Brendon Burchard: Experts Academys Million Dollar Messenger

The Experts Academy is open for business – The message on the doorway is “only walk through if you are ready to become an expert in your field”


The Experts Academy is a coaching course run by Brendon Burchard, a guy who has been drip feeding content onto the Internet market circuit for the last few weeks, and this is all designed to support the opening of the Experts Academy 2013.

Brendon is a young man who has mastered the art of branding himself and positioning himself as the expert.

He has stood on stage next to some huge names such as Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Frank Kern to name a few … you get the picture.

Some of the free pre-launch video’s have been quite motivational – in fact it was his infectious banter on the first video (the hook) that led me to stick close to Experts Academy’s launch on his email list. That first of the videos, in my opinion, was the best.

So Brendon helps folks build brands, he himself boasts an 8 figure business. Yet as humble as Brendon would like to come across, he does like to repeat his own big cash numbers.

I remember hearing $4,500,000 in 2 years a few times in the video, yet on the homepage of website we see a more ‘refined’ quote.

“These secret positioning and promotion strategies helped Brendon start from scratch and earn $4.6 million online in 18 months.”

Experts Academy 2013 Course

Revealed in the final pitch video, the Experts Academy 2013 is a 5 week home study pack driven by emails that Brendon will send out weekly. Each week you will “go through” one of the big 5 money earning strategies that are included in the pack.

Brendon is showing how he leveraged his own knowledge and experience to become an expert… and how by positioning himself correctly, he can get paid an experts income by doing so.

You also get access to all the content that Brendon used to create his 5 core businesses. In each of the business models Brendon Burchard tells us he makes over a million in a year, so it should be clear to say that he is the man to follow. 5 weeks, no -sweat!

5 core business models that you will cover in just 5 weeks:

experts academy 5 modules

  1. An online marketing sequence that led to seven 7-figure online promotions.
  2. A book proposal that generated over $500,000 in advances from publishers.
  3. A speaking campaign used to book $10k-$25k keynote speeches.
  4. A seminar marketing campaign used to sell out $5k workshops.
  5. A coaching questionnaire used for $45k/year coaching clients.

His message is that he knows how to do stuff and you should use his tools to leverage your own business.

One of the 5 topics that Experts Academy covers is an online marketing email sequence that led to a million in sales, but to generate that amount in sales you need a really responsive buyers list.

A list that you have built trust with and send them fantastic value. The relationship is strong.

The other 4 business models depend on you having a great deal of credibility. Luckily that is what Brandon says he will teach you – how to be an expert – and how to get your message out there to the masses!

The mechanics are the same as every other course, and the price tag of $1997 is for taking a look at the material Brendon Burchard used in his own marketing campaigns.

He adds value by letting you “access his tools” (emails, pdf’s, templates etc)  to “model his business” and do what he does online to get your business off the ground.

So reading between the lines what I see is – the Experts Academy won’t necessarily teach you how to become an expert, but you will get to see exactly how Brendon Burchard became an expert in his field.

What he does for online marketing promotions…what he does to ensure his book releases are glitch-free… how he gets booked as a high paid speaker, and so on.

experts academy Bonus

The Experts Academy package includes:

  • A Big Binder
  • DVD box sets
  • Online 5 week email coaching /online course
  • Bonus – Marketing Strategy Planning course
  • Bonus – Access to a blog where you can ask him questions
  • Bonus – Promotional Partnership crash course
  • Bonus – 2 Tickets to the Experts Academy Live

Brendon says the package is worth $65,000, and I’m sure to him it is…

… but is it worth $65K to you?

A big binder and DVD sets – I’m not entirely sure if the value of these would be any greater than a bunch of videos that you could find online for free.

5 week email sequence and follow online with the program featuring one of the disciplines…just follow the emails he says..10 years of research that you “just have to model the tools” and sprinkle your own individuality on it.

Can this really compete with any of the proven and much cheaper programs out there? Some of which will help you to start building an online business for free?

Expert Academy Tools

experts academy tools

The marketing strategy planning course that he puts a $10,000 value on I can’t comment on as I don’t know what it includes. I do wonder if his 7-figure online promotions cover it?

Promotional partnership crash course, he mentions it details how he gets affiliate partners and other people to promote him.

With the names that Brendon pulls out the hat I doubt that the “ordinary expert” could necessarily generate the same effect.

Getting a taste for how he delivers and promotes Expert Academy Live, I do wonder if he sells the course I’m reviewing here as a back-end to the ticket sales?

Ask him questions for 12 months on a blog he owns – $30,000 value – “This will change your life” is a statement that Brendon uses a lot, and I can’t help but feel sorry for the people sitting on the fence here.

He really delivers a pitch that’s very hard to resist … IF you didn’t know he’s actually marketing himself …which is what he does best.

Conclusion Of Experts Academy

For some the package at for $1997 is a bargain, but for most people it’s something they simply cannot afford.

However, when you’ve been snooping around online as long as the WFHW Team you’ll know:

It’s not the course or the tools that make it happen…it all comes down to you and your level of commitment.

You can become the expert, but it takes hard work plus an understanding of marketing yourself positively across all popular channels.

And only you can decide if the Experts Academy represents value for money at $1997.

If you have purchased Experts Academy and would like to share your experiences, please leave your comments below.

Tony – WFHW

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