Guru MasterClass By Eben Pagen Review

Guru MasterClass is a product released by Eben Pagen, and If you haven’t heard of him he is hailed as one of the true online marketing guru’s.

Guru MasterClass By Eben Pagen Review

Eben’s big break came when he wrote an ebook in the relationship niche, since then he has had over the kind of success that leaves you thinking “how on earth can I get into making that type of money working from home?”

With over $100m in sales, he has certainly cracked the work from home code.

Guru Masterclass In A Nutshell

Folks say that the money is in the list, I tend to agree, however I was told by a very good online buddy not so long ago, “Creating your own products is the way to go” and it looks like he was right again.

Guru MasterClass is a course that will teach you how to turn what you already know, into cash.

Yep it’s all about product creation from Eben’s point of view, and seeing that he had made millions from it, I’d say he is certainly a guy we can learn from.

In the free video training, Eben has already shown me that he is coming from a totally different angle when it comes to working out what it is that you already know, and how you can turn it into profit.

Guru Masterclass Lessons

The first video is really an introduction into Eben Pagen and what he has achieved, the usual view from a luxury apartment in New York while he preps your for your first task in product creation.


A PDF exercise that Mr Eben Pagen introduces makes it pretty easy to identify where you start with product creation. This first step Eben is calling: Discovering your knowledge goldmine.

The Guru MasterClass 1st step, which is delivered at the end of the video, is a brainstorm with these simple but highly targeted questions:

Q1) What are the consistent problems and challenges that lots of people are having, that you know how to solve?

Q2) How have you helped others solve problems with their health, relationship or money?

Q3) What is the best way for someone who is in trouble in this area to fix their problems fast?

By the end of answering the 3 questions in the 1st step, you certainly do get a sense that “I may have been doing niche research a little wrong”!

The second video has Eben Pagen taking about choosing the right niche. A change in method and mind set is certainly needed to get your head around this next step. His main few messages are:

A)     In the information marketing business we should focus on solving the problem, and don’t try and sell yourself as the expert, sell the solution to their problems.

B)      How Eben uses information that he gets from his list to get ideas of what information program to create next.

C)      95% of the information products being marketed online are suggestions and only 5% are truly solutions. (Things that folks are really looking for)

The big 3 mega niches are what Eben recommends you stay with. So that’s.. yep you guessed it, Health, Wealth and Relationship.

The PDF’s attached to the Guru’ MasterClass 2nd step are similar to the 1st. We are asked to identify:

  • Is there an emotional drive in you prospect.
  • Is the prospect actively looking for solutions?
  • Does the customer or prospect have few or no options?
  • Are there 1000’s looking for this solution?

Then you open another PDF with follow-on questions after you have identified the niche:

  • Why does my prospect have an emotional need driven by strong fear or desire?
  • What is the un-met need that I can solve with my knowledge, systems and techniques?
  • How can I offer my knowledge and advice in a way that solves their un-met need?
  • Where is my prospect searching online, and where can I get in front of them?

Those are the first 2 Free Guru MasterClass lessons that have been released. Looking at the thought process behind us getting to the end of step one, certain things can be said for sure – Eben Pagen sure does talk a lot (Just joking Eben!) and he is very systematic in his approach.

Where Eben Pagen And Guru Masterclass Bored Me

Video 3 from Eben’s Guru MasterClass named “content is cash” did disappoint me a little bit. In this section Eben highlighted how easy and cost free it is to create “content”.

The example he used was a walkthrough of him creating a short video with some slides using keynote or Powerpoint. I have seen similar many times before and to me there was little value in this.

So at 25 minutes I was hoping the video might change direction, and it did. He then moves on to solving problems and needs, and the written copy we use is the most important message that I took away from this.

People don’t really know how to value your information, so you must teach them value, If you want folks to pay a high price for something, you have to translate the value of something.

My old training anagram comes to mind (WIN) in the way Eben explained the value concept:

W = What – What is it that the info is about.

 I = Interest – in the product, why is it different… that the reader will seriously relate to.

N = Need – Why the reader needs this information.

In Eben’s video example he emphasizes the importance of selling the solution rather than the author and experience.

Next comes my favorite bit, the PDF exercises.

The first one is called “how-to information magic formula”, using the niche info that you have from exercise 1 & 2 you go on to add:

  • The solution that you are offering
  • Formulate your solution into 3 steps
  • Name the system, “3 step system for…”

Now comes the value bit – Eban Pagen explains if you want folks to pay high ticket you have to translate the value. Example: talk about what went into the videos, relate that to the solution that the customer wants, then relate that to the price.

Explaining the value in terms that are easy to understand and in terms of the needs of the customer.

The Last Of The Guru Masterclass Lessons

This is where Eben Pagen starts to pitch the Guru MasterClass product. It’s very long 85 mins to be exact and he wants to turn you into a modern guru using his “Guru Blueprints”

It may disappoint you, and be a bit of an anti-climax but I really do want you to view the final GuruMasterClass video and not read it from me. There is far too much for me to convey here!

What I find the most important is that there are tens upon tens of video testimonials in video 4 about “guru bootcamps” that drives home the message that Eben Pagan is the real deal and a great speaker and teacher.

My Guru Masterclass Summary

It is good info that Eben is teaching, I certainly can’t argue that. However I will say that the price is a sticking point.

$1997 is high ticket, especially for those who have no online experience and are looking for a cheap or free entry point. Just as Eben says there is an art to selling items at high ticket prices, and I guess that by making this product available he is proving that he is very much the master at it.

To top it all off Eben often uses “scarcity” in his launches as he is also doing with Guru Masterclass, by that I mean that the window for buying the product is only a few days, so it’s already gone.

These product-creating methods that have been introduced through the free video series are very well known. So what you will pay for is Eben’s ‘product creation blueprint’, and his time invested in collating the information.

I will close with a VERY important question…

Q) Is the Guru MasterClass something that every work from home entrepreneur needs?

A) It’s a very good package , but I know that much of the same info used in Guru MasterClass is already out there and well documented by many a marketer.

Tony – WFHW

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