How To Create A Free Website With Wix must have had a big marketing drive lately as many of the adverts that have been following me around are promoting the creation of a free website over at Wix – have you seen them or is it just me?

How to build a website – we’ll get to that in a minute, but first I want to say something about free websites these days that really does need saying.

I’ve  always said that it’s best to build your website on your own domain – just like we have here at – because that way you are in full control and no one can make the decision to pull it down because you broke small print terms and conditions.

So with that out of the way, back to Wix and creating a free website. Having your own website is going to become as important as having a Facebook account one day.

Anyone can have a website for things like playground vlogging (video blogging) about Minecraft and Skylanders, to moms blogging about .. well, being moms!

playground blogger

“Everybody is now able to claim their own piece of cyberspace and free website builders like what you’ll find at are making it easy for us all”.

So how about we go back to front on this one?

I’ve never used Wix before but I did sign up for an account 2 days ago to prepare for this how you build a website at review.

So instead you guys get to watch a very quick mashup video of me going through the steps I followed from picking a theme, adding my images and text and then publishing our brand new free Wix website live on the Internet!

As you can see, getting the basic hang of how Wix works was fairly easy. Picking a theme you like the look of and “customizing it” also works very well. I’m sure that getting under the hood a little more would introduce us to page setup etc.

There are a stack of pages to choose from too, and they are all already set up so you don’t have to play around with things too much.

However, I think that 99.9% of people building a free Wix website will probably only adjust one of their many templates, just like I did.

And therein lies a little extra step if you really want originality – you’ll need to go further with how to customize the website to suit your own brand.

There is a way to really take your websites design to the next level with Wix Arena.

This is essentially a pool of Wix experts where you can you pay for a designer to help out or buy a theme with more bells and whistle.

I received all the info about the Arena upgrade 2 days after sign up, so I’m not going to spoil the surprise.

If you are interested in Wix Arena you’ll find out soon enough. Which leads me onto a little gripe…upsells and upgrades!

I’ve only had the account a few days and already I’m a bit fed up with all the options to upgrade.

Then again I suppose they do have to make their cash somehow…this is definitely not the kind of tool that can be offered completely free of charge.

How to create a free website

Free Wix Website Pro’s

  • Free!
  • Super easy to use
  • Lots of great looking templates
  • Added extras available
  • Drag and drop design
  • More bandwidth than

Not so good bits

  • Regular site upsells
  • You don’t control the site
  • Wix Advert distraction
  • Google rankings unsure
  • Paying For Stats

Taking everything into consideration, I can see why has become so popular.

Their websites are quick to create and edit with your own content, and the drag and drop system is easy to learn and gives beautiful results every time.

That makes it the perfect option for anyone wanting to build a website, but I have to be honest and say that if you have greater ambitions you should maybe also consider other website builders that offer more specific tools and greater control over your online presence.

Tony- WFHW

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