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Ok, so you want to know how to build your very own website quickly (in less than a few minutes). I can help!

Better still, I’m going to show you how you can turn it into your very own online business, completely free of charge.

Think it will be too tough? Allow me to prove otherwise…

Work From Home Watchdog is proud to work closely with – one of the fastest and most powerful website builders on the Internet. Follow these steps and you will have your very own website in place by the time you finish reading this page.

Here’s how it works (and this will be quick)…

Ok, so the first thing you need to do is to think of a topic for your website, and for this I suggest that you pick something in life that interests you.

Trust me, there’s no need to over-complicate things at this stage because I want you to see how easy this is. You can choose a passion, a problem or just about anything that is relevant to you.

As an example, here are a few things that are important to me:

  • Parenting skills
  • Thai cuisine
  • Helping children with disabilities and learning difficulties
  • Keeping fit (for the over 40’s!)
  • 80’s music

And so on.

How are you doing with your own list? Just make sure they are topics that INTEREST you in some way (you will learn why shortly).

So as an example I’m going to head back to my list and choose a topic for my website. I’m going to follow my passion for Thai cooking because I’d love a website where I could share my favorite recipes and possibly earn money by promoting related books, cooking utensils and products to my website visitors.

Now here comes the magic part…let me see what’s available by using the Site Rubix website checker. I like the idea of “best vegetarian thai recipes”, so let’s see if it’s available:


It is! I could have chosen a domain name without spaces (bestvegetarianthairecipes) or any other variation, but this will be just fine for now! I’m now going to go ahead and hit the ‘Build My Website’ button.

Bingo! In less that 1 minute my website is built, and after adding a few words and a picture (in less than a couple of mins), my website is taking shape already!

Site Rubix Example Website

Do you have an idea for a website name? Great! Pop it into the checker below and start building your own website right now. Remember: If your first choice isn’t available then try variations or adding/removing spaces etc.

Still stuck? Maybe think of something that interests you and include your name. Example:

‘Thai meals with Marcus’

‘Gardening tips by John’

‘Brads pitching tips’


Give it a go…

Now that you’ve built a website, what should you do next??

Great question, and this is where the fun begins!

The first thing I want to say is you can build 2 FREE websites with Site Rubix. No hosting fees, no domain costs, it’s completely free. Even if you don’t like the idea you came up with initially, you can scrub that website and build another, over and over.

The second and most important point is…building a website about something that interests you puts you in a very strong position.

You are likely to be passionate and knowledgeable about the topic, and this creates a desire to expand your website and connect with people around the world who also share your interests (this is VERY important).

ski glovesFor example, I have absolutely no interest in ski gloves at all, and if I had to build a website on this topic I know I would struggle.

But I do have a friend who is passionate about skiing, and he naturally has an interest in ski gloves.

Guess what? He also has a hobby website on this topic, and he recommends ski gloves like those to the right to people who are searching the Internet for…ski gloves!

In return my friend earns a commission payment every time someone buys ski gloves recommended on his website, and these commissions have built up to become a great additional income!

The point being, money can be made online with just about ANY topic, so there’s every chance that YOU have an interest in something that 100,000’s + people around the world ALSO have an interest in!

Put simply…the ideas that are probably now buzzing around in your head amount to an online business waiting to happen!

The Next Important Step…

Developing a successful online business is not just about building a website…far from it.

There is a “process” to follow, but the good news is…it’s a simple process.

The good news is, when you build a website with Site Rubix you also gain free access to step by step training provided by it’s parent company, Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s here that you will learn the entire process of making money from your website, and how you can turn your initial idea into a successful online business.

Site Rubix Training

So there you have it! In the time it has taken you to read this page you have learned how quick and easy it can be to build a website with Site Rubix.

You have also discovered that just about ANY website topic can be profitable if you follow a simple process.

> Start building your website with Site Rubix

Marcus – WFHW