How can I make money online?

What is the best way to start earning a consistent income online?

Did you know that over half a million people a month search the Internet for how can I make money online? That’s a CRAZY statistic … wouldn’t you agree?

How Can I Make Money Online

But here’s a more worrying statistic …

Research shows that less than 5% of those people NEVER make any money online at all! That’s a scary fact, and there are just 2 reasons why this figure is so low:

Reason #1 – They are falling for scams and wasting money on methods that do not work (probably the reason why you have visited my website today)

Reason #2 – They have not been shown how the 5% of successful people are earning a regular income online.

Yes, there are MANY ways to earn money on the Internet, but very few methods are completely safe and will continue to earn you a regular income online, month after month.

Are you part of the the 95% who have so far failed to make and real money online?

If so, I ask that you spare me a few minutes and I will explain the exact 4 step process used by me and the 5% who are successfully earning a regular income online.

Let’s start with the first and most important step …

Step 1: The Foundation For Online Success is…A Website

Seriously … you must have YOUR OWN website if you want to become successful online. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Many scam products are quick to tell you that you don’t need a website, or even worse you can use a turnkey website (the exact same website used by all of their customers).

This is complete nonsense, and it’s very dangerous way to build a business online.

Likewise, you cannot create a successful online business by doing things like posting ads on social networks or old fashioned methods like article marketing.

These methods have no foundations, and despite your efforts they will one day leave you with NO business and NO income.

This is something that I have had to come to accept since starting out online in 2006.

I’ve experienced the lows of not owning one, and since learning how important it is to have a website, my business and income has continued to grow.

Building Foundations

Save yourself a ton of time and money and NEVER fall for an online opportunity that does not require you to have your own website.

It is the foundation of your journey to make money online … developing your very own online business … and greater financial reward for you in the future.

And believe it or not, websites are very easy to build these days.

Step 2: Add Content To Your Website
(Give people want they want)

No website in history has ever been successful without something of interest on it. FACT. Interesting content is what attracts and engages your website visitors, and this leads them to trusting you and any recommendations that you might make (this is where revenue is generated).

And don’t think “content” only means a ton of writing because it doesn’t. Video, audio, images and having discussions with your visitors all count as the types of content your website visitors will appreciate.

Here’s a tip that should get you excited: you can create a website on just about ANY topic imaginable and profit from it!

Since 2006 I have ONLY created websites about things that interests me.

Why? Because I am PASSIONATE about those topics and enjoy helping people who share my interests. It’s actually a pleasure to earn an income in this way!

Having good quality content on your website is essential.

Not only will it keep your visitors happy and wanting more, it will also mean that you are developing your own brand. This is KEY to the long term development and success of your online business.

Step 3: Spread The Word About Your Website. Get Noticed

Google it Back in 2006 when I first started online, Google was God.

By that I mean that ranking high in the Google search results was the only way to profit from your website.

By ranking high on Google you receive targeted traffic (visitors interested in your website) on a daily basis, on autopilot, and this ultimately generates you an income.

The problem back then was, when Google decided to change their algorithm (shuffle the search results), and websites and the content on them would often disappear from the search results.

So much so that visitor numbers would drop, and your income would completely dry up over night.

Nowadays we still have Google and other search engines, but we also have many more options.

If we want to tell the world about content on our websites we can like it on Facebook, tweet about it on Twitter, brag about it on Tumblr or even pin it on Pintrest.

The point being, we no longer live in a world where our income is totally dependent on how well Google ranks our website in their search results.

There are MANY more ways to spread the word … and that makes it easier than EVER before to earn a consistent income online.

Step 4: Open All Hours. Let’s Make Money

The most important step of all … where you earn an income from your website!

Yes, there are a number of ways to profit from your website, but you will ONLY get to this point if you complete the first 3 steps of the process that I have outlined above.

Here are a just a few of the ways that I profit from my websites:

~ Promoting affiliate products
~ Promoting Amazon products
~ Selling advertising space to other website owners
~ Selling smartphone apps
~ Selling the actual website (very profitable if you follow this 4 step process)
~ Selling my own products and services

These are by no means the only ways to make money from a website, but they are the methods that I use on a regular basis.

Building a website with engaging content and getting regular traffic to it offers you HUGE potential online.

The process is actually very simple, and it can be done at a pace that suits you.

Some people prefer to do this part time to earn some extra money each month, while others devote some extra time and earn full time incomes (and better) from their efforts.

Both are easily achievable for anyone.

My Final Tip…Stay Connected!

I’ve already explained how making money online has changed over the years, and I cannot stress how important it is to stay “tuned in” to how things quickly change online in the future.

Staying ahead of the curve will put you ahead of 99% of people who are unaware of these changes, and it ensures that YOUR online business continues to grow, along with your income.

This is very often why people suddenly LOSE what they have built online because they are not adapting their businesses when the industry changes.

Do not risk your online income by falling into this trap.

One of the best places to do this is Wealthy Affiliate.

This is where I have been a member since 2006 and it has helped me to create numerous successful online businesses.

Marcus WA

Within the community you get full and detailed training on the process I have outlined above, plus all the tools you need to build 2 websites (completely free).

You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

There is also live support available 24/7, and this is essential for those who are maybe new to making money online.

I hope the 4 step process above helps you to finally make money online.

Not only that but I hope it prevents you from falling for one of the MANY scams online and start following methods that are proven to work.