CashCrate Review

If you’re looking for a way to make money without having to incur  any out of pocket expenses, CashCrate maybe the right opportunity for you.

What is CashCrate?

CashCrate assists companies with their market research.  Companies pay big bucks for market research.  They want feedback from consumers who are willing to rate their products through surveys in order to determine what products will sell.

Companies also pay for people to try their products and services for free in order to give the products more exposure when introducing them to the market place.

CashCrate passes 70% of the their earnings to their members who actively participate in the program.  The company sends out thousands of dollars to its members every month.

CashCrate was founded in 2006 and has over 2 million members worldwide.  There is no fee to join however, members much be at least 13 years of age.

When you register you must provide your full name, address and email address.  Your address is required in order to receive a check and all your information is kept confidential.

What Type Of Offers Are Available At CashCrate?

There are 4 ways to make money or save money at CashCrate.

Daily Surveys:  You can complete a maximum of 9 surveys each day.

Offers:  You get paid for trial offers and installation.  Most offers pay more than the cost of a single months service.  There is no obligation, you can cancel at anytime.

Shopping:  You get cash back when you shop at certain sites, such as iTunes, Walmart and Footlocker.  Cash back percentages range from 1% to 26% however the average is 3-4%.  It a nice way to get money back if you plan on buying something anyway.

Games:  You can play games and earn points which can be exchanged for gift cards at a number of stores including;  Amazon, iTunes, Walmart just to name a few.

How Much Can You Earn With CashCrate?

The amount of money you can make with CashCrate is directly influenced by the number of surveys, poles and questionnaires you participate in.

The more time you put in, the more work you do, the bigger your checks will be at the end of the month.

There are members making upwards of $500 per month but this can only be accomplished by actively participating in the referral program as well as putting in the time to complete surveys and offers.

To keep yourself motivated and successful with CashCrate you should look at putting in a certain number of hours a day working at the program rather than focusing on earning a certain amount of money each day.

Buckling down and getting the work done is a faster way to reach your monetary goals.  Set a goal to reach $25 dollars.  This will give you the confidence to easily double and triple that amount.

Getting referrals is the easiest and fastest way to profit from CashCrate.   To earn CashCrate referrals commissions others must sign up using your referral link found in the member’s area.

The referral program is a great way to earn passive income.   There are 5 referral ranks.

  1. Bronze Level  – Every member of CashCrate starts at this level.  You earn 20% of each of your referrals overall earnings and 10% of the earnings of the people they refer.
  2. Silver Level – To qualify you must have 50 active referrals.  You earn 25% commission from those on your first level and 10% from those on your second level.
  3. Gold Level – To qualify you need 150 active referrals.  You earn 25% commission from members on your first level and 15% from those on your second level.
  4. Platinum Level – To qualify you require 300 active referrals.  You earn 30% commission from the earnings of those on your first level and 15% from member on your second level.
  5. Elite Level – To qualify you need 500 active referrals.  You earn 30% commission from your first level and 20% commission from those on your second level.

How Does CashCrate Pay You?

The minimum monthly payout at CashCrate is $20.  If you don’t reach $20 before the end of the month your earnings rollover to the next month.  You never lose any of the money you’ve earned. Payouts are made on the 15th day of the following month.

You have the option of receiving earnings by check or direct deposit.  Once you’re making over $100 per week with CashCrate you can opt for weekly payouts.

Whether you’re looking to earn an extra $50 or a few hundred dollars per month, give CashCrate a try.  The more consistent and efficient you become at it the more you can make.  You have nothing to lose but a few hours of time.

Terri – WFHW

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  • I have been with Cash Crate for a few months now and I am very happy with them. I have been making $500 since joining. It is a great way for both adults and teens to make money online.

    • WOW…Moonlight – that is great to hear!

      keep up the awesome work, and let us know how well things go in the future.

      Best wishes to you!