Daegan Smith Scammer Or Legit?

Daegan Smith…ever heard of him?

He’s a network marketer that mostly specializes in lead generation. Daegan has a couple of products online and his main gig is ‘Maximum Leverage’ which he does have a pretty good following for.

Looking over a few of his students sites that promote his Max Lev, a lot of his business revolves around placing ads on Ezines and in magazines.

He teaches how to get started online – a basic strategy for newbies. MLM and building a team for your home business seems to be the main goal of his students.

On his website DaeganSmith.com he leads with an auto playing webinar with a guy called Dustin Mathews. I listened to the webinar (which is a 54 min session), and there were a few good points made.

However, I just wasn’t convinced, and that is probably because I’m no newbie and have spoken on stage many times myself. I found Daegan’s webinar to be a bit… well just dated!

You are presented at the end of the presentation with the opportunity to get a day’s coaching for a minimum 5 figure investment!

But that’s not what I want to bring to your attention today…oh no!

Daegan Smith, may have his fans,  BUT he sure has his haters too!

If you do know his name hopefully it’s not because you’ve been involved in the one of the many “refund cases” that are associated with him.

If you arrive at DaeganSmith.com looking at the website that Daegan has, he really does sell his services as being FREE and that’s become a bit of a “trick” that he has been forced to address.

Bottom line is it’s NOT FREE and you only discover this when you check your bank balance and realize that you’ve been charged.

The common story on the web is that when you sign up for his “Free CD” you are asked for your credit card details to pay for shipping.

You then learn about a “MLM (maximum level mastermind) Underground” course that you get access to for $39.97 a month.

However it’s not really advertised that you are getting access to MLM Underground for the first 30 days for free and then are billed $39.97 a month after that period.

There is also a “package” that gets delivered with a charge of $500 attached to it.

Now under normal circumstances you’d just send it back and that would be cool. However returning products to Daegan Smith seems not so straight forward.

If you are lucky enough to actually get through to ‘support’, it seems that the most you can hope for is 50% of the $500 charge to your credit card to be refunded.

Daegan Smith is accused of using that totally unethical argument of “You opened the package, so now you are not entitled to a refund!

I understand the products you are sent without really requesting them are shrink wrapped, and even folks trying to get a full refund who didn’t even break the shrink wrap are not getting satisfaction from the Daegan Smith support team as it becomes a ‘your word against ours’ scenario with you the customer losing out to the tune of at least $250.

Here’s a quote that I found online:

BEWARE! If you are thinking of making a dive into any of Daegans products, realize there you cannot get your money back! Daegan’s office will not WILL NOT refund your money, They will steal your money! And they WILL do and say whatever to get your to throw away your hard-earned money.

I originally found posts like these and daegan himself responded saying that “things have changed” and that hes now “instructed his office to give a refund immediately no questions asked.”

I believed Daegan and his business to be honest. But was shocked and surprised to find out the lack of integrity in his business. More here…

Daegan Smith Scammer Or Not Summary…

My feeling is that if you want to learn any type of online marketing, make sure that the place you get your Internet marketing training from a reputable source.

Daegon Smith certainly DOES NOT have great reports or a clean score card! The lack of integrity that is being displayed leads me to say…stay away from Daegan Smith.

The unfortunate truth is: when you dive into the vast sea of looking into how to make money online there are many sharks that swim with you disguised as dolphins eager to swallow you up.

These sharks are not new and neither are their numerous online scams techniques.

Tony – WFHW

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  • I fully agree with this post. Thank you for warning others about him.

    I requested for a refund myself for a overcharged product I purchased from Daegan. Instead, he phoned me himself and used the fact that I was young at the time as leverage to con me out of my money. Furthermore, he also signed me up to a paid subscription for a rubbish free CD.

    He is great at conning people and unethical in his nature.

    • Hi Casey,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with my visitors.

      I am sorry to hear about what happened to you and I wish you every success in the future.

      All the best,

      Marcus – WFHW

  • This “Daegan Smith” fool has been sending me unrelenting spam for months; I have no idea how he got my address. Since every single link in the spam is to the same URL (even the clearly-bogus “unsubscribe” link) it’s clear he’s just another bottom-feeder scammer.

    • It’s a real shame that people resort to such underhand tactics like this, but that does seem to be the case here.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on Daegan Smith.

      Best wishes,