Clixsense website hacked? UPDATES

Early today (4th September 2016) I received notification that it would appear the Clixsense website has been hacked.


Having attempted numerous times and from numerous devices, it would appear that the website currently redirects to an adult themed website.

I have tried to contact Clixsense to find out what has happened but as yet I have not received a reply.

If you are a Clixsense user then I strongly advise against trying to access the site until I get further information from Clixsense directly. I especially advise against letting your children look at the website.

Until the situation is resolved I will be locking off any links on my website to Clixsense.

I will update this post as and when I get any further information.

If you have comments on this situation, please leave a comment below.

Marcus – WFHW

*UPDATE* 7:35 EST.

It would appear that the Clixsense website is now back online!

Here’s a message from Jim Grego regarding the outage:


Hello Everyone, first let me apologize for the issues today. Over the last several weeks we have been the target of a hacker who I believe first created the bot csadviewer and then moved on to submitting ads that when a viewer opened an attachment that popped up they got infected and their PC was compromised. Today, this hacker changed our DNS to a gay porn site. They removed our websites and email and of course with it being Sunday its hard to get any support. My phone has been ringing off the hook and my email blowing up. Please do not call or write in. We’re definitely aware of this problem.


The ClixSense servers were not hacked and all of our servers are still intact and your account information was not effected. As I said above, its a DNS hack. It may take a bit for the site to fully come back online due to propagation but it will be back as soon as possible.

Again, I am sorry this happened and it’s certainly not the way I planned to start my Sunday.

Jim Grago

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    • Hey T,

      No problem at all. I hope the outage didn’t cause you too many problems. Everything seems to be ok now so normal service has been resumed at Clixsense.

      All the best!

      Marcus – WFHW

    • No problem at all, Tanya!

      I’m trying all angles of contact with Clixsense but still not getting anything back. As soon as I hear anything I will update my post.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Marcus – WFHW

      • Hi Marcus,
        Yes I read about this on their site this morning and I was able to login. However, now when I attempt to login it just diverts back to google, any ideas what is happening now?

        • Hi Pat,

          I’ve just tested my account this end and it’s logging in without any problems. It could well be a propagation issue, as Jim suggested. This basically means that depending where you are in the world, it could take longer for the website to function correctly. Propagation can take anything up to 72 hours in my experience.

          That said, I will be monitoring the Clixsense website over the coming week to make sure everything is functioning as it should do. I will keep any eye open for any redirect issues.

          Thanks for stopping by, Pat.

          Marcus – WFHW