Is eCashOpinions a Scam? is a website where you complete online surveys and get paid for doing so. They claim you can earn anywhere between $5 and $7 per completed survey and $5 to $15 per hour for participating in online focus groups.

Having had some experience of using sites of this type, I can quite honestly say that you can find an endless amount of these survey sites just by searching in Google. This will take you longer to find the survey sites but all are at a zero cost to join.

So Why Join eCashOpinions?

Mostly because we don’t want the hassle of searching for these survey sites ourselves, it saves time and effort to pick one that is widely approved by others.

How Much Does It Cost?

The standard membership is $34 but there is also a VIP Upgrade which is for another $10 more at $44.

For the upgrade you are simply paying $10 for a PDF guide. Regardless of the structure of this program, paying to take surveys is something that we don’t agree with, so for now it is a minor negative point.

What Will You Be Doing?

Many companies use surveys to gauge the market on what you think of certain products.

These can be for holidays, different beauty products, electronic products such as mobile phones and games covering all the consoles. For the companies it’s a cheaper way to get an idea of what the buying public require.

Advertising is hugely expensive but getting an inside look into what people think of a product can save time and money, and there are literally hundreds of survey sites that are willing to pay for this.

All you will be doing is giving your thoughts and ideas about products that you may have used or know about.

It always pays to give an honest answer as many survey sites do share information with each other and if you tell lies it can lead to you being banned from such survey sites.

Negative Points About

I have read several comments on a variety of sites saying how happy people are with the service and what was provided by eCashOpinions.

However, I have also come across several where the customers haven’t been very happy and have tried to get a refund.

This highlights my only negative point regarding the cost side of things, especially when you consider that there are a number of very good survey sites out there that don’t cost a penny to join.

So Is eCashOpinions a scam?

eCashOpinions is a product that saves you all the hassle of finding a trusted survey site, and they have created a very neat end product here.

But there’s no getting away from the fact that you are having to pay for the right to take surveys, and that goes against our grain.

eCashOpinions definitely can’t be classed as a scam because a refund policy is in place to ensure that you can get your money back. However, you are better off assessing some of the free survey opportunities out there.

Neil – WFHW

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  • i am wondering how to find out if this is a scam ax i hate to give away what little moneyi have. i need to supplement my income very badly and cant afford to be giving mt money awayto scammers. thank you

    • Hi Stella,

      We appreciate your situation and suggest that if you are concerned about trying this product, you might be better to try one of our free recommendations (some of these are great!):

      Also bear in mind that this product has a moneyback guarantee, so if you are not happy with it you can always request a refund.

      Wishing you all the best with your online ventures.

      WFHW Team

  • I ordered this program Apr 13th 2012, I had a very unpleasent conversation with (a rep?) I was trying to log in once I joined and everything I tried didn’t work. I went to the help page, still no help! I called the help line and the “Rep” seemed to want to sell me the upgraded product, I said let me start with what I’ve ordered and I will consider it. He hung up on me. I called my bank and still havn’t heard if I can be refunded. Frustrated,

    • Hi Geonine,

      First of all, if you have paid anything to try this product and you’re concerned about the transaction, this product is supported by Clickbank and you contact them on the following page to request a refund:

      As mentioned in Neil’s review, we are not fans of survey sites that charge for the privilege, so I encourage you to take a closer look at other websites reviewed here on WFHW that do not charge a fee. There are plenty of them available, and you can often earn well from them.

      Hope this helps, and let us know how things develop.