Bring The Fresh Review: Will It Work From Home?

It’s almost been an underground movement, launched mid 2008 code nameBring The Fresh. Mike Long and Kelly Felix have taken bold steps and delivered a business model based on the personal tactics of these two online entrepreneurs.

Kelly and Mike certainly have a very strong background in online marketing. Mike has been a copywriter behind the scenes for many years and was involved in the first $1m day with ‘Traffic Secrets’, a John Reese launch back in 2004.


Mike also has a very big presence in various niches including the relationship niche where he has teamed up with Mystery (pick up artist).

Kelly has also had great online success, you’ll have most likely heard of the ‘Rick Jerk’ and his antics.

That was the online persona of Kelly Felix that was taken to dizzy heights as he spearheaded a make money online program that was embarrassed by thousands.


bring the fresh reviewOne thing that may surprise you about the Bring the Fresh (BTF) program, unlike many other online training platforms there are no actual online marketing tools inside the Bring The Fresh member’s area.

By tools I mean no keyword tools, writing tools, WordPress site builders like there are within other similar programs, however here is a look at what you will find inside the bring the fresh members area.

As the whole program is based around the personal methods that Kelly and Mike use, the first port of call for new members is a BTF road map and a fast start guide.

These walk you through the methods that are recommended for setting up your new “BTF style” websites. There is a really useful excel formula that Kelly uses that gauges whether your keywords are worth going after.

The fast start guide is also accompanied with ‘fast start videos’ of which there is currently 50hrs worth if you opt for the “full disclosure membership”. They are compiled of site set up through to SEO of the site.

Note: the aim of a BTF website is to be in the top 5 results on page 1 with only 3 posts!

Once all the “fast start” series has been devoured there are a few behind the scene video’s and interview series to go through that give you a few extra tips on how Kelly and Mike get their sites to rank so well in Google.


Full Disclosure brings extra benefits for Bring The Fresh members in the form of advanced SEO videos, a look inside the $7- figure businesses that Kelly Felix and Mike Long have established and access to new sections in the BTF member’s forum.

There are extra forum areas that you can enter. In here you will find an array of diverse subjects from keyword giveaway’s researched by Kelly to the in’s and out’s of launch jacking methods discussed.

The BTF forum plays a very big part of this membership program. Unlike so many online marketing forums it’s not a “ghost town” and their members are very active and supportive across a number of topic threads including:

  • Content, Copywriting, Conversion
  • Launch Jacking
  • Backlinking
  • Tools and Resources
  • Search Engine Talk
  • Plugins & Themes
  • Market Research
  • All Things Pay-Per-Click
  • CPA Networks & Offers

Having snooped around Bring The Fresh for a few months, I do have to say that it has some really good features to the membership program and the $47 basic membership fee is a good price to pay for getting behind the scenes of successful online businesses and seeing how they are set up and what drives them and utilizing their methods.

Full disclosure membership is $67 a month for 6 months on top of your basic membership fee, then you are a fully paid up FD member. 


The methods that Mike and Kelly teach to get your websites ranked highly in the SERP’s are very well thought through and are solid enough to work.

Applying their user friendly SEO fast start guides and setting up your WordPress website in the way Kelly and Mike advice can easily yield you results if you follow through.

The member’s forum is active very useful for bouncing around ideas and getting feedback on your websites. Threads that are applicable to where you are in the process can usually be found, and if you don’t find one you will get responses to your Q’s in a new thread too.

The founders Mike and Kelly regularly get involved in the forum and can be contacted in many ways including Skype and Mobile phone. The tutorials are always being updated or added to as Mike and Kelly share what is working with them.

Tools and resources that are shared are some great finds that lend hand to the BTF techniques. Such as back-linking sources, and out-sourced services that other members use.


No members tools available, which might make you feel a bit “Is that it?” when you first join.

You truly have to dig into the training material to get your benefits, which is mostly video …That works ok for me, but may not for others.

In my humble opinion, you do need a little prior knowledge of WordPress to really benefit from using Bring The Fresh. If you are a little shy in forums you won’t get the most you can out of the program.

To answer the question of will Bring The Fresh work from home?“, I have to say Yes, but only IF you have some experience with building a website.

If you’ve tasted success with Bring The Fresh, let us know in the comments section below.

Tony – WFHW

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