Fresh Store Builder 4 Review

Fresh Store Builder ReviewProduct name: Fresh Store Builder 4
Product type: Niche Amazon Store Builder
Price: From $197.00
Owner: Carey Baird and Simon Greenhalgh

The majority of serious affiliate marketers tend to have a few Amazon niche sites under their belts nowadays. Driving traffic to an aStore is a sure fire way to secure a very steady residual income from Amazon.

After all, you also benefit from all the other purchases that your visitors make because Items not even remotely related to your niche topic will earn you commissions.

Fresh Store Builder has been dubbed “The only type of Amazon store that Google loves!”

I’ve seen the look of a Fresh Store Builder website and I must admit – I’m intrigued to find out how they work. I’ve seen plenty of Amazon store builders using the Amazon API’s, with all of them slightly under delivering.

So I think Fresh Store Builder 4 does warrant an investigation, with so much to ride on our Amazon stores converting!

An Overview Of Fresh Store Builder 4.0

In a nutshell Fresh Store Builder is a piece of software that supports you creating Amazon niche websites. The major difference between this and any other app or plugin that produces aStore’s is that Fresh Store Builder is a complete stand alone system.

That means all you need is a domain name and the FSB (Fresh Store Builder) software and you are literally primed and ready for customers.

The ‘back office’ of your FSB sites is where you manage all the niche categories and build your site out.

FSB is put together in a way that makes creating a niche site that’s populated with Amazon products a cinch. The websites are built within a template where design and colour are easily changed.

Categories and subcategories pages are set up by yourself if required. Fresh Store Builder 4 also has built in search engine optimizers.

What’s Included With Fresh Store Builder 4.0?

FSB 4.0 is quite a unique software system. The software runs of a MYSQL database that auto populates with Amazon products according to the specific niche parameters you enter.

If truth be told, that did seem a bit daunting to me, however FSB have a good set of video that walk you through how to get it up and running.

Once you’ve installed the Fresh Store Builder Software you’ll gain access to a platform that allows you to pick items to sell on your store in a variety of ways.

You can populate the store by conducting a keyword search. You can use Amazon Nodes, individual ASIN numbers or even an auto update when new products within your niche come onto the market.

The FSB page templates are designed to give the reader a great description of the chosen product that you are able to tweak if you wish.

Fresh Store Builder has front end editing as standard built in so you can just click and type in your information whilst viewing the site as a visitor would see it.

On-page SEO is handled by integrated content spinners to convert product specific description without ever messing with the main keywords.

Fresh Store Builder 4 Review

Fresh Store Builder 4.0 Price Point

Fresh Store Builder 4 is available for $197, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the website because special discounts seem to come and go at random intervals.

Who Is Fresh Store Builder Good For?

Fresh Store Builder suits both the beginner and the intermediate marketer, but experience in understanding how to build a website will definitely give you an advantage. An experienced marketer is likely to be able to get their aStore up and running within 30 – 60 mins.

WordPress users are not left out in the cold with Fresh Store Builder anymore, and I must say this is a smart move by the developers.

Now you can install a Fresh Store Builder WordPress theme and an FSB plugin to have almost the same functionality as the stand alone system.

My Own Thoughts On Fresh Store Builder…

If I’m being totally honest, I think Fresh Store Builder 4 is a real advantage to any serious Amazon affiliates.

When I first found out about this program almost 12 months ago I was impressed by the amount of functions that were available.

I’ve found that stores that I’ve built with FSB are ranking for product keywords with very little effort on my part. 

It’s almost like picking a micro niche keyword and within a few minutes you could have a rather good chance of actually snagging a real residual income stream.

Of course, this doesn’t make it a hands-off way to profit online because effort is required, but the actual production of an aStore with FSB is straightforward.

My only genuine concern is the price point. Even with a discount it is likely to put some folks off – especially when you consider that anyone can build a profitable website for free nowadays (and not only promote Amazon products).

However,  if you have a spare $200 and Amazon is your thing, you will want to take a look.

Fresh Store Builder 4 is a great tool for those who wish to promote products from the Amazon marketplace, and it perhaps earns it’s place as one of the best ecommerce builders available.


  • Fresh Store Builder 4.0 will suit Amazon affiliates at any level
  • Very well optimized websites that look great and are easily managed
  • Built in FSB system functions greatly reduce the time to target, build and rank the websites
  • Support and training readily available in the members areas


  • Fresh Store Builder is limited to promoting only Amazon products
  • It’s not within everyone’s reach at $197

Have you used Fresh Store Builder 4.0 yet or have any experience with previous FSB systems?

I’d like to know about your experiences if you have, please do leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Tony – WFHW

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