Hangout Marketing Challenge Review

Hangout Marketing Challenge ReviewProduct name: Hangout Marketing Challenge
Product type:
How to expose your marketing message to more people
$1997 -$3997 depending on the level you choose
Alex Mandossian, Dan Safkow and Yifat Cohen

Are you considering joining Hangout Marketing Challenge?

Whether you’re new to online marketing or a seasoned pro we suggest you read our review on the Hangout Marketing Challenge before you consider parting with your hard earned money.

Hangout Marketing Challenge Overview

The focus of the Hangout Marketing Challenge is to help online marketers to maximize their online exposure and expand their social influence ultimately resulting in increased sales.

Hangout Marketing Challenge incorporates Google’s newest services called Hangouts, which is an included component of the Google + service.

One of the main components of Google + is a video chat service called Google Hangouts. Video sessions are by invitation only.

Hangouts are started by one person but everyone that is invited can invite others to the video chat. Unfortunately it is impossible to kick out any unwanted guests.

What’s Included in the Hangout Marketing Challenge?

Hangout Marketing Challenge is an 11 week program that teaches you how to maximize your online exposure, expand your social influence and monetize your own G+ hangouts.

Product Pricing

Hangout Marketing Challenge offers 3 levels:

Premium =$3997 Includes HMC training, HMC competition, HMC coaching and HMC reunion.
Supreme =$3,497 Includes HMC training and your choice of 2 of the following HMC competition, HMC coaching or HMC reunion.
Basic =$1997 Includes the HMC training HMC training and HMC competition.

The Hangout Marketing Challenge is for…

New or veteran online marketers who want to take control of their online marketing and expose their message faster and more effectively with less effort.

My Thoughts On the Hangout Marketing Challenge

Hangout Marketing Challenge is a high ticket cost for a program that uses free Internet-based platform (Google +).

There is a lot of hype and buzz around the launch of Hangout Marketing Challenge but since the new Google + just launched recently there is no supporting evidence to prove that the program works. mentions in their sales letter that their goal is help you earn your money back by the completion of the challenge on December 11, 2013.

The guarantee states that you will only receive your money back if you follow all the steps taught and don’t monetize at least one G+ Hangout before the course ends.

I’d be hard pressed to give up my money, especially to a guarantee that is so vague.

Review Summary

WFHW does not endorse a program that does not have a proven track record.

We cannot honestly say to you that investing in Hangout Marketing Challenge would be a wise decision for you when we know there are other ways to market online that are proven, effective and cost efficient.


  • Google Hangout is a simple, clean interface.
  • Hangout includes messaging and video chat capabilities.
  • You can make video calls across platforms.


  • You can only chat with friends who use Google Hangout.
  • The video chat is poor quality and has been known to cut out and at time even crash.
  • Video chat is limited to 10 people
  • $2,000 – $4,000 is a steep price to pay for an online marketing program when you consider the fact that Google Hangout is available for free.
  • The Hangouts app doesn’t show you which of your friends are currently online.

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Terri – WFHW

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