Commission Black Ops Review

I was looking at some information about up and coming product launches and I eventually ended up at product recommended by Craig Kaye, called…Commission Black Ops.

Commission Black Ops

I had not heard about it previously, but knew of Craig Kaye… ‘Commission Killer’, the start of the string of links that bought me to would have to wait because I smelt a fishy!

Craig Kaye was the start of this seed of search because I knew the name and his keystone product IPK.

In IPK he had a great product, however, he dropped the ball and received some very bad press. I’ve been keeping a eye on him since, but he just hasn’t managed to convince me to trust him again…yet.

So when I spotted he had a new product called Commission Killer, I decided to poke around.

The only link available on the Commission Killer affiliate JV page sent me to Commission Black Ops. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but then things started to get into a far too familiar pattern. Little things like:

  • Product owner Robert Walker, who was I dealing with?
  • It’s quick install 3 click software that delivers over $500 a day profit!
  • Anyone can do this I teach my friends all the time and they are now minted!
  • Pictures of not 1 but 4 Ferrari’s or whatever model flash car used on sales page.
  • Clickbank screen shots that we all know can be faked.
  • Amazon and Paypal screen shots can be faked too!
  • Exit pop-up offers it all for free!

Yes you read the last point correctly…when I finished watching the sales video I was then met with a very enticing one time offer (OTO) on exit…A Commission Black Ops tool for free delivering 27,257 free visitors to my website a day!

I of course had to take a look at that, so I entered an email address and checked the inbox.

Yep, I had an email from Commission Black Ops saying that no more monthly subscriptions,  just a one off payment and the software is mine… talk about NOT FREE AND a hard sell!

Commission Black Ops Inside The Box

Commission Black Ops is a piece of software that sits on your desktop and opens up a dashboard when fired up. From the dashboard you can configure an auto blog in various niches that gets auto filled with affiliate offers. (YAWN)

Have you seen that before? Yep me too, but that’s not all Commission Black Ops does because it gets you targeted traffic too – well actually you’ll have to get that yourself, but they will show you how with video’s and a PDF.

You should expect 3 Commission Black Ops Upsells

  1. Commission Black Ops VIP coaching for $147
  2. Commission Black Ops Turbo Sites get a fresh batch of PLR sites $49 per month
  3. Traffic Nitro software ‘special stuff’ Rob uses for $77

The ‘is Commission Black Ops a Scam’ question will clearly keep being asked online,  and while I can’t say that for certain, I CAN say that there are more than enough red flags here to raise genuine concerns about the quality of this product.

Because of that, there is no way on earth that I would spend a penny on this program. And for the good of all Work From Home Watchdog readers, I suggest you avoid it at all costs.

Tony – WFHW

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  • Again Tony …….. the more I read, the more I appreciate the effort that you put into your reviews as well as your professional candor with regard to maintaining objectivity in straight forward easily understood critiques. Another thumbs up for you and the organization!

    • Cheers again Chuck,
      your words are very much appreciated. Do let me know if you go with any of our recommended programs. I’m really keen to hear our readers take on any programs we have reviewed.