I was pretty excited to see that a review was on the Work From Home Watchdog review list!

I don’t know if you read them but the last couple of “educational resources” that I reviewed but they were not as good as I expected. Could this one be any different?

Education Portal serves a few purposes

  • Career Guidance
  • Educational snippets in article and video form
  • Free online courses
  • A resource for researching schools

On first landing at the homepage the thing that hits you first is the fact that the site is a resource…a tool to be used.

I liked the fact that it was really easy to navigate and find what I was looking for, so I started to have a good look around their website.

It wasn’t long before I got the feeling that was going to be an asset, and not only for college education but life skills too.

Digging into the “about us” page gave me a much better understanding of what are trying to achieve. Here’s a snippet about what they have to say about themselves:

Here at, we know that ‘accessible’ doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. For some students, an accessible education means better funding and scholarship opportunities. For others, it means finding the right information to make the most informed choices about degree programs and careers. We’ve designed to provide information, education and funding, which means that we have everything you need to get started on the path to education and career success.

The statement certainly seems to be backed up by what I was reading on the website.

The next section that I had a good browse through was the education portal blog, and this was packed with articles that were all relevant to topics covered on the main website.

More importantly the articles contain “useful” information that you could use instantly to improve your career and educational prospects.

Earn The Lowest-Cost College Credit From Free Courses –

The Education Portal really comes into it’s own because of the amount of free education courses they have that actually earn you college credits… most free courses don’t lead to college credit.

The free courses at Education Portal Academy’s do, and here’s how it works:

1. Watch free video lessons.

2. Take free quizzes.

3. Pass an exam to earn real college credit.

This is why I think that the Education Portal full course list is certainly worth a bookmark.

Education Portal Review Summary

The website has reassured me that there are educational resources available online that are free and very high quality, and the detail of information that can be found is, in my opinion, fantastic!

A good variety of training lessons in a good spread of alternative educational media. The use of the school rankings is great for finding the right academic course with the best reputation for success in your state.

I highly recommend you take a look because this review could never cover the full extent of what is available in so few words, so head over to their website and be sure to let us know what you think below!

Tony – WFHW

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    • Hi Misty,

      That’s great to hear! We wish you continued success with your home schooling and Education Portal.

      All the best,

      Marcus – WFHW Founder

  • I just had a look at the medieval literature clips from this outfit. While they are engaging, they are NOT the equivalent of college work at competitive institutions like Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford, NYU etc. The Chaucer modules are really high-school level discussions and the assurance that students will not have to learn any of the “difficult language” (in Chaucer’s case, essentially modern English) also smacks of first-year community college level. It is not that these are useless, but selling them as constituting serious college-level work is just wrong. [Berkeley Medievalist]

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and share your experiences of the content over at EDU portal. It’s great to hear your view on what’s found. It really does sound like you’re an expert in the field – and as such I completely understand why these free educational clips may not be up to the standard of college work at competitive institutions like Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford, NYU etc

      But then again I suppose when it’s a free supposition engaging to prompt further research is the objective.

      Cheers for visiting, and sharing your thoughts

      WFHW Team

  • What if am not enrolled in any college, I just need college business hrs. do I need to enroll in a college to get credit for this web site?

    • Hi Sofia,

      I’m really not sure about that one. I think the best move is to ask the institution that says you need ‘college business hrs’ if the hours of work you do at EDU portal would count towards what’s needed.

      Sorry I can’t be of any more help but I’m sure they’ll put you straight.

      WFHW Team

  • As I read through the reviews from Tony, they are very much encouraging. I am someone new interested in studying with Education.Portal.
    But I have just one question, has someone successfully completed a course with Education.Portal and was accepted by a university or college?


    • Hi Freddie,

      I still feel that the main purpose of Education Portal is to add extra credits to your edu portfolio of booster your chances of getting the placement you want. I personally can’t answer if anyone has successfully completed and was excepted just on that alone. But they do state “Credit Accepted at 2,900 Colleges” – so the best place to start your questions I suppose is one of those closest to your home.

      Cheers for dropping by Freddie –

  • Great review!! Whew, am I glad to know there was a site out there that was able to confirm what I thought! I had just started a course & wasn’t sure if the site was as legit as it seemed. Before I got too far into the course, I decided to see what reviews were out there, if any. Keep it up! The information you provide is definitely making an impact.


    • Hi Erica and thanks for the thumbs up.

      I’m glad that we were able to help you make a decision .. I think it’s a pretty god resource to brush on on the fundamentals.

      I’ll keep it up if you keep coming back ;)



  • I was curious about the college credit myself, so I checked with my local colleges (Lane CC and University of Oregon), and the U of O accepts the credits. You don’t actually take the exams on the Edu-Portal website — the site gives you the study materials and lessons to schedule a test at your local test center, which happen to not be affiliated with Edu-Portal. So far it’s really helping me brush up on my Spanish skills for the CLEP test. A+ in my book!

    Victoria L.

    • Hey Victoria great to hear that they are working great for you.

      I too think that it’s a great site for helping you brush up on topics.

      Good luck on your Spanish Test.. I expect to hear you get an A+ yourself soon :)

      Best wishes

      WFHW Team

    • I’m glad to hear that I just started with the business law course …My questiion to you if you don’t mine..Do you need to be enrolled at a specific university or college before taking exam.?

  • To be a bit cynical, any site can say they give you college credit, but it doesn’t really count for anything unless it can transfer to an accredited school. Have you actually found that schools will accept these credit transfers, or are they only good on the website?

    • HI John,
      As I stated in the review the vast benefit of free resources was what I found to be great about Edu-Portal. And although I personally haven’t called them a college…there is a list of which schools except the credits passed on by the program on their website.

      Best wishes,