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Gazelle is an eCommerce service that helps you sell and recycle used electronics. Like vehicles, electronics depreciate with age.

If you have electronics sitting around that you are not using then why not get some money back for them now while they still have value.


If you have some older electronics that are no longer valuable you can always recycle them through Gazelle and help to save the environment.

How does Gazelle work?

When you visit you can log in and get a quote on your electronic item.  Each quote is based on the item’s age, condition and demand.

If you agree to sell the item, Gazelle will mail you a free box which you can use to Fed-Ex your gadget to them.  Once your item is received Gazelle will inspect it to see if it matches the online evaluation.

If everything checks out okay you will receive an email with four options to receive your payment via a check, PayPal, gift card or donation to charity.  The process takes about a week once the item is received.

If Gazelle does not agree with the information you’ve provided about the product and a counter-offer cannot be reached, the company will return the item free of charge.

Gazelle makes its money by refurbishing and reselling the gadgets on eBay, Amazon, or through wholesale channels worldwide.

Why sell your items through Gazelle rather than eBay?

Gazelle provides a fast and easy way to get rid of your items for cash without having to deal with anonymous buyers.  Gazelle will remove any personal information on devices before they are resold.

There is always the option of selling an item through eBay.  However, eBay does not provide a quote and they charge an insertion fee to list an item.

This fee is not returned if the item doesn’t sell.   Ebay also charges a final value fee if the items sell which is typically 9% of the items cost to the buyer with a maximum charge of $100.00.

Gazelle will purchase items in 22 categories including:  Blu-Ray Players, desktops, gaming consoles, movies, tablets, calculators, digital cameras, home audio, PDAs, video games, camcorders, e-readers, LCD monitors, projectors, camera lenses, external drives, laptops, satellite radios, cell phones, GPS devices, MP3 players, streaming media.

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The site currently has a catalogue of over 250,000 products.  If you have a product that is not in their database you can make Gazelle an offer.

They will research the item and will either accept your offer, make a counter offer or reject your offer.

Can you make money with Gazelle?

By visiting Thrift stores, flea markets or yard sales you maybe able to find gadgets that Gazelle is currently purchasing.

The key is to find items that are in good condition that you can get for a low enough price that you can make a decent profit margin when reselling them to Gazelle.

Fund raising with Gazelle

Gazelle provides the opportunity for schools and organizations to do fund raisers called gadget drives.  Gazelle provides the organization with their own personalized gadget drive website which they can promote to their supporters.


Supporters visit the organization’s website, find the value of their gadget, send the gadget to Gazelle and the organization receives 100% of the profits.

What kind of reputation does Gazelle have?

Gazelle has a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  They have a nine out of ten customer satisfaction rating.  Gazelle has paid over 175,000 customers upwards of 25 million dollars since being founded in 2006.

Gazelle’s recycling program

Gazelle recycles exclusively with eSteward and certified domestic recycler CloudBlue.  They ensure that no items will ever end up in a landfill site.

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