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If I told you that you can have a mobile app created for free, would you want one? Are you thinking the same thing as I was…“why would I want an app?”

Mobile By Conduit Reviewed

If you are a bit skeptical about the benefits of having a mobile app, let me explain it in as few words as possible…

“…Smartphone searches will exceed desktop searches in 2013. Phones are always an arms reach away, and the first thing you see on your phone could be your app. Apps can be for services, products businesses or even personal websites. Apps can send text messages, and text messages are opened by 97% of those that receive them from an app!”

So do all websites need an app? Depends, do you want to have the opportunity to be the first thing that the user is reminded of when they look at their smartphones?

That’s why creating apps is BIG business – So that question again – would you like an app created for free?

Free Mobile Apps by Conduit

I’ve seen a few app builders online and I have to tell you, before I started to do my research for this Mobile Conduit review I was a bit worried about my tech skills.

I remembered the severe learning curve when I first looked into app creation for WFHW, but I really needn’t have worried.

There is absolutely no coding knowledge needed, as you don’t “code” anything. Mobile Conduit is click-simple easy to use, I got the hang of what everything did after about 10 minutes of playing around with it.

There are video tutorials available, but I like to be a bit more pragmatic and just see what all the buttons do.

What I loved was that not only are you creating an app for free but the process allows you to create a fully functional mobile website behind the app, or should that be ‘into the app’?

Whichever way makes sense to you, it means you get a free mobile website as well as a free mobile app!

Conduit Mobile Features

You may have guess by my “press all the buttons” remark that features come pretty high up my wish list when it comes to product choice or services I go for… Mobile by Conduit has my feature fetish fully satisfied!

For something that’s free, the Mobile Conduit app builder comes fully loaded with plenty of great features. It’s the simplicity of the features for creating content that Mobile Conduit does better than anything else that I’ve seen.

I could list what you have access to but instead I’ll add a picture of what you are able to do with literally the click of a button and pasting in a url.

But even the pictures don’t tell you that you can customize everything! You can make something unique, very easily!

mobile by conduit features

Conduit Mobile Tool Features

There’s an added feature of the tool kit included in Mobile Conduit, and analytical Internet marketing entrepreneurs are going to love this section.

You can use the internal software to track marketing channels and user engagement, plus generate QR codes and fancy banners to promote your new mobile site and app.

Simulators are also available to test your app on different systems.

Remembering what I said about people opening texts, a fantastic benefit for users is being able to send alerts, offers, and updates using geo-targeted push notifications.

A huge bonus and (to be honest)…I’m really surprised push notification is included for free.

Mobile Conduit Review

A Free Mobile App With Conduit Comes With Benefits:

  • Staying current – modern day marketing your competitors don’t use.
  • Cross platform – Apple, Android and windows compatible plus html5 too.
  • Design control – Even as a novice you can build working apps quickly.
  • Quick changes – Add or remove items in your app and update instantly.
  • Instant publish – Across the web and to the online marketplaces.
  • Instant mobi – Easily redirect mobile visitors to a mobile friendly site.
  • Promotional edge – The ability market products and services via your app.
  • Social engagement – Users can upload pictures and music to share your app.

 Mobile Apps: The Bigger Picture…

My wedding plan app – not actually mine. I’m not getting married, but bear with me as I outline an idea…it’s not my idea!

The Invitation
Tony made sure that if his guests really did forget the wedding invitation, they can easily access it from the app.

Map and Directions
The directions by Google Maps shows guests the best route so they don’t miss the champagne hour at the pre-wedding drinks.

Guests can inform the happy couple if they are coming — right from the app. Pretty cool huh?

Limo Shuttle
This tab gives guests all the information they need about the limo shuttle service to and from the wedding. So they can now drink as much as they want without worry.

Music Spoiler Alert
In this tab, Tony reveals some of the tunes on the wedding playlist. This gets his guests in the party mood even before the big day.

This is by far my favorite feature in my pretend app. Guests who’ve installed the app can take as many pictures as they want and upload them to the app, automatically.

The picture album is shared with all the other guests and before you know it, you can see a parade of pictures of every goofy uncle doing his thing on the dance floor!

.. Now that would be a great app to create for a wedding wouldn’t it?

Mobile by Conduit Price

I saved this for last for a reason…

Usually I’d do pro’s and cons of a product, but to be blunt, there are no negatives to Mobile by Conduit.

Mobile by Conduit does have a paid version that it breaks down into different user categories. This to me was the only thing I thought was a bit crazy, but I had to eat my words..

Basically Conduit is free if less than 25 people download and use your app. That being said you can create unlimited free apps and you can have unlimited users for just $29 a month, so there is a work around for everything.

I have had so much fun getting to know about this cool tool that I really suggest that you try it out and let us all know what you think of it.

I know you’re going to love making free apps with Conduit too!

Tony – WFHW

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  • Can’t get the application key to work. Tried several times. I double triple check app code and email still rev.u app doesn’t recognize it.any suggestions?

  • I used Conduit with awwwwwwful results. I joined their reseller program and just found too many bugs to count. Plus their support team is super rude and it just gets no where. I recommend other companies, as there are many many other app builders that are just so much better.

    • Hi Steve,
      Thanks for leaving us your feedback on Conduit. I must say that I’m shocked and a bit gutted at the response that you are getting from their support center – but am glad you chose to tell us about your personal experiences.

      I only tried the free version so unfortunately can’t comment on the software issues with a reseller.

      Best of luck in getting it all resolved.

      WFHW Team

  • Can you make money off of the free apps sorry im new to this an i stay on my phone but how do u make money off of making the apps do u get paid for how many people look at the app? And if you do get more than 25 people do they pay you or do u have to make price for people to download the app ?

    • HI Ashley,
      You don’t make money directly off the free apps – but that being said…

      I do think you have a better chance of snagging mobile browsers and staying on their radar. If your free app sends them to your website that has what they want on it, your free app may make you money in-directly if they later buy something from your website.

      Cheers for reading and commenting & keep learning.