Chris Farrell Membership Review

The success of Chris Farrell and the consequent growth of “Chris Farrell Membership” is one of those truly amazing stories of a guy that went from knowing almost nothing to creating several very profitable business models. A real modern day rags to riches tale.

One of the profit streams that Chris maintains from his Beverly Hill mansions is the Chris Farrell membership website.


This is a $37 per month membership program where Chris’s aim is to teach you “how to build a successful web business that will last for years to come”.

On first viewing of I was immediately drawn to the fact that members had unlimited free hosting which stuck out as a benefit straight away.

At first glance the rest of the home page seems to be jam packed with links to tutorials that introduce the members to all sorts of online marketing knowledge from building your own html website to understanding facebook marketing.

A closer look at Chris Farrell Membership (CFM) and you soon understand that most of the training is delivered by Chris himself via video which is OK , however I do like to have text to follow along with which isn’t available.

Can the Chris Farrell Membership really help you to build a successful web business?

What’s taught at the Chris Farrell membership site are the very basics of Internet marketing in its most simplistic form, but that’s not to say it doesn’t work – it does.

These basics are the foundations of online marketing that have helped many people (including me) to succeed.

Using only what CFM teaches you will see a profit, but from experience and reading through the forums the profits can be slow coming.

What I like about the Chris Farrell membership program

Chris has a really great persona and voice for training (he used to be a radio DJ). You almost instantly like him when he speaks, and he goes at a pace where you certainly don’t get lost. I must say that I learned quite a bit of html site building from Chris Farrell.

There is a lot of good material that has been produced over the few years that the Chris Farrell membership program has been live, the fundamentals of getting a site up and getting traffic are well covered, and everything is very much aimed at the newbie.

There is also a steady flow of new content to the site, in the form of articles and also some bigger chunks like the more recent ‘Understanding Facebook video series’.

The theory is, as it becomes a popular tool marketing tactic that Chris himself see results from, he shares it with the members, I’m sure that he will follow with more.

The forum is a friendly one with great support for each other, Chris is an active member of the forum and is often seen around the members’ forum answering questions and sharing what he knows.

What was not so good for me…

It really did seem to me that the whole program is really geared towards the newbie online marketer and for anyone who has a little knowledge, Chris was a bit too basic in his approach to training. Having said that, he has realised that that is his core membership group.

Needless to say, the Chris Farrell membership forum is not a forum filled with tips and knowledge. It was like most of the folks that are there are certainly new to online marketing and are seeking answers to steps to their own issues they were stuck on…it’s hard to get a sense of true success from the members.

Newbie’s are encouraged to get straight into the ‘make money online market’ by promoting Chris Farrell membership system. I think this is possibly a mistake asking new members to  promote make money systems when they have no knowledge of it themselves. However this is balanced with Chris letting you have access to promote other items in his product portfolio.

The promise of unlimited domains was tainted slightly for me because some of my WordPress blogs used plugins that Jeff the web guy said were drawing too much from the servers, so I was asked to move my sites elsewhere.

My final thoughts

Chris Farrell membership can certainly teach you a thing or two – especially if you are a newbie – but after a couple of months at CFM you might well be wondering if there is something else that you are missing.

The ABC system that you learn will definitely work, but you are going to need more advanced training to make a comfortable living online.

Is my opinion biased? Well maybe a little. There are some excellent free alternatives out there, and I cannot say that I found this to be one of the very best opportunities available.

However, Chris Farrell membership sure is one of the most popular among newbie’s looking to see if that can really work from home, and it’s easy to see why.

Tony – WFHW

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  • hi.
    I am very new to all things I.T. and at present enrolled in CFM.
    As you say it is a very good for basic training, which is what I need.
    You then hint that there are better training programmes out there.
    I really need to get a handle on Internet Marketing big time and start to earn money.
    I guess my question to you is, where should I go, and what should I be doing?

    • Hi there Denis,
      CFM is good but does lack some umph!
      One of the best places to learn Online Marketing in my book has to be Wealthy Affiliate.
      It’s our top recommendation in internet/affiliate marketing training.
      Marcus wrote an extensive review here you should read…
      Plus you can get started for free too!