Iphone Application Developers Secrets Review

OK so you’ve heard that you need to know some iPhone developer secrets because creating iPhone apps is a very lucrative business to be in.

iPhone apps are certainly here to stay so learning that skill could be an excellent way to work from home right? With that in mind I have a full review of the website appsdevsecrets.com for you.

This is a comprehensive in depth course on iphone/ipad app development spread out over 5 weeks, and it covers everything from start to finish in developing your own app.

The course itself is marketed as a course that someone with absolutely no developer skills can get through (we’ll see how I do then as I’m in that demographic group)!

As I entered the member’s area I started to flick through the tabs and links, and there is masses of content in there. At this point I wondered if 4 or 5 weeks would be enough to learn this skill from scratch.

There is in fact 2 courses included within your membership, the initial appdevsecrets.com 4 week course and also a 5 week AppMastery course as an additional bonus.

I’m just going to stick to the initial appsdevsectets.com review for now.

Each week has between 8 and 15 videos that you are to go through. Most of the video’s are no more than a few minutes long, and they do an excellent job of explaining the stages you go through in developing your app. Questions and scenario’s that you will certainly not have thought about will be presented in each video.

At the start of the training in week 1 you are introduced to all the software and platforms you will use to build your apps. SDK, (Software Development Kit), the software to create and test your apps before uploading them to Apple, comes out at a cost of $99 but it is a necessity if you are serious about creating apps for the iPhone/iPad app store.

There is a lot of new information to take in if you are new to developing, and owning an iPad or iPhone gives you an obvious advantage.

Understanding the various on-screen control functions of the iPad for example are very important when developing because they are standard methods of control for users.

All these functions are supported when using the recommended platforms.

By the end of week 1 of ‘app dev secrets’ you should have:

  • Enrolled in the Apple iphone Development program ($99)
  • The necessary software, and hardware
  • A plan of the app you are developing
  • A unique selling point for your app
  • If necessary, contacted freelance developers to work with your app creation
  • A marketing strategy for who will use your app.

iphone developer secrets review

Week 2: It’s time to get your app developer feet wet!

Using ‘objective C’ as your programming language and the Coco touch framework by Apple, this is where you gain access to the iPhone/iPad operating system.

The course work for week 2 introduces you to all the tools and frameworks you will have access to, and this is where the SDK will become your best friend.

Here you will decide what hardware and software you use to develop your particular iStore app or game. Many forums and useful links are mentioned throughout the course for this week,  so you’ll always find plenty of additional resources if you are stuck on any particular section.

There are long tutorial that walk you through all the software and hardware, but this is an important week to get through. It’s great that this is where the longer tutorial video’s in the appdevsectets course start as I’m sure just like me this is where you are going to need the most help.

At the end of week 2 there are 2 lessons that are vital.

Lesson 14 had my ears pricking… Something clicked when they outlined that you can simply develop iPhone apps and games with nothing but an idea and a few dollars. The video tutorial was called the lazy persons guide to using other development tools”.

This excited me, and there a number of work from home income ideas flowing though my head as I type this! For example, music downloads and CPC (cost per click) adverts can be built and hosted for less than $50! (CPC platform information in conjunction with your iStore apps is to be found right at the end of week 4’s videos)

Lesson 15 introduced developing apps using Windows, so as I don’t own a Mac it was good to see that other frameworks and resources were available.

I’m sure that it won’t harm the finished outcome too much as many currently successful iPhone apps were developed on the windows operating system.

Week 3 in the apdevsecrets.com course

Week 3 enables you to understand and develop a new app that has the multi-media functionality that users like to make good use of. Graphics and music, plus the current look and feel of the functionality of current popular apps come into play here. This is when owning an iPhone or iPad comes in useful.

Concept and design to capture your end user’s attention: these 2 features are also vital for the success of your new app. Design a game that uses an iPhone/iPad using 2D graphics format…this is the recommended approach for new developers.

Some good tips are given here if you are considering developing a game for the iPad, and it’s worth noting that if you create and optimize a game specifically for the iPad you will be usually able to charge a considerable amount more if the app is flawless in the development.

There is also a great video tutorial that lasts lasting over 30 mins that walks you through creating your own “music app” at the end of week 3, and when it comes to music, there are always downloads that you can charged for.

Crazy App Stat…
The game Angry Birds became the most popular paid-for app in 2011 with over 700 million downloads. The game is played by over 30 million people per day, for over 300 million minutes. That’s the equivalent of a single person spending 570 years playing Angry Birds! Proof enough that apps are VERY popular!

Week 4: Marketing your new iStore app

From your customer’s point of view, the task is to communicate with potential buyers in a way that makes them want to purchase your app. Analyzing your competitors marketing campaigns is always a good place to get started here.

Registering you app at the iStore may seem simple, however, when watching the video’s you soon realize that title, description and a good “call to action will seriously influence the chances of your app getting accepted into the apps store, as well as sales and downloads of your app.

There are lots of strategy videos in this last section, and pricing is a big part. However, it is not the only part.

Often developing a free or low priced app will allow you to have more apps downloaded, and updates will be the bread and butter of your income stream.

Tips for marketing a successful iStore app are mentioned throughout the dozen videos within this section. Plus there are some nice surprise video’s in the bonus section as well.

Developing an istore app: Looking over the shoulder with appdevsecrets.com

Once you understand all the training you can see just how “invaders” was developed using the tools you by now will have a good command of.

There are 11 videos that take you through developing the popular “Invaders App”

  • Intro Video. Developing Space Invaders Game.
  • Video 1: Getting started. Planning Invaders and Interface
  • Video 2: Drawing the main elements of the game
  • Video 3: Choosing fonts, backgrounds & splash screens
  • Video 4: Writing a simple code for the menu
  • Video 5: Creating the class of the player and space ship
  • Video 6: Creating the enemies
  • Video 7: Coding the game rules and logic
  • Video 8: Debugging the code, fixing errors
  • Video 9: Adding sounds and music
  • Video 10: Finishing stuff & submitting game to the App Store

appsdevsecrets.com review summary

This is one comprehensive course, and there is nothing that I’ve read or seen that doesn’t add value. The videos are clear and very informative and provide a perfectly paced education in the creation of apps.

Personally it would take me a couple of weeks more than 4 to get to grips with everything included here, and when all is said and done that’s a great thumbs up to the appsdevsectets.com team for providing so much quality information.

If getting a head start in app development as a work from home opportunity is something that interests you then I see the appsdevsecrets.com course as a perfect opportunity.

Tony – WFHW

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