What is Clickbank?

Established in 1998, Clickbank is the largest online digital product marketplace on the Internet. Having listed in excess of 50,000 products since its inception, Clickbank serves over 100,000 individuals who use affiliate marketing to generate an income online.

It also processes over 30,000 transactions per day, with a sale being made every 3 seconds.

What types of products are available on Clickbank?

Just about anything you can think of! Despite being home to a number of ‘make money’ products, Clickbank also caters for just about every niche market imaginable.

With topics such as ‘pigeon racing’, ‘vegetarian recipes’, ‘computer games console repair’, and ‘natural health remedies’, Clickbank is deservedly regarded as the best online digital marketing network on the Internet.

How can you use Clickbank to work from home?

This depends greatly on how much online experience you have.

If you happen to already have a website that focuses on a particular niche market, there’s a very good chance that Clickbank will have products suitable to your niche that you can promote to your visitors.

In return, you will receive a percentage of the sale, and this is typically at least 50% of the cost of the product.

If you don’t have any online experience and would like to try your hand at promoting products from the Clickbank marketplace, or any other type of product, we suggest that you take a look at our exclusive training on how to profit from Clickbank.

What are the benefits of promoting products from the Clickbank marketplace when compared with promoting products from websites like

From an Internet marketing point of view, there are a number of important differences.

First of all, the commission earned for selling products from starts at around 5%. This can mean that a $10 book will only earn you around $0.50 per sale.

On Clickbank, commission payments on all products is a minimum of 50% (often up to 75%), and the average price of products is around $30 – $40.

This means that you are earning a lot more per sale, and if you have (or learn how to create) a niche website that attracts 100’s of visitors per day, you could be profiting from a number of sales per day.

In addition, all Clickbank products are immediately downloadable when purchased, and this appeals to people who are looking for an online solution and want answers straight away.

As quick as are at delivering their products, they simply cannot compete with this level of delivery!

The one good thing about both Clickbank and is that you simply have to promote the products and both companies take care of the actual sale and delivery of the product.

No stock holding, no shipping, you just promote the products and earn the commissions in return.

It’s clear to see why Clickbank has become so popular with Internet marketers around the world.

Its continual growth ensures that regardless of the nature of the niche website that you might build, there will always be something relevant for you to promote from the Clickbank marketplace!