InventSAI Review

Do you have an idea but you don’t know how to go about  licensing or marketing it?

Before you consider approaching InventSAI you’ll want to read what the WFHW Team discovered.

What Is InventSai?

InventSAI is an invention promotion company that was founded in 1994 by Robert Montgomery.  It’s headquarters are located in Southpointe Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

InventSAI helps those who want to patent and/or market their idea or invention.   Choosing someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy is important as they can help to guide you through the process and ensure that your application is done correctly the first time.

Professionals like InventSAI can save you time and money as the application process is complex and even one small error could cause your application to be refused.

A patent application for an invention idea is required in order to protect your intellectual property rights to your invention idea.

A properly filed patent application prevents others from making or selling your idea.

Patent applications need to be filed with the US PTO United States Patent and Trademark Office.

InventSAI have the professional resources to help you license your invention idea or help you sell directly to the big box stores.  InventSAI employs:

  • Licensed patent practitioners for patent application, trademark, copyright and contract needs.
  • Registered professional engineer to head up their staff of engineers and scientist.
  • Experienced marketing specialists as well as artists, writers to help bring your invention to market.

Who Can Benefit From InventSai?

  • Those who have an invention idea and want to learn about licensing options.
  • Those who don’t have the time to fully develop their invention idea.
  • Those who want to license their idea to a company and earn royalties on every sale.
  • Those who have a product that is ready to market but don’t know how to get it into the stores.
  • Those who need help marketing their invention and would like assistance from a company that has contacts in the industry.

InventSAI offers free information and a free no obligation consultation.

Is InventSai A Scam?

There have been a few Ripoff Reports filed against InventSAI.  The majority of these reports claim that InventSAI felt the inventors idea was worth patenting and that InventSAI requested over $900 to start research on the patent.

When the client did their own research they discovered that the product already had a patent.

This situation could have been avoided if the inventor had done their own research in the first place.

If you go to you can take a look at existing patents to see if there is anything similar to your invention.

If you’ve had any experience with InventSAI we would love to hear from you!  Feel free to post your comments below.

Terri – WFHW

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