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​As a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, you will hit the ground running with full access to all the advanced training and resources that are not available to Starter members. You will develop your website much quicker, thus increasing the speed at which you earn. A Saving of $30 off your first month.

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​In this bonus section you will discover how to TRIPLE (at least) your free money income with your website – WITHOUT doing ANY free money tasks. This alone has the potential to earn you a sizeable income, and is perfect if your free money income is restricted due to your location.

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​Unsure about what your niche topic should be? I’ve teamed up with industry experts to provide you with a list of the HOTTEST niche topics and products for the year. One glance at this and your ideal niche will leap out at you in an Instant, removing the usual hesitation that plagues others when creating a website.

​​​Bonus 4: ​’The Newbie Advantage’ – ​How to ​ensure success if you have NO experience

​​Starting out online can be overwhelming, so I’m going to show you how to plant a simple ‘success seed’ on your website that will generate you an income for years to come. Works incredibly well at Wealthy Affiliate, no matter what your niche might be!

​​​Bonus 5: ​​​​How to be ‘thrifty with your 50’ websites at Wealthy Affiliate

​With up to 50 websites available to you as Wealthy Affiliate Premium member,  you will learn how to profit from any surplus websites in a unique and ‘off the radar’ kind of way. Don’t be surprised if friends, colleagues and acquaintances suddenly want to become your best friend as they quickly realize the incredible power you have at your fingertips.

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​​​​Log in to your Wealthy Affiliate Starter account. If you haven’t created your FREE Starter account yet, you can do so here:

> Click here to create your free Starter account at Wealthy Affiliate

​When you’ve created your Starter account, you will see the image below at the top of your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard confirming your first month as a Premium member will cost just $19. Hit the ‘Upgrade To Premium’ button.

​On the page that opens up, follow the instructions to set up your Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

​With your Premium account set up, send an email to me at the following address:

With the title: “I’ve just upgraded at WA!”

And Include your exact username at Wealthy Affiliate in the email. If you are unsure of what it is, browse to your profile page by clicking on your profile image at the top of your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard and selecting ‘My Profile’:

​When your profile page opens up, you can see your username as highlighted below.

​I will then confirm your details and email your ‘Get There Quicker!’ Bonus package to you immediately!

Note: This bonus offer will be removed in just 6 days, but I reserve the right to remove it sooner. Please do not hesitate to upgrade and claim your bonus package if you feel it’s right for you. Thank you.

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