Domain Renewal Group Scam Probed

If you own a domain you may well receive a letter that points to a domain renewal group scam that regularly does the rounds.

domain renewal group scam

However I have to say if anyone has taken up the offer (which we will discuss later) from Domain Renewal Group, well…you should have read the small print!

Before we decide if there is a scam going on let’s agree on a couple of important facts:

1)      The entry cost of a domain is for 12 months.

2)      What the Domain Renewal Group actually is.

A #1) The first question is one that we all may have a slightly different figure for, but on the whole they should be pretty close.  I use Namecheap as a domain registrar and my costs are as follows:

My purchases of  .com /.org /.net domain extensions  cost $9.98 each per year
My purchases of  .info / costs $2.99 each per year
My purchases of / costs $4.99 (min 2 years) each

A #2) Who are they? “Domain Renewal Group is a private company that acts as a Registration Service” … that was taken straight from their ‘about us’ page.

The Domain Renewal Group Letter Arrives

Domain Renewal Group state right at the top of the letter they send that they are sending you a reminder that you domain will run out in a few months, the letters that I got in the post today were for domains expiring in 5 months time.

They then go on to say that the privatization of domain registrars allows you a choice of who to pick.

They then say that the letter is not a bill, but an easy way of paying them to switch you domain management to the Domain Renewal Group.

So lets take a look at the prices for having the domain renewal group in our corner.

So do the math… I live in the UK and the letter offers me a choice:

[Choice #1] I continue to pay Namecheap (NCP) the prices mentioned, or

[Choice #2] I switch to domain renewal group (DRG) and pay their prices instead.

 $9.98 $9.98  $9.98 $5.98* $9.98*
£6.25 £6.25    £6.25 £3.75*  £6.25*
 £39.90 £39.90  £39.90  £63.84* £63.84*
£25.00 £25.00   £25.00 £40.00 £40.00


OK looking at the table above NCP is far cheaper than DRG, so you have to ask yourself why you would change? It does look like domain renewal group are greatly over-priced on the surface, but is it really a scam?

My Domain Renewal Scam Round-up

The domain renewal group clearly states that they are acting as ‘middle men’ on the letters that they send to their prospects.

Prospects (those of us that get the letters) have the same choice as everyone else…read the letters and see that the cost is extortionate, then throw them in the trash.

I’d say it’s a bit harsh to call domain renewal group a scam, but then again they are banking on the prospects not being too knowledgeable about the prices of owning a domain , so definitely not ethical if nothing else.

Domain renewal doesn’t need to be this expensive, and if you ever find yourself in the position of having to renew and not being sure how to do it, drop us a line here at WFHW and we will be more than happy to help you do so at the cheapest possible cost.

~ Tony

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