Earn 1K A Day Review

Earn1Kaday.net is an Internet Marketing membership site that has been around since 2007, and It certainly warrants a work from home review.


Founded by Dennis Becker and Rachel Rofe earn1kaday.net has grown into quite a large community. The aim is “just as it says on the tin” to get their members earning $1000 a day. No small feat!

I first heard of Dennis a while back when he produced an ebook called 5 Bucks a day. This ebook was widely circulated in the IM world due to his proactive involvement in the Warrior Forum.

Rachel I know has a number of successful niche-specific websites, and both these guys are well respected contributors to various Internet Marketing forums.

With that in mind,  I was really keen to jump in to their earn 1K a day (E1KAD) membership site to gather some intel for this earn 1K a day review.

Inside the members forum there are hundreds of threads that have been accumulated over the years. Spending 30 minutes looking around left me feeling that I had literally only scratched the surface of what was inside the E1KAD members area.

There are many sections within the members area that I would like to review for you today, but it was hard to pick out just a couple to go over.

In the end I decided to explain a bit about the 12 business models that are demonstrated, plus just one of the many added extras above and beyond the training that is offered inside the earn1kaday.net website.

Earn 1K A Day 12 Business Models

Mini Money Sites
In this sub-forum Dennis guides us through a set of videos that explain how he quickly sets up mini sites. Dennis uses the eBay affiliate program, integrated with a custom built web framework called LP Genie.

These walkthru’s seem to be made back in 2007 and the comments on this particular section end in February 2009. The main method of driving traffic taught here is Google Adwords PPC.

Membership Sites
Here Dennis again adds a video series of how to set up a membership site, and also gives away access to the framework to help make that happen.

There is an active forum discussing all types of topics connected to managing and building your own membership site.

The others ten business models are:

  1. Websites Selling/Flipping – discussion forum
  2. Article Marketing – discussion forum
  3. eBay – discussion forum
  4. Writing For Dollars – discussion forum
  5. Product Creation – discussion forum
  6. Blogging – discussion forum
  7. Email Marketing – discussion forum
  8. Pay-Per-Click Marketing – discussion forum
  9. Offline Marketing  – discussion forum
  10. Mobile Marketing – discussion forum

Nothing stands out as new here…it’s just tried and tested techniques.

Reading through the forum threads at earn1kaday.net I did notice that most of the members have actually taken the advice along the way and have WSO’s (Warrior forum Special Offers) marketing their own products in their signature links.

Added Value @ earn1kaday.net

When you first purchase your membership to E1KAD you only pay $2.95 for a 10 day trial, and whilst  that in itself isn’t too uncommon these days, it’s still nice to have.

Upon receiving your welcome emails one of them directs you to the download area.

I remembered the cliché line from the sales page “you could just download everything and leave in the 10 day trial period but I think you will find value enough to stay” (or words to that effect), so I wasted no time in clicking the link.

Bearing in mind that E1KAD has been propagated with free downloads since 2007, many of the tools and bits of software are quite old and some are out of date.

But I was happy to see that one of the members had put together a script that enables you to search the downloads by keywords or dates to speed things up.

Searching the last 30 days did in fact reveal 21 free downloads, ranging  from Pinterest Expert to WSO’s Pitch Formula. Most of the free downloads seem to be WSO’s that Dennis has found useful and purchased giveaway rights for.

The community behind the members area is very active and very helpful, and there is a spread of new and more accomplished marketers active in the forum with many a encouraging success story to tell.

Members are getting results especially with Kindle bestsellers and product bestsellers at the Warrior Forum, JVZoo and such places.

The help of a supportive community can work wonders for a budding online marketer, and it certainly comes through in the forum threads that support is readily available.

Dennis Becker is really active in the forums, however I haven’t seen Rachel Rolfe impart any information or knowledge. I actually didn’t see any sign of her on the pages that I visited, and there are a lot of pages.

earn1kaday.net Review Summary

E1KAD feels like a small town community, but I just can’t help but wonder if that small town has been left behind.

It’s a personal thing…I like the links in all the parts of training to be live, yet unfortunately I found that almost 50% of the ones I checked were no longer live urls, and that doesn’t fill me with confidence.

I would certainly say that it’s worth paying $2.95 for a peek, even if you do just download what you like and leave!

Just don’t expect a great deal from a program that appears to be struggling to remain current in an industry where providing up to date training is the only way to be.

Tony – WFHW

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  • Hi everyone, glad I found this post. I signed up for Dennis Beckers 1kaday insiders club last year, and expected a whole lot of value for my $48 per month, however, I cancelled after my first month.
    I agree totally with Tony’s review, the stuff on the site seems to be old/rehashed, and the whole setup seems to be run by the knowledge of the people in the forum.
    Don’t get me wrong, Dennis is a really nice guy who puts a lot of effort in to his communications (that’s another post altogether – roughly one affiliate offer email every two days), it’s just that when you get inside E1kaday, it’s like opening a cupboard full of expectations and finding everything covered in cobwebs. Maybe worth it if you are a brandnewbie to Internet Marketing, but it would be far better for anyone new to this to go to ‘challenge.co’ or ‘nicheology.com’, both sites are up to date and best of all….. free to join, with no heavy hits on your wallet.
    I’m in no way associated with either site, they have just helped me immensely.
    Hope this helps.

    • HI Jeff,

      Thanks for your really honest comment about what you found inside earn1kaday – I had a little grin when you spoke about Dennis and his autoresponder messages:)

      I’m not at all that familiar with the 2 programs you mentioned, if time permits I’ll have a look and report back.

      Everyone here at workfromhomewatchdog.com also came up through the ranks in a thanks to ONE program. Have you seen what’s on offer there? If you get time to stop by then make sure you say Hi :)

      Thanks again for your comments Jeff – much appreciated

      WFHW Team