam.  It is a fun way to earn cash and prizes by answering short surveys and referring family, friends and colleagues to the site.

Terri – WFHW

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  • Hi I’d have to agree you wrote a great review, and I’m also a member of both sites. Instant Cash Sweepstakes is one of my favorites. I’m unemployed but looing for work, and also a single mother of a 4yr old so all these sites really help my income. I’m very lucky that I have my family to help take care of my son because if I didn’t have that I don’t know what I’d do. Anyways on my birthday which was June 2nd I logged into my account and thought I was seeing things wrong. It said I had won $101.82. I couldn’t believe that I’ve won stuff before but always small prizes from other sites this was awesome I won on my birthday! I didn’t know how I’d won that much, and looked all over their site to find out how. Just now after reading your review I learned it was from the best written survey. That’s really cool they can give us that much just from writing a very short survey. I love writing as well on many different topics, and it’s a great feeling to see others appreciate my writing as well.

    • Jaslyn congratulations on your win and happy birthday. We’re glad to hear the Instant Cash Sweepstakes is working well for you.

      All the best,

      WFHW Team

  • I have to admit I never thought real people win the drawings but 8 weeks in have won a $2.00 and a $50.00 drawing, awesome site thanks.

    • Congratulations Jim, thanks for stopping by and sharing your Instant Cash Sweepstake successes with us

      All the best,

  • Excellent, honest review you have here. I love this site (and Paid Viewpoint) and have cashed out with both many times. I think my favorite things about both of those sites are that the surveys are very short, you are paid with Paypal, and the company sends your payment within a day (two at most) of requesting it.

    • Hi Anna,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      We totally agree with you here…nice and easy way to earn a few extra $$’s, and a hassle-free way of cashing out. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


      WFHW Team